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  • MMD

    From Sizers to the world’s most advanced Fully Mobile Sizer; MMD for over 30 years have been at the forefront of Mineral Sizing and In-Pit Sizing & Conveying technology.
  • Metal Improvement Company offers high quality, cost effective surface treatments to improve performance and extend the life of highly engineered critical components operating in harsh environments.
  • MagCam offers magnetic field camera systems for advanced inspection for permanent magnets.
  • Would you like a lighter yet stronger product? If so, filament wound composite products may be the cutting edge answer for you! Filament winding produces extremely high strength - low weight products.
  • MCT Brattberg develops and manufactures innovative and flexible cable and pipe transits for demanding environments where protection against fire, gas, and water is of utmost importance.
  • Master Builders Solutions, with its global underground construction team, is a world leader in the provision of reliable, customer-oriented solutions for ground support, backfill, injections and anchoring, water management and sprayed concrete.
  • Our high quality service and workmanship has gained MECON great reliability on the marketplace. Our flow and level metering instruments are approved in accordance with ISO 9001, VdS and PED.
  • supplies heavy duty components and expert service to make bulk material handling operations cleaner, safer and more productive.
  • Maxon Motor is the worldwide leading provider of high-precision drive systems. For the past 50 years, we have focused on customer-specific solutions, quality, and innovation.
  • Master Bond Inc. formulates the highest quality adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compound, and impregnation resins. Each compound is specially formulated to meet specific application needs and requirements.
  • Mems AG – soon to reach 20 years of experience and projects in gas measurement technology and electronics development.
  • MESYS develops software for technical calculations in mechanical engineering. The main products are a fully coupled shaft system calculation and a rolling bearing calculation software. The software is used by customers in 25 countries worldwide.
  • With over 40 years as an industry leading expert in the field of microelectronics, Mantracourt Electronics provide cutting-edge technology to OEM sensor manufacturers and their distribution network spans over 30 countries.
  • Matmatch is a digital platform for finding engineering materials and suppliers. More than 2.5 million people use the platform every year.