DDS Option for high-speed AWGs generates up to 20 sine waves

Spectrum Instrumentation presents a new firmware option for its range of versatile 16-bit 1.25 GS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs). Each of the 20 DDS sine waves can be programmed for frequency, amplitude, phase, and slopes in a very easy way with just a few simple commands. Possible application areas for multi-tone DDS are quantum computing, AOM and AOD control, communication, industrial, medical, imaging systems, network analysis etc.

D-Subminiature Interconnects from ITT Cannon

The ITT Cannon D-Subminiature family of connectors has grown to include a wide variety of styles, options and accessories and is often the most economical solution to any interconnect problem. Ideally suited for both commercial/industrial applications and military/aerospace applications, ITT Cannon D-Subminiature connectors have found worldwide acceptance in a multitude of applications ranging from office equipment to satellites.

BUMAX High-Strength Stainless Fasteners - Product Video

BUMAX high-strength stainless steel fasteners are designed for performance and safety critical applications, operating in some of the harshest environments on land, sea, air and space.

BUMAX’s high-strength fasteners are available in an extensive standard stock range of fastener types and sizes, in product grades such as our premium A4/316L, duplex and super-duplex stainless-steel materials, as well as more specialist stainless-steel material grades manufactured to order.

Industry 4.0 Efficiency with PICO Nexμs Jetting Systems

Industry 4.0 Efficiency with PICO Nexμs Jetting Systems

PICO® Nexμs™ jetting controllers provide behind-the-scenes control of your PICO Pμlse® XP valves with a small, 24V, DIN-rail mounted construction that saves valuable room on the factory floor. They control and monitor multiple jetting systems via Industrial Ethernet and protocols from a human machine interface (HMI) of your choice at the point of dispense or remotely from a personal computer.

OPSIS Data Services (English subtitles)

To meet the requirements and regulations it is a must to have good and reliable data management software to analyse the collected measurement data from the monitoring system/-s in a fast, correct, and safely way. But it is not an easy task to configure and operate a computer network with servers, switches, firewalls, authentication, authorization, backups, updates, etc. OPSIS Data Services (ODS) saves you all this trouble!

Combustible Dust Management

Combustible dusts are fine dust particles that have the potential to catch fire and/or explode under certain circumstances. It’s essential to have a comprehensive plan to manage and mitigate potential combustible dust risk. Learn from Donaldson about prevention strategies that focus on ways to reduce the potential for a combustion event to occur in a dust collector

Permabond TA4208 BLACK - Ready for Action Adhesive

This toughened, two-part acrylic adhesive is easy to apply, cures at room temperature and it’s no-slump viscosity means it stays where it’s put! Super-strong for bonding composites, plastics & metals alike, it’s the new superhero for your toolbox. Watch the video here or Contact Permabond at for more information.

Rhosonics SDM ECO - The new standard for non-nuclear slurry density measurements

Rhosonics introduces the SDM ECO, a third-gen slurry density meter that preludes a new era of slurry density measurement. This video explains the main features of the SDM ECO, the way it measures, and why this is a good alternative to the conventional way of measuring density by radiation sources.


Under the umbrella of the KYOCERA AVX Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic components, we as the Sensing and Control Division are steadily expanding our many years of expertise in the development and production of customer-specific sensors and power modules as well as connectors.

Functional principle of the PrismaPro quadrupole mass spectrometer

The latest generation of compact mass spectrometers

The compact mass spectrometer PrismaPro from Pfeiffer Vacuum is the ideal solution for analytical applications ranging from quality assurance, leak detection and residual gas analysis right through to complex, quantitative tasks.