Permabond TA4208 BLACK - Ready for Action Adhesive

This toughened, two-part acrylic adhesive is easy to apply, cures at room temperature and it’s no-slump viscosity means it stays where it’s put! Super-strong for bonding composites, plastics & metals alike, it’s the new superhero for your toolbox. Watch the video here or Contact Permabond at for more information.

Rhosonics SDM ECO - The new standard for non-nuclear slurry density measurements

Rhosonics introduces the SDM ECO, a third-gen slurry density meter that preludes a new era of slurry density measurement. This video explains the main features of the SDM ECO, the way it measures, and why this is a good alternative to the conventional way of measuring density by radiation sources.


Under the umbrella of the KYOCERA AVX Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic components, we as the Sensing and Control Division are steadily expanding our many years of expertise in the development and production of customer-specific sensors and power modules as well as connectors.

Functional principle of the PrismaPro quadrupole mass spectrometer

The latest generation of compact mass spectrometers

The compact mass spectrometer PrismaPro from Pfeiffer Vacuum is the ideal solution for analytical applications ranging from quality assurance, leak detection and residual gas analysis right through to complex, quantitative tasks.

[EN] Bosch Rexroth: Welcome to the world of Hägglunds

Welcome to the world of Hägglunds video:
A Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive is a drive system beyond the ordinary. Powerful, compact and utterly reliable, our drive systems change the game in the toughest applications. But their greatest strength is the team behind them, committed to your productivity. Welcome to our world - a world of development, reliability, productivity and partnership.

Get ready for JEC World 2024!

The world leading tradeshow dedicated to composites materials and all their applications comes back to Paris-Villepinte from March 5 to 7! Featuring ground-breaking solutions, unique manufacturing and business opportunities, JEC World is a networking hub of creativity, vision and action. It shows how composite materials push the limits of your projects and ambitions.

Lighting Design

Using Relux visualisation Software and Autocad packages Petrel can produce accurate and dynamic renderings of your project to ensure the most cost-effective design is achieved. Our engineer’s extensive knowledge of both general and Hazardous Area lighting design and specification, make them the ideal partner to bring your project in, both on time and on budget.

High-tech Bonding Solution for Medical PCBs - Panacol (long Version)

Advanced adhesive technology enables innovative smart wearables for medical technology like glucose sensors and other medical monitoring devices. To mount these wearables and devices, modern bonding technology is essential. Panacol provides a range of medical device adhesives compliant with ISO-10993 and/or USP Class VI biocompatibility testing.

OPSIS System 400 Mercury Monitoring (English Subtitles)

Strict requirements have been imposed on mercury emissions from waste incinerators, in particular within the European Union. In order to meet the requirements, flue gas cleaning equipment might be needed. To control such equipment, and also in order to monitor the emissions of possible remaining mercury, a reliable monitoring system is needed. For this, OPSIS has a great solution, the OPSIS System 400Hg.

[EN] Bosch Rexroth: Hägglunds solutions for belt conveyors

Your belt conveyors move more than just material. As key links in your operations, they keep your business moving too. Hägglunds direct drive systems give you the control and flexibility to optimize their performance, plus the reliability to maximize their uptime. See how Hägglunds Drive Solutions can help you get your materials in the right place at the right time.