Matmatch is a digital platform for finding engineering materials and suppliers. With a database of thousands of materials, an intuitive search tool, and supplier listings, it changes the way product teams find materials for their projects. It’s also completely free of charge for end-users.

The Matmatch database is curated by an in-house team of material scientists, and contains a variety of metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites. We aggregate data from a variety of trusted sources and verify it before putting it online.

You can find materials using a wide range of filters, including physical, chemical, and thermal characteristics. You can also apply application filters to discover materials that have been used for similar products in your industry.

For material suppliers, we offer a new way to reach customers online. As a go-to source of information for engineers and procurement teams, Matmatch is the perfect platform for suppliers to raise awareness of their products and brand. There are various ways for suppliers to work with Matmatch, from digitising and listing their materials in the database to raise awareness with engineers, to listing on the supplier search tool to be found by buyers. Find out more at

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