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Advanced Filament Winding Machines

Composite Products Rapidly Gaining Ground

Would you like a lighter yet stronger product? If so, filament wound composite products may be the cutting edge answer for you! Filament winding produces extremely high strength - low weight products.

Composite products are rapidly gaining ground as preferred materials for construction of military, aerospace, alternative fuels, energy sources products and several other industries. Their use as primary structural materials in recent years in cutting-edge aerospace projects world-wide has secured their acceptance as prime materials for aerospace vehicles and so much more.  You can filament wind parts as small as a fuse and as large as a rocket. The industries that can benefit from composite production is unlimited!

Filament Winding is a fabrication technique where continuous filament or tow, is wound onto a rotating mandrel in a predetermined pattern.

At McClean Anderson we provide our customers the exceptional opportunity to “prove out their product” in our lab. This ensures your investment in our superior quality filament winding machines and accessories is the right choice for your company. We literally let you “make your concept a reality” in our onsite technology lab.  When you have your process determined, we custom build your filament winding equipment to your specific needs.

We build advanced filament winding machines and auxiliary equipment that stand the test of time. McClean Anderson’s proprietary software package – SimWind pattern development software and Flexwind machine control – allows for a seamless flow from pattern development to machine control.  The Windows based software is user friendly and intuitive.  This software package, combined with superior build quality, is what makes McClean Anderson a leader in filament winding technology.

We provide extensive machine and software training, as well as superior technical support. Customers are confident that when they buy from McClean Anderson, they are buying a superior product that will last a lifetime.  At McClean Anderson our customers have grown to expect superior service, sales support, fast production speeds, up time, personal as well as on-line assistance.

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