Magcam NV

Field cameras for advanced inspection of permanent magnets

MagCam is a technology leader, specialized in advanced inspection systems for permanent magnets, based on its unique magnetic field camera technology. MagCam’s world-class magnetic field cameras are used for quality control, as well as development of high-end permanent magnets and magnet systems. Magcam is the only company worldwide that offers this unique magnetic field camera technology, which is the most advanced magnet inspection technology available on the market.

We offer the following products and services

  • The MiniCube magnetic field camera, featuring an integrated two-dimensional array of 16384 microscopic Hall sensors on a single chip.

  • The MiniCube3D three-component magnetic field camera, measuring the full vector magnetic field at each array position (Bx, By, Bz).

  • The MagScope Measurement & Analysis software for realtime measurements and advanced data analysis.

  • The MiniTable, featuring a positioning frame for accurate and reproducible magnet positioning.

  • The High Speed Flatbed Scanner, for ultrafast measurement of large magnets.

  • The High Speed 3-Axis Scanner, for ultrafast measurement of large magnets and volumes.

  • The High Speed Rotor Inspector, for ultrafast measurement of permanent magnet rotors.

  • The MagFit Magnet Analysis Software, for additional advanced analysis of uniaxial magnets.

  • The C-language Software Development Kit (SDK), for integrating Magcam measurement and analysis in your own programs.

  • Measurement and Analysis Service

  • Renting Service

Magcam’s customers include sensor manufacturers, motor/generator constructors, medical and biotech companies, consumer electronics producers, research labs, magnet producers and more.


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