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Better bending with automated control

Electrically powered units no longer need manual adjustment

Major contract extension in Azerbaijan

Supplier is opening a new facility to support subsea work

New thermal element differential pressure sensors

These are designed for applications like water heaters, burners and medical respiratory applications

New material choices for AM

Elastomers offer greater 3D printing options

How autonomous maintenance can benefit the shop floor

Some thoughts on the Japanese concept of total productive maintenance

Funding for quantum projects teams

A ground scanner and an optical ground receiver are goals

Designing longer lasting smart home sensors

Why long lasting sensors are key to designing the home of the future

Upgrade for the Bab Onshore Field in Abu Dhabi

Owners seek to increase output to 450,000 barrels per day

New tiny sensors for medical markets

These are designed for endoscopes and when produced in volume will become single-use

New high-capacity nitrogen generators

These offer purity levels up to 99.999%

Corrosion resistance at sea

The value of material selection for fasteners in the marine sector

New fuel for aviation applications

This is undergoing testing to see if it meets the ASTM D1655 standard

The view from Future Decoded 2018

How AI could provide access to talent and give the disabled a better chance in the jobs market

Partnership provides solutions for the IoT market

New wireless driver allows manufacturers to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to their devices

Experience the modern energy future

For a long time now, renewable energy has not just been an alternative to conventional energy sources. It is far more about making the idea of a smart, sustainable and cost-efficient energy supply system a reality. The energy industry is in a state of flux – renewable sources of energy have been firmly established in the energy supply system; generation, storage, distribution and consumption will thus have to interact intelligently and seamlessly in the future. Topics such as digitalisation, decentralisation and sector coupling have moved into the spotlight in the energy industry.

Safer decommissioning

Robotic technology designed to deliver safer, faster and more cost-effective decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Testing times for military vehicles

Some thoughts on the most useful test & measurement kit for steering parts

New sensors designed for automotive applications

These use Hall-effect technology for current measurement with on-chip filtering detecting faults

New low cost terminals now online

Styles include spade terminals and cord end terminals in sizes from 1.3mm to 8.5mm

Upgrade package

Stephen McCulloch describes how to make the most of the RHI reforms with membrane technology




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