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Automation for the people

David Strain explains why mechanical automation is key to reducing injury in quarrying

Progress in pumps

Compact permanent magnet synchronous motor extends control range and reduces total cost of ownership

Liquid fingerprint solution

The clever way to stop milk losses in dairy plants

Low leakage current filters

Designed to satisfy the particular EMC requirements of the European market

New addition to gearhead portfolio

New gearhead minimises heat and enhances efficiency in applications requiring medium torque output

The dual role of EMI shielding and optical bonding

Innovative solutions like transparent EMI glass, enhanced with Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) technology, to ensure EMI compliance

Smooth-running train

Interlinked plant train impresses in the Caribbean

Inline ultrasonic monitoring

Monitoring and documenting ultrasonic frequency and power in- line on a batch-by-batch basis

Into the mix

Design features that increase product mixing efficiency and profitability

Lighter with lasers

How laser welding is helping to reduce weight in the manufacturing and assembly of batteries for electric vehicles

Flowsheets that change everything

The main components of today’s typical hard rock mining flowsheet have remained largely unchanged for many decades.

Fire suppression collaboration

Harnessing technology for fire sprinkler corrosion mitigation

Innovation Hub in Karlsruhe

Physik Instrumente (PI) is intensifying its cooperation with leading universities and research institutions

Advances in laser drilling

Laser Drilling: Quick and accurate positioning of the laser beam and workpiece with a single controller strategy.

Make the world go round

Seven facts about rotary transfer machines

One-stop brake shop

Brakes expert provides a one-stop-shop for copper mine hoist braking systems

Safety for Battery Production and Usage

Beside all precautions accidents might happen, but emergency preparedness can make the difference

Enabling electrification

Marshall Girtman explains why collaboration and interoperability are necessary for a successful transition to electrification

Automation delivers compliance

Stay compliant with automated industrial wastewater treatment systems

Assessing asset health

Dr Tom Knott explains how on-site oil analysis could give control back to industry decision-makers