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New remote monitor for automatic lubrication systems

This is suitable for wind energy, railways and wastewater treatment applications

Cable range expands

These are aimed at transportation and similar industrial environments

Partnership offers surge protection

Variable frequency drives to benefit

New sensor for the IoT

Safety features include internal temperature monitoring

New PV inverter

Efficiency is up to 99%

And the Formula Student winner is…

An AI-guided autonomous car, a first in the competition

Next generation of mix-proof valves announced

These are for the food and beverage, dairy and brewing industries

Personal radiation monitor

This features a neutron detection capability

New DC/DC bus converter series

These are designed for telecoms equipment and storage applications

New CHP plant comes on line in Korea

The system features a gas turbine, a steam turbine and a heat recovery steam generator

Enhanced functionality for single board computers

These can be configured to offer WiFi, Bluetooth, capacitive touch sensing, proximity and temperature sensing

AI and autonomy on the race track

Formula Student expands remit for 2018

Smart home and car integration

The importance of the growing smart home market is drawing in car manufacturers and their development strategies.

Rugged enclosure design

DFI’s highly reliable and long Life IPC

Simplify your SFF design with SMARC 2.0

SMARC 2.0 is the great new Computer-on-Modules standard for the efficient design of powerful and feature-rich small form factor (SFF) applications.

New programmable 2-wire temperature transmitter

This is aimed at the chemical, oil & gas and power generation industries

Novel air bubble curtain for large marine projects

This reduces noise pollution under water

AM boost

New controllers speed the process

Improving pump station efficiency

England's largest area reservoir sees major reliability improvement

New barrier diode products for rectification

The thermal resistance has been reduced by about 50%, the maximum reverse current has been cut to 40µA




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