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New rolling bearing housings

The new SES series offers enhanced efficiency in a cost effective solution

Advanced clamp-on flowmeter

Providing a reliable liquid flow solution for a variety of liquid measurement applications

Keeping The Wheels Turning

The automotive industry is undergoing systemic change to contend with the advancing panacea of cyber threats. Juliet Elliot outlines a possible solution

Expandable technology used in Middle East

Expandable technology has successfully been deployed in the Middle East for the first time

Flexible trend - will this be the new normal?

Automotive manufacturing is being redefined by digital native EV disruptors, as Juliet Elliot explains

Transforming metal welding applications

The new TelsoTerminal TT7 ultrasonic metal welding system can be used for a broad range of tasks

Multi-point colour detection system

New multi-point colour detection system measures up to 28 LED test specimens simultaneously with high repeatability

High-performance alloy launched

R&D investment pays off as AWI launches new ‘high performance’ alloy

Battery Powering A Lifetime Achievement

Predicting battery life is a key goal for EV manufacturers, but with so many variables it’s not easy. Here, two of the partners in the innovative REDTOP project tell us about the secrets it revealed

Improving mill lining systems

Exploring the benefits of a popular mill lining rubber compound

Blue Sky Thinking

Airships have been on the sidelines of the transport industry for decades. Are environmental credentials about to make these interesting craft finally go mainstream? Jon Lawson reports

At the coal face

Roger Willis details how a robust progressing cavity pump transports abrasive coal slurry from the coal face to the sump

Tackling fire risk in the wind sector

A new report by Firetrace sets out best practice to support owner operators to conduct effective fire risk assessments

Oil removal systems

Helping companies to reuse, recycle and reduce waste oil and wastewater

Fast Connectivity With 5G In The Factory

The advance of 5G wireless technology could provide the transport industry’s assortment of end users many benefits, but what can it do for manufacturing? Juliet Elliot investigates

Innovative Burn-Through Protection

Synthetic resins are increasingly gaining a foothold in safety-critical applications such as electric vehicle protection. Matthias Steiner and Christian Stöveken take up the story

The Need For Agile Testing

Making the test process leaner forms part of a larger development picture, as James Hayes finds out

Dynamic new compressors

Delivering reliability, dynamic efficiency, lower operating costs, and high-quality oil-free compressed air

Sustainability With Recycling Plastic

With sustainability on the agenda across the industry, Juliet Elliot looks at how one supplier is evolving

Probing deep into machinery

Torque sensor with separate sensing head can probe deep into machinery