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Intuitive platform for comprehensive energy data management

A universally implementable software platform for acquisition, storage, visualization and analysis of energy and process data

Versatile workholding ensures high productivity

TecnAir designs and manufactures an extensive variety of pneumatic cylinders, valve assemblies, linear drives, handling equipment, controls and other products.

Process camera to improve liquid carryover monitoring on gas pipelines

Giving engineers and operators unparalleled accuracy in contamination identification

X-ray sorting tech debuts at Spanish tungsten mine

The introduction of X-ray transmission sorting at Saloro’s tungsten mine sets a bold precedent

Protecting worker safety with water flow assurance

Flow monitors are critical for emergency eyewash stations and showers in hazardous areas

Exploring the current state of ultra-fast charging technology

Significant progress is being made in the realm of ultra-fast charging

Advanced protection for lightweight metals

PEO is an electrochemical surface treatment that uniquely improves the performance characteristics of light alloys

New product lines ensure dependable power flow

Collectively the products bring reliable and uninterrupted connection of critical equipment to AC power sources

Enhancing safety with intelligent tire pressure solutions

A tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an essential system in modern-day vehicles

Eliminating emissions with leak detection innovations

Bob Gallagher explores leak detection and repair strategies to track down fugitive emissions

An innovative asymmetrical design for haul trucks

Haul truck expert custom engineers an asymmetrical hard rock body for underground hauling environments

Preventing power outages in mining facilities

Detailing common power quality disturbances in metals and mining facilities and exploring the strategies to overcome them

New stepper motors for OEM applications

Through design enhancements, this new cost-optimised range offers extended torque performance and smooth operation

Case study on longer-lasting LHD machines

World’s largest copper producer reports remarkable success with new bushings for LHD machines

Renting oil filtration equipment helps significantly reduce costs

Shadi Aladarbe delves into how a Canadian oil refinery has saved US$10 million by renting filtration equipment

Petrochemical’s adaptive measures for lowering river levels

Lowering river levels, rising uncertainty – what can the petrochemical industry do? Andreas Eßmann explores how plants and refineries reliant on waterways for cooling processes can adapt to these new circumstances

New strain gauge modules

The new strain gauge modules are easily installable and configurable and come in both SSR output and relay output options

Magnetic plant units redefine separation efficiency

Magnetic separation processes have the potential to recover fine and ultrafine particles and simplify operations

The smart pump retrofit advantage

A smart pump retrofit secures flare knockout pump reliability

UK debuts first public hydrogen-powered EV chargers

Leading the charge with the UK’s first public hydrogen-powered electric car charging points