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Kiln Tyre Repair – Facing the unknown

The requirement was to repair a kiln tyre for the Heidelberg Cement plant near Tula, Russia

New tool for safer bolting at height

Carrying out bolting operations at height runs the risk of danger to those working beneath dropped objects

Ford uses big data to keep line rolling

The Blue Oval saves more than €1 million in unplanned downtime

Chemicals businesses must get ready for January 1

Thomas Swan and Co is urging businesses to get ready for January 1

New dual-curing potting compound for piezoceramics

Vitralit UD 8052 F is a low viscosity, one-component UV curable adhesive

3D printed safety release

DLM 3D prints safety release for drone-lifted dipping sonars

Tidal energy partnership

EMEC enters partnership with PTEC to grow UK tidal energy market

Would you eat meat grown in a lab?

Inventors claim the texture, aroma and flavour are just like the real thing

Flow meters optimise waste-to-energy boiler measurement

The ideal solution to measuring WIP boiler system intake air and back-end flue gasses

How can EV batteries be effectively recycled?

It’s a nettle the industry must grasp

Helping small-scale and artisanal mining to fulfil their potential

Access, affordable, accessible: these are the three tenets of a conveyor system suitable for all mining operations, explains Darracq Shawe

Everything you need to know about mine water management

Mikael Hjelm explores the latest pump technologies to assist in the operationally critical task of managing mine water

Outage completed ahead of schedule despite pandemic

GE Steam Power has completed a major steam turbine and generator outage in Romania,

New reliable conveyor belt roller bearings

Bearings for conveyor belt rollers in adverse operating conditions: support and tensioning rollers are critically important

Lifting tool support at offshore wind farm

Van Oord selects KENC Engineering to design lifting tool

This is how to train a rescue crew

Volvo is having a smashing time

What you need to know about conveyor hazards

Recognising the hazards is a key step toward preventing conveyor-related injuries, explains Daniel Marshall

Cost-efficient conveyor systems

Belt conveyors instead of trucks: an efficient alternative? It's a question of costs...

New type of nuclear reactor to be developed in UK

Jacobs has been selected by Moltex Energy to support its development of a new type of nuclear power plant

New diagnostic tools

Virtual launch for diagnostic tools for industrial network maintenance