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Mobile tool for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet

Procentec elevates your operation to the next level.

New ATEX-compliant decentralised frequency inverter

Designed for pumps and conveyor integration, this is also IP 69K compliant

Partnership to deliver electric bus to Argentina

Ambitious project specification sees 70-seater bus go all day on single charge

Second generation in-mould electronic materials announced

Advanced electrically conductive adhesives could benefit circuits in injection moulded electronic components

Thermal imaging and furnace surveys for metals

New kit targets molten metal and ladles to check the lining

Adhesive application solutions for the packaging industry

In order to achieve zero maintenance and provide economic savings, Valco Melton has developed the Kube melt-on-demand system and EcoStitch gun.

Choosing the Right Embedded Display & Touch Solution

We will participate as guest speaker in our close partner ST TouchGFX´ webinar ”Choosing the Right Display” where we will give you some pointers on what to consider, when choosing a display for your Embedded product based on our more than 20 years experience within display technology and design.

Topics for the webinar:

Unmanaged industrial Ethernet technology for railcars

These switches connect to CCTV cameras, passenger information systems, sensors and lighting

Customisable panel gives options for integrators

These offer 3mm and 12mm recesses to accommodate low profile and deeper connection options

Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape expands

New data tool allows better access to information on over 1,000 facilities across the continent

New lighter vehicle construction aims to go mainstream

Formula One-derived technique blends aluminium thin-wall tubular frame and recycled carbon-composite

More guiding and quiet running for cable carriers

Alu Guide: high quality modular aluminum guide channel from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

Downsizing for cables in the Industry 4.0 era

How automotive semiconductor chips could influence future Single Pair Ethernet cables

Marine autonomy without reliance on GNSS

This partnership is investigating the viability of integrating different positioning systems should satellite access fail

New concept underwater robot inspired by cuttlefish

Fin drive unit designed for precise, slow movement and low turbulence for enhanced manoeuvrability

New through-hole silicon carbide Rectifiers

These are rated to operate in temperatures ranging from -55ºC to +175°C

Food-printing takes AM to the next level

This uses precise temperature monitoring to create its dishes

New supercapacitor emergency back-up system

Its main purpose is to allow for enough time for a standard shutdown

Latest generation of EPDM sealing materials released

These can come as O-rings, shaped parts, lip seals or diaphragms

Ikea chair rapidly assembled by robot

Fascinating project used custom algorithms to help to assemble Stefan chair in under 9 minutes




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