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Preventing electrical erosion of bearings in EV drivetrains

NSK is developing a cost-effective way of preventing electrical erosion in the drivetrains of electric vehicles.

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics returns

Alongside the exhibition and demonstration areas, there will be an extensive technical seminar programme over the three days

Smart technology drives efficiency

Using Industry 4.0 machine monitoring software from FourJaw to drive efficiency

Keep It Turning With Remote Revolution

Keeping conveyor belts running at their best is critical to safe and efficient production through different weather conditions

Modern monitoring methods

Bengt Löfstedt discusses emissions monitoring through long-term sampling

Reliable Cleaning Technology

Mirek Spicar explains how a smart solution improves the cleaning of evaporator bundles

Connectivity is king

Smart, modular solutions within gas detection

Next-gen valve controller

Providing a sustainable solution for all process industries, valves and applications

Two new micro-processing lasers

Featuring new technology platforms to boost power and enhance versatility

It's Getting Hot In Here With Imaging Innovation

Kathrin Geisler discusses Ex-protected mobile thermal imaging in the mining industry

Putting Energy In Storage

PC-based control helps with managing the renewable energy network, says Beth Ragdale

Quality Sipping With Online Optimisation

Online monitoring of nitrates and organic impurities optimises water quality, says Greg Wainhouse

Critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Protecting oil & gas sites from cyber attack

On-device learning AI chip

AI at the edge enables real-time failure prediction without cloud server required

Energy from waste project expansion

Ensuring continued production of sustainable energy and processing of waste for 1.9 million people

Reducing mine maintenance, downtime and ownership costs

Choosing the correct hardfacing and fabrication solution can extend the service life of industrial components by 400%.

Anaerobic digestion (AD) heats up

AD is an established technique for the production of renewable energy (biogas) and the management of organic wastes such as sewage sludge, manures and crops

Leak-Testing Technologies

How can manufacturers test the leak-tightness of their products?

Eagle-Eye With This Scanning Innovation

Mikael Berqvist and Alexander Hansson discuss the evolution of an advanced scanning solution

Filtering Out The Dangers Of Dust

Hayley Everett explores how air filtration systems can protect both operator and equipmentHayley Everett explores how air filtration systems can protect both operator and equipment