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Two are better than one

More and more devices on the power grid must function smoothly without interfering with each other

New sealed wire-to-wire connectors

These narrow units are designed for sensors, lighting, vending machines and liquid dispensers

New 12V, 24V and 48V systems

Batteries or ultracapacitors offer uninterruptible power supplies

Landmark in giant wind turbine project

The first 'jacket' is in

Vocal power for manufacturers

Some thoughts on how manufacturing can take advantage of emerging voice recognition technology

Show time

A glance ahead to September's IMTS

Combined cutting, bending and shaping

Precise pipework with two blade cutting

New power supply unit

This 24 Volt device is for indoor use

Hydrogen for festival power

Fuel cell project extends across Europe

New optical sensors

These are for industrial or automotive uses such as ignition locks, adaptive headlights or electric power steering (EPS) systems

New I/O communication modules

Remote monitoring devices can text or email it there's a problem

Non-contact 3D scanning arm investment

New £28,000 addition to expand measuring capabilities

Crash avoidance systems for bikes

Ducat's thoughts on the future

Ergonomic locking devices for trolleys

For its LOXrail floor transport system, intra-logistics expert Losyco offers new stoppers for locking trolleys in place.

Safer by design

Chris Flower analyses the latest data on process safety in engineering design

Increasing premix capabilities

Jessica Stank presents two case studies in which operations needed to expand and a custom premix system proved to be the ideal solution

Boiler upgrade brings benefits

Stop the press: providing a process solution for printing plate expert

Modernising industrial boilers

With a new directive in place, Kevin Houlden advises on the steps that operators can take to upgrade their existing boiler plan

Four-eyes principle for contaminant checks

Confectionery company reaps the gains of extensive safety by combining metal detectors and x-ray scanners

Longer lasting fans

Increased evaporation efficiency: hybrid ceramic bearing extends lifetime and reduces maintenance cost of fans for mechanical vapour recompression




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