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Subsea Power Solutions

Stefan Marx discusses the different power technologies that are available for subsea application

Fantastic Plastic For The Win

With the race now on to make everything lighter, suppliers are busy adding to existing composite product lines. Here’s some of the latest news, from Juliet Elliot

Upgraded pressure sensors

For maximum convenience and safety in food, pharmaceutical and similar applications

New addition to impact mill range

Netzsch equips the Condux impact mill with a dynamic air classifier

Stainless Steel For Sustainable Machines

Susan Trast explains how one innovative company is using a new technique to create durable e-scooter frames

Compact Cranes For Complex Conditions

Olaf Seidenfaden discusses general purpose cranes in the offshore market

Traceability at the particle level

How traceability can embed confidence into 3D printing

Automation With Remarkable Robotics

The first Ex-proof legged robot makes it possible to automate routine oil & gas inspection tasks

Making Sustainability Measurable

Can a new technique empower decision makers to create greener products? Claude Maack outlines a more holistic approach to material selection

Small but mighty

The systems that help manufacturers assemble ever-smaller devices

The changing environment of offshore inspection

Offshore inspection advances: finding the best way to collect data remotely

Confronting corrosion

Measures to extend the service life of lifting chain and link components

Floating offshore wind "greatest opportunity" for subsea sector in decades

Up to £160 million is currently being made available through the government's Floating Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Scheme.

Modern linear position sensors

Modern linear position sensors replace bulky and power draining legacy LVDTs with smaller configurations, lower power requirements

Round We Go With VIL For AdAS Development

James Hayes outlines how vehicle development can be accelerated by using vehicle-in-the-loop testing

Keeping An Eye Out For Forward Guidance

Optical sensors are key components in vehicle autonomy. Saloni Walimbe examines how the market will expand in the near future

Rolls-Royce receives £3M to help decarbonise aviation with Direct Air Capture demonstrator

The demonstrator will be able to remove 100 tonnes of CO2 per year from the atmosphere.

The future of extensometry is here

The new technology eliminates the challenges of traditional contacting and non-contacting extensometers

Detecting excellence

Exploring the future of gas detection

Jenga-playing energy sector robot

Robotic superhero meets identical twin in fusion energy machine