Maxon Motor

A strong global brand.

Maxon Motor develop and build precision drive systems. Our DC motors with ironless windings are among the best in the world.They are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises. Maxon Motor drive NASA's Mars rovers. They can also be found in insulin pumps, surgical power tools, humanoid robots, and in precision industrial applications.

Besides brushless and brushed DC motors, we offer flat motors with iron core – and also planetary and spur gearheads, spindle drives, encoders and control electronics. Find out more at:

Our many years of experience are of great benefit to customers. Since 1961, Maxon's engineers have been real partners when it comes to finding specific solutions. Prototypes, custom systems, or large series: whatever the requirement, we are happy to be of assistance with our global sales network, six production sites, and more than 2,500 employees.


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