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Mems AG – a trusted partner in gas measurement technology, metering and electronics development for almost 20 years. We offer you expert technical support, accompany your products from the idea to market launch and help you to lead them to technical and commercial success.

Mems AG was founded on October 9th 2003 by a small team of engineers and scientists led by Dr. Daniel Matter. The company is headquartered in Birmenstorf, Switzerland. Nowadays the Mems team comprises twenty employees, the majority of whom are engineers from the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, information and system technology, as well as several physicists. We are an independent technology company; the company’s shares are owned completely by the employees.

Thanks to the wide range of available expertise and experience in the team, we are able to offer innovative and dependable solutions that are tailored to our customer’s needs. We design and develop custom electronics and sensors for our customers from the industrial and service sectors as well as for the public sector and ready them for the market if desired by the customer. Our versatile knowhow is described here:

Since 2008, Mems AG offers our own range of affordable measuring equipment that provides the user with an accurate assessment of gas quality. By employing our measuring equipment customers are able to optimize the use and production of fuel gases, reducing costs, downtime and emissions. Some examples of the diverse applications of our gas quality products include the optimization of gas engine performance, controlling mixing ratios of hydrogen added to fuel gases and in the development of next generation methanation catalysts. An exhaustive summary including details of a number of current projects can be found here:

The gasQS™ measuring equipment allows the direct measurement of heat conductivity, heat capacity and, in the case of the flonic, an additional flow measurement using a critical nozzle enables the measurement of gas density. These physical gas properties are used as parameters in our correlative models to determine gas quality factors such as the air/gas ratio, the methane number, the Wobbe index and the calorific value. More information about our product range is available at:

Our location in Birmenstorf offers a modern laboratory for flow measurements of gases (including flammable gases). The test stand is operated with critical nozzles using the overpressure method (0.1 to 200 l/min (± 0.22%)) and temperature cabinets are available to temper the test specimens (-40 to +180°C). Custom test set-ups are built according to individual wishes and requirements and are supervised by our specialists. When interpreting the measurement results, we support our customers with our sound knowledge of physics, sensor and measurement technology, and regulatory approval procedures.


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