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After one of the oldest flow measurement manufacturer in Germany, the well-known “Turbo Werk Messtechnik GmbH” founded in 1931 stopped operations in 2002, MECON was established to carry on the art of engineering highly reliable flow meters. As a successor with over 75 years of expertise,  we continue delivering customized flow control systems of the quality “Made in Germany”. With the heritage of solid knowledge and experience, our mission is to deliver sustainable solutions to our customers.

High Quality Standards
Our high quality service and workmanship has gained MECON great reliability on the marketplace. Our flow and level metering instruments are approved in accordance with ISO 9001, VdS and PED.

Customer Service
MECON is devoted to support customers before and after sales in order to guarantee that our products provide the best possible performance and our solutions thus meet the customers' specification.


Variable area flow meters
Flow meters based on the float principle consist of a conical measuring tube made of glass, metal or plastic. In most applications the medium to be measured flows from the bottom to the top and lifts the float to a level proportional to the flow.

The F O Orifice Plate Flow meters
Orifice plate flow meters create a pressure differential in the pipe, forcing a given amount of the total flow through a bypass where a tubular float flow meter is installed. By using the orifice plate for redirecting the measured flow, the direction of the flow to be measured is not restricted as with built-in tubular float flow meters.

Flap Flow meters
Mechanical flap flow meters are designed for liquid flow measuring. The measuring flap is closed by gravity and the degree of opening is proportional to the flow.

Baffle Plate Flow meters
The flow meters operate according to the deflection method. While the baffle plate is activated by the flow pressure the balance beam is deflected.

Level Indicators
The level indicators are designed for fill level monitoring in open or closed containers. The indicator tubes consist of stainless steel, rubber coating, Halar® or PTFE which permit application in any kind of aggressive media. A metallic float  indicates the phase boundary and can be used for magnetic detection of the filling level.

Electromagnetic Flow Sensors
The electromagnetic flow sensors measure the flow of electrically conducting fluids with great accuracy. As there are no mechanical parts inside the pipe they do not create pressure drops and are capable of measuring flows of dispersions such as sludge, pulp, or paste without requiring maintenance. The measurement is independent of temperature, pressure, density or viscosity.

Our products are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications such as:

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment

  • The Chemical Industry

  • Food and Beverage Production

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Mining

  • Cement and Mineral Materials

  • The Steel Industry

  • Pulp and Paper Production

  • Power and Distribution

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