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Risk reduction strategy

Valve tech to reduce compressor surge risk

Displacer level transmitter

Offering the capability to output total level, interface level, or specific gravity

Design for sustainable AM

When it comes to designing for additive manufacturing, what are the key considerations for engineers, and how can these be applied to ensure sustainable product design?

Looking at leakage clamps

Discussing the similarities and differences between several AC leakage current clamps presently on the market.

Production line upgrade

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency via the use of an overhauled compressor

New series of level indicators

A wide range of options have been added, and former special designs are now available as standard

Mini switches get an upgrade

Both swiches have extremely small dimensions and are suitable for low voltage applications.

Upgraded benzene-specific monitor

New benzene-specific monitor for tighter international regulations

Lighter by design

With an emphasis on weight reduction, this is how one sports car manufacturer set about improving one of its best sellers. Jon Lawson reports

Advancing assembly

Assembling complex modular connectors involves integrating a wide variety of cables and leads, which requires technical know-how and assembly tools that not every company has. This can create challenges for logistics and installation

Anti-thermal propagation innovation

Tecman unveils new process for APT pads

High-temperature adhesive

Dual-curing high-temperature structural adhesive for electric motors

Heat exchanger advances

Compact printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHE), produced through a diffusion bonding process, surpass traditional alternatives in extreme temperature and pressure environments

Thermal loop solutions

A path to improved performance, sustainability and compliance in heat treatment

Easy-to-operate radar sensors

Easy-to-operate level measuring devices offer solutions for virtually any application and ensure plants are ready for digitalisation

Space-saving terminals

New two-level terminals for 4-mm² cross sections

Better boilers

Advanced electrode boilers dramatically reduce the risk of explosion, fire and noxious emissions associated with fossil-fuel burning units.

The future of oil transfer

Is the industry ready to tackle its Achilles' heel?

Maintaining thermal fluid quality

Dave Dyer explains how to prevent water ingress when storing and using thermal fluid

Tough touch-panel PCS

Industrial ruggedised computing solutions for hazardous manufacturing environments