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Accelerating vehicle development with virtual simulation

Leveraging a virtual simulator speeds up car development and eliminates physical prototyping. By Siobhan Doyle

Raw material sourcing key to sustainable energy solutions

Mikael Bergqvist explores strategies for securing essential raw materials vital to the shift towards sustainable energy storage and production

Automation and robotics spark safety and sustainability evolution

Marcos Hillal and Jan Nyqvist reveal the specially engineered solutions utilising automation and robotics leading the charge towards greener and more connected mines

Recognition for work on the mega Ras Tanura Refinery turnaround

IGS has been recognized as a major contributor to the successful Ras Tanura Refinery (RTR) 2024 Mega Turnaround and Inspection (T&I)

How shock pulse generators can help regulate energy spikes

Operational data can help formulate recommendations for Shock Pulse Generators

Iron ore project welcomes advanced machinery

An array of innovative machinery are poised to make an inaugural appearance at an iron ore project in Guinea

Revolutionising temperature control in automotive engineering

A new technology in automotive testing guarantees temperature control in electric vehicles

How to future-proof a classic vehicle

Tired of your classic leaking oil and breaking down? Maybe this is the solution

Innovative process recovers polymer composite components

A new process allows full recovery of starting materials from tough polymer composites

New correlative tool to help with energy transition

The efficient use of hydrogen blended into natural gas requires the right measurement technology, and correlative instrumentation can help

Tips for transporting electricity to the shore

A review of additional equipment required for long-distance electricity transportation

A wireless IIoT solution/platform

Designed to redefine operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in various industries

Watlow to host webinar on data-driven electric heating

Thermal solutions provider Watlow is hosting a webinar on the role of data in electrifying thermal processes.

New Ultrasonic sensors

Thanks to an adjustable sound cone and small dead zone, the new ultrasonic sensors of the 420B and 412B series can be used for many different applications.

New ATEX Cabinet Cooler Systems for Explosive Environments

An ideal answer for protecting electrical enclosures with problematic overheating in areas with explosive atmospheres, both indoors and outdoors.

Quality at the heart of UK manufacturing

Gabby Day explores the bespoke mould tooling solutions being developed for over half a century

Five considerations when investing in a hauler

Looking to invest in an articulated hauler? Choosing the right truck can lead to increased productivity, more uptime, and a safer working environment

New generation of multi-stage mini-vacuum pumps

Offering an optimum solution for industrial applications which require high suction flow rates

Micro AM boosts injection moulding services

Nir Sade presents a series of case studies into the practical uses of micro-AM in industrial applications

High-performance rod seal for portable insulin pumps

Advances in sealing mechanisms allow for greater efficiency within portable insulin pumps