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Are self-driving cars almost here?

As we get closer to fully automated vehicles, we can expect to see smart cloud computing software, blind-spotting tools and advanced cameras

What is COVID-19 doing to the electronics industry?

The pandemic is affecting all industries differently, as Amy Leary explains

How the engineering industry is helping to battle COVID-19 (and how to join them)

There are efforts taking place across the globe - here are some ideas if you want to help

Peat as an energy source

Due to its low carbon content, peat is not utilised as widely as others for electricity generation

Drawbar springs with inbuilt safety feature

The failsafe feature of Drawbar springs from Lee Springs comes from their inherent design whereby the central compression spring is oriented so as to provide extension of its retaining structure when under load.

Coupling driven system design advice

Robert Watkins reveals the eight ways to wreck your coupling driven system – and how to avoid them

How much gold is in the world?

Even though gold is not actively used in common currency, it does provide a level of stability for countries that hold it

Four new and unusual uses of drones

Today, drones are utilised both commercially and personally

The impact of COVID-19 on the oil industry

The IEA Oil Market Report provides authoritative data, forecasting and analysis of the global oil market

Economical 3D printing for metal

Wire arc additive manufacturing is offering productivity and cost gains for applications involving metal parts

Covid-19: 5000 PPE face shields for North East hospitals in the UK

Paragon Rapid Technologies produces 5000 PPE face shields for North East hospitals in partnership with its 3D printing technology suppliers

Graphene nanotubes can increase the number of wind turbines to decrease CO2 emissions

Nanotechnology is able to unlock thousands of hectares of land previously restricted for wind farm construction, increasing the potential for green power generation globally

Are electric cars really as green as they seem?

Or is the energy overall needed to produce and charge them too high?

Connectors drive progress in sustainable travel

Martin Yiapanas explains how innovative connectors have benefited a smart new mobility solution

Designing defect-free conformal coatings

Phil Kinner examines some of the commonly asked questions about conformal coatings that every design engineer should be mindful of when specifying the coating process

Free facility signs to help stop COVID-19

Safety and identification specialist Brady Corporation offers signs for download to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus

Clever couplings for laser cutters and engravers

Andrew Bargh describes how a coupling is a guiding light for laser cutters and engravers

Emulsion polymerisation producing dispersions

Water-based dispersions: additives enhancing commercial products. By Eric Gay & Dr Michael Lang

Are design constraints good or bad?

Some thoughts on the necessary evils facing engineers

Key design differentiations to support medical device market

Mike Logan discusses optimum display performance for medical devices