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New low voltage welding torch

This is designed for electric vehicle battery pack applications

Films for capacitors

New thicknesses on offer

What miners need to know about the future

Here are 10 key trends in the industry

Challenges for renewables

Some thoughts on managing demand, combining distributed systems and reporting

Pump protection

New grinder is designed to fragment a variety of materials

New mining safety innovation

Tracking advances improve longwall performance

New portable gas detector

This connected device is for the oil and gas industries

Preparing for the surgical robot boom

Some thoughts on back up power for the increasingly complex world of operating theatres

New single-stage centrifugal pump

Improvements include better shaft sealing and bearings

New 650V power modules

These deliver switching frequencies up to 50 kHz

From freezer to fire

Some thoughts on preserving food to minimise waste

High precision for handling systems

Overcoming extreme requirements for drives

New scanner aims to integrate with the IoT

Servo design helps to keep speed up without accuracy compromises

New electric stopper

These could be used in many sectors ranging from automotive suppliers and small parts assembly to packaging, warehousing and logistics

MEMS in medicine

Harvard University is experimenting with ‘organs-on-chips’ to offer a potential alternative to traditional animal testing

The US Marines deploy LulzBot 3D printers

The US Marine Corps is known for innovating on the fly, and Building Momentum, in conjunction with their LulzBot 3D printers, is helping them take that innovation to a whole new level.

Advances in high pressure positioning accuracy

Underwater ROVs could benefit

New digital humidity and temperature sensor

It's a complete sensor system on a single chip

New low-loss cable

Military vehicle and naval applications targeted with flame-resistant, flexible design

New communications link for IIoT

This is designed for the remote management of modules like sensors in factory automation, building and vehicle networking




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