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Hydraulic mining shovel bucket with replaceable basket

Innovative 2-piece bucket for Cat hydraulic mining shovels

The next generation electromagnetic braking system

Outdoor and certain indoor applications place greater demands on an electromagnetic brake

Here’s the latest from the world of drones

Is autonomous charging the future?

Durable components demanded for Bombardier train assembly line

WDS selected to provide a variety of component parts used within the assembly jigs and fixtures

Bluetooth comms for Coriolis flowmeters

Krohne has introduced the first Coriolis meters with Bluetooth connectivity and SIL certification

NASA Mars journey gets safely underway

Mission is to look for signs of ancient life

What will Covid-19 do to the EV delivery vehicle market?

With more of us shopping online, there is opportunity for manufacturers

First international standardised M12 push-pull connector

International standard IEC 61076-2-012 for M12 push-pull with inner locking now available

Advanced technology for actuator control

SAEx electric actuators and high-performance SIMA² Master Station provide multiple benefits

Reducing virus spread with touchscreen technology

New project is tackling hygiene issues with artificial intelligence

New linear valve actuator

Cowan Dynamics introduces newly expanded E2H series electro-hydraulic linear valve actuator

New hygienic temperature sensors for the food and beverage industry

Fast responding sensor tip with reduced heat conducting error for high accuracy at short immersion depths

Passive fire protection solution for onshore assets

A solution that mitigates hydrocarbon pool fire and corrosion risks

Gold Fields installs Cummins natural gas generator

Australia’s largest hybrid renewable energy microgrid

Will there be an Agriculture 4.0?

Will permaculture or large scale Precision Farming feed the world?

Getting to grips with tyre material properties

AI technology is being used to better understand tyre material properties to assist the innovation of intelligent tyres

A Brave new world for transport manufacturing in the post-COVID-19 era

A glance in the rear-view mirror, then a look forward. What’s in store for the transport manufacturing industry after COVID-19?

How materials science is helping to slow the virus

Jeans and packaging benefit from new protective coatings

A new range of glass and epoxy coated NTC bead thermistors

Aimed at tight tolerance instrumentation tasks requiring outstanding reliability

How 5G can improve vehicle-to-pedestrian technology

Vishnu Sundaram tells us about his vision of a safer, more autonomous future