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Atom-level control at MIT

Could method herald new manufacturing processes?

New lube oil from recycled waste products

Chewing gum, used fryer oil, batteries and a Christmas tree were raw ingredients

New antennas from KP

These are red in 2GHz/3GHz, 2GHz/5GHz and 3GHz/5GHz configurations

New vehicle architecture from GM

This is able to manage up to 4.5 terabytes of data processing power per hour

Bringing flexibility to pharmaceutical manufacturing

Some thoughts on how to take advantage of the IIoT

Aviation biofuel contract renewed

United continues with commitment to lower carbon fuel

Mapping our electric future

Volvo’s philosophy on greener transport

Futureproofing your UV curing needs

Intertronics offers new Dymax MX-Series lamps

Have you got the right bearings?

Terminology confusion could cause equipment failure

Drive solutions for continuous conveyors

Bulk material handling makes great demands on conveyor belts and their drive technology.

Pilot operated check valves for compressed air

Eisele supplements the BASICLINE with pilot operated check valves. In pneumatic applications they take over a variety of safety functions

Honda's plan for used EV batteries

Partnership with AEP set to examine stationary application

Submarine power system gets go ahead

US project requires a total of 134 km of cables

Moon shot project firms named

NASA has awarded 11 companies contracts to produce human lander prototypes

Nissan’s advanced autonomy comes to market

It’s the first commercial navigated highway driving system with single-lane capabilities

OPC UA in the smart factory

How industrial automation is benefiting from standardised comms

New 900 MHz antennas from KP

These are designed to deliver coverage through dense foliage

Mission to the moon

MIT and Blue Origin are teaming up to develop lunar tech

Soil type and bearing hype

How to select bearings for specialist agricultural tasks

Greener laptops are carbon neutral

New project aims to revolutionise the IT industry





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