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Flex circuits versus wired - What’s better?

Travis Neumann answers a topical question in the field of connectors

3D printing in space

Sabrina Kerber shares what she learned from her astronaut mission

New quintuplex pump

Designed to extend pump service life through an optimized power end frame design

New engineering apprenticeship

University of Nottingham launches electro-mechanical engineering degree apprenticeship

Largest-ever turbine blade

The 75-inch last-stage blade will enable Hinkley Point C’s to produce 3.2GW of CO2 free power

Bugatti’s digital design speeding up the automotive industry

Bugatti’s pioneering digital design team uses 3D development to cut down on design time

AC/DC mA Current Transformer for Electric Vehicle Charging

A new, compact, PCB mount mA current transformer for use in electric vehicle charging applications

Bearing stiffness design factors

Markus Raabe discusses the issues that influence shaft and bearing stiffness

How will the IoT change our cities?

Imagining a future where everything is connected

Coating to tackle engineering challenges

Apticote 480A can be applied to a variety of base materials

Why micro moulding relies on collaboration

Roger Hargens details the need for collaboration and DfM

Sustainable coating of galvanised steel

When it comes to protecting galvanised steel structures and products, the demands for durability, appearance and sustainability have increased significantly

Is a classic car a good investment?

Here are 3 things to consider if you are thinking about making a purchase

Rugged, fanless embedded server

Providing EMI efficiency and interface quality

This is how NASA plans to fly a helicopter on Mars

Ambitious technology demonstrator could take off soon

A seismic shift

Celina Giersz reveals how new technology is changing high-definition seismic monitoring

Turbo testing

Checking and correcting shaft alignment on turbomachinery with professional measuring equipment

3D scan of components before laser cladding

Laser processing of components is a versatile task

New direct mount industrial wafer ball valves

The valve’s low torque design allows for the use of smaller, more compact actuators, saving space within the system while reducing costs.

LED lights for largest offshore wind farm

LED lighting for the wind turbine foundations at Hywind Tampen