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Autonomous vehicles stick to mapped areas

Startup Optimus Ride formed by MIT alumni is taking a different approach to autonomy

Small resistor comes with 3500 W power

Reo UK has aimed unit at mining equipment and large vehicle sector

Guided by the light - with potential for Industry 4.0

German project uses ceiling-mounted LED lights to move materials around the factory

How can we electrify air travel?

The car industry has embraced electrification - what about aerospace?

New analysers are aimed at power industry applications

The CA76NA and CA80SI analyse boiler feedwater, steam, condensate and ion exchangers

How can the packaging process be optimised?

Some thoughts on switching between package types

NASA plans two Sun-studying projects

The Heliophysics Division is funding SETH and a Solar Cruiser

EV chargers overtake petrol stations in the UK

Figures reflect growing EV popularity across Britain

Sick shrinks read/writing unit

Is this new UHF RFID device the smallest of its kind?

EasyDaq launches a new sequencing relay card

Device has been designed not to overload systems on start-up

Tube Tech International launches next generation cleaning robot

Machine is capable of eradicating more than 90 per cent of heat exchanger fouling

UPS Ventures invests in autonomous driving company TuSimple

Trial in Arizona continues to examine the feasibility of a self-driving truck

Ten DB4 GT Zagato Continuation models now taking shape

Iconic Aston requires 4,500 hours of detailed labour

What’s the best way to fine tune a cooling tower?

A number of key factors need to align for best efficiency

The phone of the future - part 2

Here Sophie Charpentier from the Graphene Flagship considers power, vision and networks

High-precision actuation solution for multiport valves

AUMA actuators for multiport valves in hydrocarbon service support up to 16 ports

Multi-screw pump portfolio expands

An application in media delivery can often be handled by using different pump types.

New dual band IP radio from AB Dynamics

TrackFi PowerMesh can select between two frequency bands using 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz RF transceivers

Waste plastic to hydrogen project takes first step

Distributed Modular Gasification technology developed by Powerhouse Energy produces a source of hydrogen from unrecyclable plastics

What will your phone look like in the future?

In the first of a two parter, Sophie Charpentier from the Graphene Flagship looks ahead





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