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New range of equipment cooling fans

Latest low noise, energy efficient cooling fans offer extended life time

Safer continuous flow solution

Safety light curtain system for smart box detection launched

Making A Splash

Louise Davis presents the latest innovations from the subsea sector

Intelligent Inspection

Tony Dale discusses thermal inspections for critical rig electrical systems

Advances in ultrasonic flow measurement

Jürgen Kiefer details a new milestone in measurement technology

Allied With Additive

Xavier Llobera explains how the automotive industry is using additive manufacturing to increase performance and save costs

New generation of thermal gels

Featuring a special formulation to meet the stringent requirements of silicone-sensitive applications

New microphone technology

Aimed at increasing efficiency and improving test accuracy in the consumer audio and telecom space

Start-up success in Chad

Start-up of natural gas power generation at Moundou Power Station, providing cleaner energy to Chad’s second city

5G smartphone for hazardous areas

The intrinsically safe mobile device offers companies great flexibility potential thanks to its wide range of possible applications

Generation Game

Can generative design help reduce weight? Jon Lawson gets the thoughts of one leading academic

Composing Materials Of The Future

Francis Arthur discusses a novel manufacturing process to produce lightweight composite components

Actuators for hazardous environments

Electric actuator manufacturer AUMA has launched a new generation of small, intelligent actuators for petrochemical and hydrogen applications

Updated Ex valve island

New features optimise performance in hazardous areas

Latest release of simulation software

Siemens expands simulation capability for electrification and aerospace design with Simcenter mechanical solutions

New Technical Academy opens

A new £3m technical academy, located just a few miles away from the home of the industrial revolution, has been officially opened to the public

Getting To Grips With Electromobility

How end-of-arm tooling is driving the transition to electromobility within automotive powertrain manufacturing

Flying Towards The Green Dream

How in-flight testing technology is helping the next generation of sustainable eVTOL aircraft take flight

Precise and tough low-profile joystick

Providing designers and users with a high-performance solution for fine control in the most challenging industrial applications

Controller for medical applications

Controller series that specifically caters to TFT displays with unmatched resolutions up to 3840x2160