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New hygienic pressure sensor

This features a condensate-resistant measuring cell

New batch of cleaning products launched

Also new defoamers and descalers for a host of industrial tasks

LED curing light

This is for applications requiring a highly intensive UV irradiation

Flowmeter for medical and food applications

Non-intrusive measurements preserve cleanliness

New remote monitor

This enables warnings of imminent failures or underperforming equipment

Reducing the waste

This is how UK suppliers are taking long-lasting plastics out of the supply chain

Designing the future of materials sourcing

Materials specialists invite MatX visitors to develop sourcing service

Wireless pressure gauge app

A maintenance application for the IIoT age

New wireless antennas

These could provide a quick upgrade route to add frequency bands without installing more infrastructure

Non-corroding anti-vibration mounts

Stainless steel parts are for hygiene-sensitive industries as well as harsh environments

Consumer tech hitting the factory

Some consumer kit has found an industrial home

Diagnostics-enabled safety relays for the process industry

The design combines a diagnostic function, line fault transparency and dual redundancy

Standby: driverless vehicles ahead

Both the UK and US military are interested in removing troops from the most dangerous situations, and autonomy could be here by 2021

Chip capacitor launch

These are designed for medical and military applications

Projected capacitive touchscreen technology for engineers

This kit enables controller data can be analysed and evaluated

EMC rail for cable entry system

These are galvanized for extra longevity

SSR for industrial applications

New design boasts improved thermal performance

Next generation radiation detection devices

Company uses Knowledge Transfer Partnerships for new devices to identify cancerous tissues and hazardous and radioactive materials

Clearing the air – why detection is better than cure

Offering an alternative, or complimentary, solution to PID or GC, UV Spectroscopy is quickly becoming the go-to technology for monitoring benzene concentrations

Final turbine successfully installed for EOWDC

Rapid installation of suction bucket jacket foundation marks offshore wind industry first for the Scottish project




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