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Why Choose Wireless For Gas Leak Detection?

Megan Hine discusses the operational advantages that wireless gas detection can bring for the oil, gas and offshore sectors

Crude Oil: A Case Study

Ulrich Eibl details a rail car unloading solution with the latest generation pumps

Solar farm boom in East of England

Approvals for new solar farms more than double in 2021

Composite materials for aerospace sector

The future of aerospace is more than metal

Coatings for All Conditions in the Oil and Gas Industry

Carl Allison explains how next-generation coatings are meeting the challenges of the oil & gas industry

Telemetry: Present and Future

Matthew Hawkridge on using RTUs to optimise performance in the oil & gas sector

Building a workforce for a sustainable future

Carolina Cardona explains why the UK should lead the way in encouraging more women into STEM roles

Latest print finishing system

AAG to demonstrate its AXYZ Trident print finishing system at Interplas

Why small dimensions are a big deal

An expert guide to small dimensions and tight tolerances

New medical grade plastic bonder

New biocompatible UV adhesive for soft plastics

Subsea Pump Package

Jascha Kolter on taking established pump technology 10,000ft deep

Modernising Maintenance Solutions in Oil and Gas Market

Predictive maintenance firm brings novel solutions to oil & gas market

The future of 5G

5G SA: migration paths and legacy networks

Rapid turnaround time

“24-hour turnaround” for high precision products facilitated by digitised manufacturing KTP

The Flowmeter of Choice to Reprocess Crude Residue

This article takes a look at the benefits of having the right flowmeter

The Power of Plasma used in OilFields

With today’s highly engineered parts, designers are increasingly turning to advanced plasma nitriding

The future of data transmission

High-speed FPC overcomes speed and reliability problems

New tooling board formula

Ru-bix has developed a new chemical formula for its 1200 density board

Revolutionising touch screen use for prosthetic hands

People with functional prosthetic hands got an affordable opportunity to use smartphones and tablets

Leak-Free Pumping Gas

Rainer Landowski discusses the application of centrifugal pumps for liquid sulphur