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Spotlight on manufacturing sensor innovations

New sensor equipment promises to increase efficiency for plant operators

Future proofed WLAN products will support WiFi 7

New Wi-Fi 7 standards are already leaving Wi Fi 6 in the dust; here we look at two interesting future-proofed WLAN products tested for this high throughput standard

Removing tramp ferrous metal from quarried material

A UK construction materials company installed an ElectroMax-Plus Overband Magnet to remove tramp ferrous metal from quarried material prior to crushing

The future of integrated drive modules

Explore the conceptualisation and development of next-gen drive modules, pushing technological advancement to new heights

Avoiding complexity with coating

The right protective coating solutions can reduce downtime and ensure that power plant infrastructure withstands the elements

A new safety enhanced actuator

How a motorised actuator and shutoff valve solution improves safety and reliability in combustion systems

Cone crusher series boasts higher performance

A new crusher series could make an ideal choice for diverse rock processing operations

Clearing the air with passive dust containment systems

CJ Ferguson presents an engineered approach to passive dust containment

Harnessing the power of relative humidity

How Relative Humidity monitoring can increase energy efficiency through improved climate control

Calculating transfer point efficiency

Andrew Timmerman advises on accurately calculating conveyor belt sag between idlers to minimise spillage and dust at transfer points

UK boosts nuclear capacity

A new neutron measurement facility will play a critical role in the development of the UK’s energy sector

MIT design new cathode-based battery

Could cobalt-free batteries power cars of the future? A newly-developed battery cathode based on organic materials may hold the answer

Advanced RF fixed attenuators and terminations up to 18 GHz

Designed with the highest precision, featuring maximum power ratings of 2 watts, 10 watts and 50 watts

New 10 watt DC/DC converters with 12:1 input ranges

Ruggedized 10 watt DC/DC converters designed for railway and harsh industrial applications

Modular car design makes waves in EV market

How one unique EV is shaking up the industry’s traditional design and ownership models

New pressure valves give flexible, accurate control for high-precision manufacturing

As development and manufacturing phases continue to get shorter, fast startup procedures and reliable, controllable manufacturing processes are more important than ever

Grooves on swarf surface to help with hydrogen generation

Researchers turn metal waste into a catalyst for hydrogen

Rental nitrogen generator boosts underground mining efficiency

A novel generator eliminates the need for a network of holes to pipe nitrogen into a mine

Fire protection materials for EV batteries

EV batteries need to be made from fire resistant materials, here we explore some of the available options

How one pumping station set up can save you money

A new technology reduces operating costs with service-free pumping stations