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Repair on the road

The pioneering mobile electric vehicle battery service facility for scalable testing and repair

Harnessing micro 3D printing

Rewriting the rules of precision manufacturing to cater to the ever-shrinking demands of modern industries

Exploring the emissions monitoring boom

Bengt Löfstedt takes a look at the present surge in sales of emissions monitoring instrumentation to waste incineration facilities

Better blasting

Michal Wozniakowski-Zehenter on blasting safety in daily mining operations

Digitalising the value chain

How digitalising the upstream drives profitability

Flexigrids of the future

Gary Forfar on the role of adaptable software in energy grids

A broader perspective on PCB design

Overcoming common mistakes in printed circuit board design with sustainability in mind

More power, new design

Optimising next-generation bipolar plates for fuel cell drives with innovative coating systems

Driving digitalisation

Trailblazing AI-led ‘digital twin’ that will change the future of the UK energy industry

Robot to the rescue

Robots manufactured to remove risks to humans during emergencies at nuclear plants

Adsorption is the answer

An innovative smart gas cleaning technology using natural adsorber materials is going mobile

Hard to process metals at Formnext

The major focus of Wayland Additive at Formnext 2023 is a display of parts made from difficult to process metals

New miniature microphone

Lowering the cost of precision in production line acoustic measurements

New version of loader

With a more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly engine as standard

Re-engineered checkweighing solutions

Enhanced smarter design of checkweighing systems will help to lower Total Cost of Ownership, combat rising costs and time, provide weighing accuracy and future proof manufacturers’ production lines

The ideal blend

Florian Krischker & Bradley Visser discuss correlative determination of blended hydrogen in natural gas

Thermoforming transformed

How are 3D printed moulds transforming thermoforming processes with time and cost optimisation

Fly like an arrow

Designed to be the vehicle of the future, Canada’s first zero emissions concept vehicle features innovative technologies and parts never before seen in a vehicle. Let’s take a look at the key design elements behind the sleek ride

Transforming remote power and connectivity

Sunstone Systems unveils RAFT system

Future focus

Lisa Rass interviews Götz Ruprecht to discover his vision for the future of nuclear power