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All-Composite EV wheel for electric vehicle applications

All-Composite EV wheel moves to next phase of development

This is how the commercial vehicle market is being electrified

Here’s an update from the heavyweight road users

Drone use for inspection continues to grow

Airfields, railways and marine mammals to be studied

Tailor made tensioning solutions

The new range of tensioning devices, consists of chain tensioners, sprocket sets and tension pulleys

New UV adhesive for decorations and dome coatings

Specifically for decorations on plastic, glass or metal

How are robots helping in healthcare?

Cleaning and checking patient’s vitals have been mechanised

49m Blades for Solwaybank Wind Farm

Collett have commenced turbine component deliveries from King George V Dock, Glasgow to Solwaybank Wind Farm, Dumfries & Galloway.

How engineering modelling techniques are helping to identify wrecks

Scanning and ROVs help historians with greater accuracy

Versatile twin shaft grinder

The grinder is available in further sizes for flow rates up to 400 m³/h

How tyres can improve beach safety

Ford and RNLI project writes reminder messages in the sand

Photorelays with low trigger current

The low trigger current contributes to low power consumption in battery-powered equipment

Turnaround technologies for natural gas compressors

Exploring natural gas compressor repair and reconditioning

Fully-shielded auto-lock FFC connector for high-speed transmission

I-PEX has developed the world’s first fully-shielded auto-lock FFC connector for high-speed transmission

Here’s the latest medical tech helping to fight the pandemic

Smart thermometers and simple syringes in the spotlight

Offshore wind cables are connected to landfall

The county of Lincolnshire in the UK prepares to power the nation with green energy

Battery altitude test chamber able to simulate unpressurised aircraft space

New battery testing potential with altitude test chamber

Level monitoring simplified: local and remote

Featuring an IO-Link interface for reliable data acquisition and easy parameterisation

Sophisticated subsea battery storage

Paul Slorach introduces a new approach to subsea battery storage technology

Covid-19 results in minimum manning in the oil and gas sector

Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on staffing levels in the oil & gas industry

When will we have opposed cylinder engines?

Maybe sooner than you think if current research goes well