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Preventing valve failures

Self-cleaning technology is key to addressing control valve failure

Problem-solving pump project

A straightforward solution to a complex problem: targeted pump refurbishment that achieves 50% cost saving

Fire protection for new fuels

Ilona Šimoníková discusses alternative fuels and their utilisation regarding fire and explosion protection

Raman revolution

Raman spectroscopy: the new standard in compositional analysis of polymers

Single-phase asynchronous motor

For suppliers to the construction, food and agricultural industries as well as amusement park operators

Specialist support

Julian Foley explains how some expert solutions can enable transparent and efficient decommissioning processes

Charging ahead

Alain Schierenbeck profiles the technology that is leading the way to zero emissions

Integrated digital I/O module

A fully integrated digital I/O module enabling direct connection to HDMI2 and eARC audio devices

New report on subcontract manufacturing sector

Subcontractor concerns over skills deficit and supply chain delays underlying order book optimism

At the cutting edge

Technology trends that are shaping the future of the drilling industry

Intelligent isolation

Jonathan Balmforth discusses environmental, hydrocarbon and contamination time delay return isolation

Deep dive into subsea tech

Louise Davis introduces the new technologies and projects that are making a splash in the subsea industry

Showcasing next generation technology

PI will showcase R&D topics for next generations of technology at LASER World of PHOTONICS

Test points for hydraulic systems

An easy way to fill and empty hydraulic systems under pressure

Reliability through intelligence

Tim Engstrom explains how long term battery reliability is determined as much by the battery management system as the cell itself

Metrology technology

Jayden Allen explains how the oil & gas sector can reap the benefits of the latest metrology solutions

Smart explosives delivery techs

Introducing a new bulk explosives system for underground operations

Sustainable pump solutions

Reducing emissions with efficient pump technology

Keep on trucking

How nitrogen generators can keep mining trucks on the road

Are drones in the pipeline?

Chris Johnson explores the buzz around drones in the oil industry