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Mix And Match Sensors Boost Safety

Integrated automated sensors warn of problems while minimising risk to mine workers

How To Manage Hydropower

Nicola Curtis discusses the role of flow control within renewable energy systems

Keeping Pace With Demand

Patrick Welz discusses matching feed water pump designs with advances in gas fired power plants

Novel Turbo Expander Technology

Jeff Earl explains how a high-efficiency turboexpander-generator uses advanced magnetic technologies to enable waste-pressure energy recovery

Risk Management Strategy

It’s not simply ‘plug & play’ for BEVS: new risks for mine operations must be considered, says Marcello Sanchez

New micro-dispensing valve

New jet valve for maximum power and easy maintenance

Oscilloscope equipped with new features

Consistently fast updating catches glitches other scopes would miss

Push-in two-level terminal blocks

Compact, space-saving for 4-mm² wires

New power cable tools

Three game-changing new tools for safe and efficient cable semi-con scoring

Keep On Moving Keep On Hauling

Five ways to guarantee hauler performance in all weathers

The Future Of Platforms

Olaf Seidenfaden showcases a new approach to maintenance

Turning Up The Heat With A Hot Topic

Dennis Long explains how electric heaters can help meet decarbonisation goals

ADAS research fleet deployed

NI deploys vehicle fleet for ADAS research, improved workflow and data management

Wall mounted cleaning nozzle

Helping pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturers adhere to increasingly stringent hygiene standards

Gas Monitoring For Clean Air

Bengt Löfstedt discusses gas concentration monitoring in flue gas treatment applications

No Joke: Knock-Knock On Conveyor Idlers

Cory Goldbeck reveals what can be done to tackle the serious issue of mistracking belts

Keeping Eyes On With Collision Avoidance

Neil Sandhu discusses collision avoidance in the outdoors

Grants for female-led engineering enterprises

The grant is available to female-founded or female-led engineering enterprises with fewer than 10 employees

New Better Dispensing Videos

Explaining jetting technology and how to choose the right solution

Engineering Efficient Turbines

Siegfried Gsöls explores the challenges faced in wind turbine development and reveals how advanced coating solutions can assist