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Autonomic Materials (AMI) investigate self-healing materials

Trials have proven that this low-VOC waterborne self-healing coating is as good as its more obnoxious solvent-borne cousins

Dual intentions - Delphi Technologies talks powertrains

While the name Delphi will be familiar, Delphi Technologies is a new, separate global venture with a different focus.

Powertrain Innovation Requires Accelerated Learning To Deliver Revolution

Sam Akehurst, Professor of Advanced Powertrain Systems, at The Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS) outlines his vision of the future

Bearing the brunt of marine conditions - What is the right bearing for electric boats?

Chris Johnson explains how to choose the right bearings for the job

Off-highway leading the way in autonomous driving

There is much talk in the media about driverless cars, but when it comes to autonomous vehicles the off-highway, construction and mining industries have been working quietly on the technology for decades

It’s a kind of magic: HMI meets truck design

Sam Clark, CEO at Conjure, offers his thoughts on what influence advances in HMI will have on truck design.

Internal affairs: Aircraft interiors designed for environmental travel

For aerospace designers it’s all about managing the flying experience while mitigating environmental damage

Power industry first sees robotic excavator

ULC Robotics and SGN plan prototype test soon

New DC power supply from EA

This bidirectional unit is a source and sink in one

What’s the best option when your pipe benders break down?

Should you refurbish or just buy new? Schwarze-Robitec share some thoughts

This is NASA’s take on climate data

The Agency has released its study of 2019

Will 2020 be the year for autonomous delivery?

Some thoughts on the impact of new technology for logistics

The road ahead for commercial vehicle design

What will 2020 have in store for original equipment manufacturers?

New radar level transmitter from Krohne

This is for checking powders and dusty atmospheres

How to improve surge protection

How SPDs can be brought up to speed

Large expansion of Canadian EV charging network

Canadian Tyre is installing fast chargers at 90 locations

This is the latest from Litemax

LED system offers a MTBF of 100,000 hours

How can human error be cut in an automated workplace?

Two strategies to get it right first time

New IIoT system monitors corrosion in pipelines

Remote operation can be updated every 15 minutes

Watlow’s PM Plus has been upgraded

New app features Bluetooth connectivity