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A rundown of power-off brake design options

Mark Checkley gives a rundown of considerations to make when selecting brakes for robotic applications

Will robots take my manufacturing job?

The factory of the future has arrived

Game-changing winding process for lightweight design

New automated industrial equipment for manufacturing ultra-lightweight structures.

High-speed piezoelectric jet solutions

Robert Campbell reveals why piezoelectric jet valves represent a worthwhile investment

How VehiDome is solving automotive testing issues for future vehicles

Anders Vidhav introduces a new concept that’s shaping the testing and development of the vehicles of tomorrow

Latest composite trends

Composites expert Dr David Hughes discusses the latest trends

Helping small-scale and artisanal mining to fulfil their potential

Access, affordable, accessible: these are the three tenets of a conveyor system suitable for all mining operations, explains Darracq Shawe

High-performance seals for butterfly valves

Developing the new seals saw two companies draw up a list of technical targets

Power Entry Module with extended mounting options

The DD11 series of power entry modules are extremely compact and robust.

The secret benefits of PVD coatings

Discover the multiple benefits of physical vapour deposition

Is this the future for the rotary engine?

US military project could see the design flying high

Preventing piston rod buckling in hydraulic cylinders

Buckling is a sudden and unpredictable form of failure with serious consequences

UV LEDs can help in the COVID-19 fight - But vital considerations are needed

Xuesong Hu explores the best new opportunities for designing with LEDs

Fundamental physics collaboration

Fundamental physics collaboration brings significant benefits to academia and industry

Flex circuits versus wired - What’s better?

Travis Neumann answers a topical question in the field of connectors

3D printing in space

Sabrina Kerber shares what she learned from her astronaut mission

New quintuplex pump

Designed to extend pump service life through an optimized power end frame design

New engineering apprenticeship

University of Nottingham launches electro-mechanical engineering degree apprenticeship

Largest-ever turbine blade

The 75-inch last-stage blade will enable Hinkley Point C’s to produce 3.2GW of CO2 free power

Bugatti’s digital design speeding up the automotive industry

Bugatti’s pioneering digital design team uses 3D development to cut down on design time