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Overcoming obsolescence in chip manufacturing

How working with the right chip designer can help manufacturers avoid the problem of discontinuation

Integrated tool to measure carbon emissions

A new product will support decarbonisation in the process manufacturing industries

Enhancing productivity through effective data management

Shweta Saxena writes about an Iceland-based project which aims to optimise hauling journeys across the island through a data-driven platform

New common mode choke delivers superior performance

A new common mode choke promises higher performance with the same mechanical volume.

8 things you need to know about confocal displacement sensors

What to consider when specifying a non-contact confocal displacement sensor

Replacing offshore cranes

The two new Liebherr BOS 2600 cranes have been acquired by an integrated energy company located in Canada

Increasing resistor reliability

Maintenance tips to get the most from your resistor.

Green hydrogen: A strategic approach

Ensuring sustainable business within the maturing green hydrogen market.

New process replaces costly battery cell film wrapping

A new process for more efficient and reliable battery production has been unveiled.

GenAI: IP understanding is key to unlocking the potential of solar

How are GenAI and machine learning transforming the solar industry?

Vendor agnostic operations system for surface mining

A cloud-based platform allows operators to track people, vehicle and data sources in surface and open pit mines

The importance of testing for wind-farm maintenance

Director of load bank manufacturer Power Prove, Andrew Keith, explores how wind farm operators can save money and avoid downtime

Protecting drivers from mobile cranes

A mobile crane camera set-up alerts drivers to site hazards

The steps to upgrading a DCS system

How one food and biochemicals processing company embarked on a controlled, and carefully planned upgrade of its DCS infrastructure

New hybrid series poised to reshape metal 3D printing

A new multi-technology manufacturing platform promises enhanced precision, speed and material versatility

How to help a manufacturing ecosystem to meet green commitments

Sustainability has become a core business driver for many companies, here we look at how engineering giant Emerson is leading the way

Critical minerals locked away in produced water

Recent research reveals that a wealth of critical minerals is discarded along with water deemed too contaminated and costly to purify

Open technology operations for hydrogen systems

How open technology leads to the optimisation of hydrogen systems and a shortening of development cycles

Spotlight on manufacturing sensor innovations

New sensor equipment promises to increase efficiency for plant operators

Future proofed WLAN products will support WiFi 7

New Wi-Fi 7 standards are already leaving Wi Fi 6 in the dust; here we look at two interesting future-proofed WLAN products tested for this high throughput standard