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A Simple Solution to Your Gas Detection Needs

Keeping employees safe while at a worksite has always been a priority

New lab for oil & gas sector

Oil & gas industry to benefit from new permeation and ageing laboratory for composite pipe materials

Redefining process gas measurement

Robust ultrasonic gas flowmeter with integrated pressure and temperature sensors

Tidal turbine technology

The next big wave in tidal turbine braking systems

Technology reduces turbine fire risk

Ultrasonic tools help keep wind turbines fully operational and reduce the risk of fires

Managing Costs with Water Sub-metering and Energy Sub-Metering

To manage your Energy and Water costs you need to find out what’s flowing where in your facility

How To Perfect Your Solder Joint Formation

Improving your solder joint formation is a skill that takes time, understanding and maybe a few errors along the way

Where next for offshore wind?

Respected scientist John Olav Tande explores what’s in the pipeline for the offshore wind sector

Cool running

Sulzer cooling water turnkey system for EDF’s most advanced CCGT power plant

Carbon-zero truck engine

Zircotec helping to deliver truck engine revolution

The essentials of gas turbine cleaning

Martin Howarth reveals what you need to know about cleaning gas turbines

Outsourcing the next generation

Pete Trueman explains how new partnerships will form in light of changing emissions legislations

Making biogas sustainable

Biofertiliser use key to fulfilling biogas potential, explains Matt Hale

New smart sensor model

LMI Technologies adds new model to its series of 5-Megapixel 3D snapshot sensors

MCPD: what do I need to know?

Frequently asked questions about the MCPD and back-up generators

Slashing cold start time

Combined-cycle plant upgrades and unify nine disparate control systems in only 16 weeks

Flexible ultrasonic technology

Telsonic’s HandyStar Energy is ideal for prototypes and production

DME solution with a difference

The latest in disturbance monitoring equipment (DME) is a novel concept that provides utilities with an economical solution

Game-changer in grid technology

Advanced power electronics enable operators to control their system through cloud-based solution

Giving focus to big science

IRELEC has chosen Renishaw's Resolute UHV absolute encoder system