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Industry-first wireless BMS

The key advantage of a wireless BMS is its contribution to decreasing the weight of a vehicle

Oilfield Alternator Success Story

A customised alternator at a high humidity, sand-laden location for demanding applications

Streamlining PV testing

Simplyfying verification, performance and safety testing of photovoltaic systems

Reinforcing rubber with graphene nanotubes

New technology increases durability and conductivity of NBR

Customised solutions for robots

End-of-Arm-Tooling powered By Stäubli Fluid Connectors

AI speeds up battery analysis

Artificial Intelligence speeds up automated battery anode overhang analysis using X-ray CT

Next-gen air compressors

Next-generation fixed-speed smart industrial air compressors

Analysing Artificial Intelligence

Bao Le explores how digital transformation helps the oil and gas industry grow sustainably

Advanced Training Tool For Offshore Safety

Para-rescue pioneers who developed mobile offshore safety training launch innovative safety training system.

Scalable carbon capture

Unique partnership makes scalable carbon capture technology a reality

New injection systems

A comprehensive new range of injection systems applicable for new and future fuel powered engines including methanol and ammonia

Protecting Pipelines And People

Murray Peat discusses the UK’s expanding gas and oil network and the significant impact this will have on the long-term safety of staff working near these pipelines

Hydrogen: Converting The Industry Mindset

Faris Churcher explores how technological advances can leak-proof – and future-proof – the conversion process.

Metal fatigue and flaw detection with MPI

Jason De Silveira explaisn what you need to know about magnetic particle inspection

New gap filler pad

Delivering superior thermal conductivity and performance and offers ultra-soft conformability to combat uneven surfaces and air gaps

Managing High-Energy Pumps

Jennifer Cardillo discusses ensuring pump reliability in abrasive service

Talking Safety In Potentially Explosive Areas

Kathrin Geisler discusses new developments for safe communication in potentially explosive areas

Carbon-free power success story

Transformative initiative creates clean energy hub for western United States, extends digital foundation for green hydrogen production, storage and power generation

New inline process refractometer series

The products are designed to optimise industrial manufacturing processes

Smart Sampling Solution

A technical development that facilitates natural gas measurements