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Videoscope for underground utility vaults

New FLIR VS290-32 offers a dual-sensor videoscope for efficient industrial inspection

Wireless monitor boosts uptime

New Alfa Laval CM wireless condition monitor boosts process uptime while protecting plant equipment

Improved uptime for refinery

Celeros Flow Technology improves environmental performance and uptime at European oil refinery

New mass flow meters

Large flow capacity XFM mass flow meters announced by Aalborg

AM for energy

Additive manufacturing (AM) solutions for energy and oil & gas industries

New industrial 3D printers

Zmorph unveils its latest generation of industrial 3D printers

68Te transformer delivered

Collett & Sons deliver a 68Te transformer from Slovenia to Tilbury Substation

What are AI and 3D printing doing for medicine?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are adapting engineering techniques

New turbopumps

High performance combined with low weight and small footprint

A step towards advanced nuclear

Two industry experts team up to introduce a new power production and storage system

Bearing materials made with solar energy

Vesconite Bearings intends to take advantage of South Africa’s high levels of solar radiation

China's drive for cleaner mining

What China is doing to clean up Its rare-earth mining industry

Switching regulators have 3 x output current

Switching regulators with increased current from RPMH high input voltage

UK's journey to automation

Why the UK manufacturing sector must automate to compete internationally

Biogas upgrading success

Upgrading biogas to biomethane success

No barrier to safer working

Specialist technology partnership for safer wind energy working

On the edge

Tim Bissett reveals what you need to know about working in leading edge applications

IoT electronics solution

Delivering the benefits of IoT without the complications

Heat storage in solar plants

Tim Bruewer details optimal thermal management for the use of molten salt in solar thermal power plants

Solar power in the Antarctic

Dominic Buergi explains how, against all odds, a fully functioning photovoltaic system has been installed in the Antarctic