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Applying automation

Can all aspects of manufacturing reap the benefits of automation?

Innovative sealing system launched

New valve packing system reduces fugitive emissions and enhances safety of pipelines

Benefits of VR/AR

Stephen Hayes reveals how PC control can integrate these technologies in one software

Lone but not alone

When it comes to ensuring safety for lone workers, is real-time data important for gas detection programmes?

Green-tech testing

Mining giant opts for sustainable technology that enables metal extraction in the Atacama desert without the use of nitrogen oxide

Planning for the future

Avoid breaching planning conditions using cloud-based environmental monitoring, says Jaymee-lee Tolliday

Two new wire tracers

Delivering superior accuracy and safety when locating electric cables in walls, ceilings and floors

Next-gen DC-DC converter

The unit creates DC voltages in hybrid and electric vehicles

New electro-pneumatic pressure regulators

Ideal for applications that require tight pressure tolerance and centralised control and monitoring

Safe transmitting

Matthew Youngs presents the key considerations for using wireless telemetry systems in hazardous environment

Take a load off

Improved hauling telematics system takes a load off the operator’s mind

Next-level live monitoring

Sven Eric Schmaljohann discusses an ex-protected gateway for advanced area monitoring

Considering coatings?

Achieve faster installation and less downtime with temporary coatings for flanges

FMUT fabrication begins

Fabrication starts on Van Oord's flange monopile upending tool

Specialist coatings for vehicles

Specialised coatings help vehicles beat the heat and resist wear and tear

Batching system considerations

Gain-in-weight versus loss-in-weight batching systems: what are the pros and cons? Jessica Stank offers expert guidance on selecting the appropriate batching system for your needs

Back on track

R. Todd Swinderman explores what happens when conveyor belt mistracking becomes actionable

Preventing valve failures

Self-cleaning technology is key to addressing control valve failure

Problem-solving pump project

A straightforward solution to a complex problem: targeted pump refurbishment that achieves 50% cost saving

Fire protection for new fuels

Ilona Šimoníková discusses alternative fuels and their utilisation regarding fire and explosion protection