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Perfect Harmony with Synchronous Stabilisation

An interesting project on the Faroe Islands is showcasing the use of synchronous condenser (SC) technology to aid grid stabilisation efforts

Cutting corrosion at WtE plants

Following the US government’s call for development of ‘novel corrosion-resistant materials’ to improve waste-to-energy processes, what happens next?

A burning passion

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day in the company of two women combustion engineers

Drones to start work inspecting gas pipes in Virginia

There’s over 5,500 miles of pipes across Hampton Roads, northern James and New Kent Counties

Compact new solenoid valves

Compact solenoid valves for use in explosive atmospheres and with fuel gases

Powering Digital Transformation With A Safer Design

Tom Baldwin explains how intrinsically safe technology is paving the way for digital transformation in the power sector

The Final Frontier: Focusing On Fusion

With the appeal of fusion to provide a low-cost zero carbon energy, Tony Roulstone details the difficult road to commercialisation

Pre-driver for high power

Smart LIN motor pre-driver assists high power mechatronic miniaturisation

Remote Monitoring For Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Designed for any belt cleaner using a polyurethane blade

Screw compressor with direct drive

New screw compressor with direct drive and 90 kW output for F&B, textile, automotive, other large manufacturing industries

Design in the digital age

How form, fit & function testing fits into the growing digital era

Robotic snake success

Laser-welding snake solves fusion energy pipework challenge

Wind gearbox repair analysis

Analysis of the wind gearbox repair process

Supporting A Sustainable Future

Laura Hall & Somaieh Salehpour detail the coatings innovations that are helping to future-proof the wind sector

Technology On Trial With Reducing Carbon Emissions

National Grid is trialling two new innovative projects to cut harmful environmental emissions

New 3D printing machines

Farsoon launches four new models for the industrial production of parts

Powerful software monitoring tool

Procentec’s big product release at Hannover Messe 2022 is SNAP IE, an incredibly powerful software monitoring tool

Mix And Match Sensors Boost Safety

Integrated automated sensors warn of problems while minimising risk to mine workers

How To Manage Hydropower

Nicola Curtis discusses the role of flow control within renewable energy systems

Keeping Pace With Demand

Patrick Welz discusses matching feed water pump designs with advances in gas fired power plants