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Advanced wear protection for mines and quarries

Increase plant lifetime and reduce costs with Welding Alloys’ preventative maintenance solutions

Lightweight manufacturing in the rail industry

TRB collaborating on major UK rail projects

This is what some in the auto industry are doing to fight the COVID-19 virus

Plants may be closing for car production, but engineers work on

Precise and repeatable quantity control with Iris® diaphragm control valves

In wastewater treatment plants with activated sludge processes, up to 60% of the total required energy is consumed for the input of atmospheric oxygen into the aeration basins. This offers huge potential for energy savings and process optimisation in many plants.

Laser triangulation sensors measure lateral position of rail bogie wheels

Laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure lateral position of rail bogie wheels relative to the track in groundbreaking ActiWheel project

Keeping brush DC motors low cost

Increasing EMC requirements are driving up the cost of low-priced, but noisy brush DC motors: monolithic EMI filters can reverse the trend

Self-healing materials and the automotive industry

How far are self-healing vehicles from becoming a reality? Ben Smye investigates

Choosing the right industrial spring

Justin Lawrence on choosing the right material for industrial springs

Cortez Subsea to lay mechanically connected pipeline

Cortez Subsea mobilised the Grand Canyon II offshore vessel for its project to lay the first ever subsea pipeline using mechanical connectors offshore Malaysia.

Using neutrons and X-rays to analyse the ageing of lithium batteries

An international team has used neutron and X-ray tomography to investigate the dynamic processes that lead to capacity degradation at the electrodes in lithium batteries

Benefits of black oxide finish

Black oxide finish has a long tradition. It forms a protective layer for steel parts such as bearings. David Schaljo explains its advantages

Ultrasonic welding trials with 3D printing technology

Martin Frost discusses fast-tracking ultrasonic welding trials using 3D printing technology

Functional Safety Design

Paul Levy on enabling equipment developers to tackle functional safety and security challenges.

What are the possibilities surrounding design for additive manufacturing?

Support generation, assembly consolidation and topology optimisation can all benefit through a focus on design for additive manufacturing (DfAM)

What do the automation levels mean for self-driving cars?

Here is an explanation of the different levels of autonomy

The world’s first large-scale, fossil-free method of steel production

ABB helps maximize energy efficiency at future fossil-free steel pilot

What does COVID-19 mean for industry?

Here’s a review of the latest news

New series of double ridge waveguide electromechanical relay switches

The new switches feature broadband multi-octave frequency coverage spanning 6.5 GHz to 40

New packaging underpins brand security

Engineering adhesives manufacturer, Henkel, has introduced new packaging to thwart those who seek to imitate its products.

Adhesive enables better cosmetic packaging

The new epoxy-based adhesive Vitralit UC 6025 from Panacol optimises automated assembly processes.