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Automobili Pininfarina’s hypercar development advances

Wind tunnel work suggest the original 450km range will be greatly surpassed

The three emerging technologies transforming manufacturing in 2019

What can we expect to see making changes to our lifestyles this year?

How to select actuators for warehouse robots

Robots need to have grippers that can hold items without causing damage

Taking AM beyond the prototype stage

Can 3D printing be used in the manufacture of safety critical vehicle parts?

Acoustic sensor mimics bat-like echolocation

New Toposens unit is designed for robotic applications

Column sampling system sniffs out VOCs

Vaporised sample can be preconcentrated using a trap for automated detection

Learn how to build an enclosure

Keeping electronics safe requires careful thought and planning

How to extend compactor lifespan

These useful machines are subject to harsh conditions

Transducers wirelessly check torque

Medical manufacturer upgrades capping process

Analogue tape recording machine gets an upgrade

Specialist bearings get used to ensure successful wow flutter test

Synchro/LVDT simulation/acquisition module launched

Highland Technology debuts 12-channel benchtop synchro/LVDT unit

Software upgrades speed predictive maintenance response

New AMS Machinery Manager specification has a priority filter function

Apply by Friday for free show attendance

Got an innovation to promote at the UK’s largest annual engineering event?

Sample packs for peristaltic pumps

WMFTG offers a new way of matching hose material to pumped fluids

New radar level transmitter for liquids

This measures through condensation, turbulent surfaces or foam

NASA & MIT Unveil New Wing Design

NASA, MIT, a team of researchers from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania, and the firm Qualified Technical Services have been experimenting with a new type of wing construction designed to flex in response to its flight requirements.

AI gains traction across different sectors

Air travel, education, building and city planning all see benefits

New valve aimed at hygienic applications

This double-seat mix-proof unit has internal sensors

Preparing Ethernet for Industry 4.0

How Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) can support manufacturers

Scanner gets a software upgrade

New feature creates 3D models for easier visualisation





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