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Miniature PCB relays launched

The G8K series ultra-miniature devices for short-term switching in applications such as automotive comfort electronics

Robot arm encoder range expands

The encoder range will cover all the typical sizes required in arms, from small end effectors at the end of the arm to the upper shoulder joints

'World’s first' demo plant for large-scale electrically heated steam crackers

The plant’s technology reportedly has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 90%.

Versatile new distance sensor

Next-generation distance sensor – An ‘all-rounder’ with countless possibilities

Five new dewatering pumps

Used throughout mining and civil engineering schemes, dewatering pumps are vital to keeping projects running to time

ROV Breakthrough

5G wireless, long-distance control of subsea robots has been achieved

Rugged touchscreen technology

Large interactive passenger information displays take advantage of rugged touchscreen technology

“Revolutionary” EV battery pack technology cuts costs and development time

The platform significantly reduces cost and time to market for EV manufacturers.

Maximising thermal hydrolysis production

Pumping and storing sludge cake during the wastewater treatment process can be costly, driving water companies to technologies that reduce their volume to minimise such costs

World-scale blue ammonia plant with record single-train capacity given go ahead in Qatar

The new single-train plant will have a record capacity of 3,500 metric tons per day.

Segregation solution

Method to manage segregation in hoppers, silos and stockpiles

Low friction composite bearing

Reduces friction and increases wear performance for use in bearing, wear ring, and bushing applications

Space-saving right-angle solution

The integration of power systems and associated cable assemblies must be secure, cost-effective, and space-saving

Why Headlamps Are Critical PPE

By supplying intrinsically safe lighting products, oil and gas facilities can enhance worker safety without worrying about dangerous settings

Networking Opportunity

Kathrin Geisler on driving 5G innovation for hazardous industry environments

Enhancing renewable power plant control capabilities

DNV’s GreenPowerMonitor is leveraging hardware-in-the-loop simulation to enhance the control capabilities for renewable power plants.

Gas Measurement Advances

Correlative measurement systems master uncertain times, says Florian Krischker

Utilising Clever Composite

Subsea maintenance? Use composite, advises Jean-François Ribet

Security without downtime: Network segmentation

W&T has added the Microwall Bridge to its range of industrial firewalls for isolating network components during continuous operation.

Remote well-monitoring technology delivers real-time production data

Hiber’s HiberHilo uses satellite IoT connectivity to deliver data-driven insights for remote well-monitoring.