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Redefining power supply standards

The series is available in a variety of output voltages ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electronic devices and systems

Innovation for the heavy duty off-road sector

A fully functional fleet is vital to the success of an enterprise, and advanced fluid management is key to achieving this

Challenges in the automotive NVH industry

Dr Stefan Maxl outlines the challenges of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) present across the automotive industry

Wireless telemetry used to monitor hard-to-reach machinery

Ensuring that maintenance happens at the right time and with minimal disruption is key for many industrial engineers

Advancement in natural stone processing machinery

Pedrini was able to enhance existing machines, gaining the benefits of this industrial-grade wireless communication, without the need to design new machines

New solution for enhanced AI vision applications

Expanding the possibilities for visual AI applications, particularly in smart manufacturing and smart cities

Driving productivity and sustainability through digitalisation

Jaime Laguna examines how innovative solutions are helping build digital capabilities at scale.

How magnetite formation can help protect industrial boilers

Growing magnetite as a protective layer can useful but the process needs to be carefully managed, here we explore how

Carbon fibre-piezo composites usher in new sensor era

A novel flexible device, merging piezoelectric composites with unidirectional carbon fibre, transforms kinetic energy from human motion into electricity

Stay cool with innovative 3D-printing technology

Nathan Rawlings examines additive manufacturing innovations in thermal management

The benefits of stainless steel coiled spring pins

Michael Pasko explores the advantages of employing 420 chrome stainless steel coiled spring pins across diverse applications

New extruder simplifies industrial processes

A new extruder promises to optimise the output of continuous products

Flexible batch control has gone mainstream

An expert look at how flexible batch-control software compares with state-based alternatives

Harnessing the power of friction welding

Katherine Nowill unveils the many advantages of friction welding

Chameleons inspire new multicolour 3D-printing technology

Is it possible to 3D-print multiple dynamic colours from a single ink? New research has proven this to be the case

Torque sensor with separate sensing head can probe deep into machinery

The sensing head can fit into very confined spaces, and the electronics can be located in a position where they are protected from physical damage

Technology to deep clean hard to reach infrastructure

This automated system provides error-free cleaning of tubular food conveyors

Elevating textile testing

A powerful synergy between cutting-edge technology and textile testing expertise

Low head knurled thumb screw meets DIN standard

The latest iteration features a wider, low-profile head, offering enhanced functionality and compatibility across diverse applications

Why contaminant detectors are essential for the safe production of pet food

Detection equipment can help ensure pet food complies with both hygiene and contaminant standards