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Article archive

Great results from retrofitting pumps

How to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions

Bearings case study

Cameroon palm oil producer prototypes Hitemp 150 hanger bearings

New gate valves

Increased reliability and greater cost savings from new valve series

Materials Mystery

Samir Jaber describes how nanomaterials remain a mystery, with both pros and cons

Wave Springs or Coil Springs

Simon Ward offers a comparison of wave springs and round wire coil springs

The Merits of Mini Motors

Clémence Muron on optimising compact linear motion applications with mini motors

Space-age Sensor

How do you design sensors that can work equally well on two planets?

Reinventing Electronics Design

Remy Lörtscher on the cost-optimised customisation of embedded solutions

A Close Cooperation

Benjamin Brumec details how a collaborative approach enabled the design of a customised connectors solution

Finishing Fluids for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Elizabeth Norwood explains how a correctly selected debinding solution helps advance design and production

Advanced technology jetting system

New jetting technology gives manufacturers next-level production control

New testing and laboratory centre

The new customer experience centre focuses on material separation

Designing for the Digital Age

Michael Mende discusses the emergence of a new generation of calibration systems created for the digital sensor age

Is this the future for EV chassis architecture?

Novel flexible battery lay out gives manufacturers body options

First Line of Defence

Jonathan Machin on the importance of operational technology security

Disrupting EV Design

Mark Simon introduces a novel design that overhauls the traditional ‘skateboard’ battery arrangement for EVs

Tackling T&M together

How engineers are meeting the test & measurement challenges of today’s electronics landscape

How to predict drone movements

Could statistical techniques and radar data make our skies safer?

Why outsource your SAM testing?

Outsourcing offers a cost-effective solution for expert quality testing and failure analysis

Advanced rotary surface grinders

To combat the loss of seasoned operators, job shops are turning to automated surface grinders