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Antimicrobial technology for water-based coatings

LapisShield helps to protect treated surfaces from various sources of microbial degradation.

New series of airflow monitors

Intuitively adjustable airflow monitors with G1/2 thread for zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas

Bridging the Prototyping To Production Gap

Léonie Hilsdon & Mark Elvy on going beyond design validation with 3D printing

Reaching New Heights

NASA gives boost to “hybrid” circulators, launching mmWave systems higher than ever before

Patent opens door for solid-state deep cooling thermal management

A new class of solid-state thermal management systems has been made possible by a new patent.

Smart textiles: transforming the everyday

Chris Hunter and Mark Sugden explore innovation in smart textiles

Cooling for power electronics

Cool your power semiconductor reliably with the compact HZ210 active heat sink

New modular lightweight connector

For versatile, adaptable electrical connections between the main functions of the rail vehicle electrical traction chain

Circuit board coating solutions

Protecting electronic assemblies against harmful environmental factors such as moisture, corrosion, chemicals, dust and vibration

Fully charged vehicle battery tests

A new high-force, water-cooled shaker platform for EV battery vibration and shock testing has been launched.

Retaining Ring Requirements

Justin Lawrence discusses enhancing security in high RPM applications

How virtual reality is revolutionising automotive design

Hayley Everett finds out how virtual reality (VR) technology is transforming the automotive design process at Hyundai

Looking Ahead With Future-Focused Polymers

Phillip Guinness in this article explores the future of polyurethanes in relation to the new regulations that have been adopted.

Non-invasive AI performance solution for injection moulding machines

The software allows rejects and downtimes to be quickly minimised.

Graphene nanotubes offer advanced properties to meet EV battery pack standards

Graphene nanotubes make it possible to preserve high thermal and chemical resistance together with stable electrical conductivity.

Hydrogen plant contractor selected

Yokogawa selected as MAC for construction of Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant

New leak detector launched

Latest solution to prevent gases flowing out of pipes

Robots Introduced

Innovative metal AM post-processing technology

Design and Manufacture of Miniature Motors

Sunil Kumar on answering customer-driven needs in miniature motor design and development

Heavy lift crane completes first offshore projects

The first two offshore missions in the wind energy sector took place at the German wind farm Arcadis Ost 1 and the French wind farm Fécamp