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Automotive Europe 2024: Mobility transition, software-defined vehicles, smart charging & AI

Summarising the latest news, trends and innovations in automotive

Electrochemistry helps clean up precious metals

New research shows how an electrochemical technique can be used to extract precious metals from discarded electronics in an efficient and eco-friendly manner

Water wheel benefits from finely tuned gearbox

A new gearbox provides good alignment and reduces power loss

New material to keep wind turbines afloat

Floating wind turbines are a viable alternative to those with fixed anchors, here we explore how they work

Dürr equips the top coat line for Audi electric vehicles

Mechanical and plant engineering company Dürr produced its 18,000th painting robot for Audi in Ingolstadt

Delivering precise automation configuration for valves

Successful actuator sizing and instrumentation engineering according to customer specification takes time and resources. Trust is essential when relying on a 3rd party to automate your valve. When do you know you can proceed with confidence in the partner you have chosen?

Surface protection solutions company sees pipeline growth opportunities

In an interview, the CEO and President revealed that IGS' sales pipeline opportunities have doubled over the past year

Monitoring solar flares

Scottish Power manages solar flares with new a new monitoring solution

Transforming operations at the Sanshandao gold mine

A two-boom face drill rig has set a new drilling record in China

Nanocellular graphene amplifies battery capacity

Mechanically robust nanocellular graphene could help improve the efficiency of sodium-ion batteries

Is the rail industry on track for net zero?

Government and industry need to create a long-term strategy for decarbonisation of rail, according to industry experts

New nozzle for spray applications in tight quarters

For spraying processes where space is at a premium

Conveying problems explained and answered

Despite fitting thicker, heavier belts, we continue to have to replace belts too frequently because of rip and impact damage. What is the best solution? Rob van Oijen investigates

Energy companies use twin technology to bolster infrastructure

How can AI digital twins help climate-proof our energy infrastructure? Siobhan Doyle speaks to Taco Engelaar who delves into its potential.

Process heaters are indispensable in fight against climate change

Dennis Long, chief system designer at industrial technology manufacturer, Watlow, explores how process heaters can facilitate decarbonisation efforts

Tele-remote innovation paves way for autonomous loaders

A battery-electric underground loader now features an advanced tele-remote system with autonomous functionalities

Extreme E series boasts carbon-neutral status

Electrification lies at the heart of the cars competing in adolescent motorsport series Extreme E but there is a new player in town, Siobhan Doyle reports

Perspectives and strategies for achieving net zero in aviation

A panel of experts discuss the current landscape and future trajectory of net zero aviation in the UK

Smart glasses redefine safety standards for frontline miners

Operational safety, trained workers and efficient mining processes result in less downtime and higher productivity, Benedikt Eckert argues

Insights into copper demand for car electrification

A deep dive into how car electrification and battery chemistries affect copper demand