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Updates to simulation portfolio

New features improve cloud elasticity/scalability, electrification capabilities, and product development decision-making

Range of high-power amplifiers expanded

New line of RF amplifiers supports numerous broadband applications

Innovative permanent magnet brake

New powerful permanent magnet brake is optimised for use in servo motors

Configurable new power supplies

Specifically designed for field mounting in automation applications

Valves for exacting applications

Proportional valves offer superior precision, flow and power consumption

Laser scanner selected to measure coil springs

The compact 3D laser profile scanner was chosen to measure wire diameter of coil springs

PCIM Europe 2023

Positive outlook for the leading exhibition and conference for power electronics

Automation solution for Kuwait plant

The system withstands the harsh weather, like dust and moisture, which are typical for this region

New industrial catalyst management services

Catalysts are used in many processing operations and their optimised operation has a direct effect on catalyst performance, production and process lifetime

Partnership to enable visual inertial odometry

Movella has formed a partnership with precise positioning sensor manufacturer Fixposition to accelerate the development and commercialization of GNSS inertial navigation sensors that implement visual inertial odometry.

Taking A New Approach By Reinventing Nuclear

In an exclusive interview, Götz Ruprecht explains the novel process behind a new type of nuclear reactor

No Room For Error

When it comes to confined space entry, think beyond the obvious, advises Alfonso Fernandez

Gas choke valve success story

Stuart Billingham details five years of faultless operation in Australian project

New Optical Inspection System

Sensor technology providing out-of-the-box surface characterisation and reporting of multi-layered, textured, mixed and other precision-manufactured materials.

AI-powered EV charging system

An innovative platform featuring artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and seamless integration with energy infrastructure

Supporting Next-Gen Gas Turbines

Pumps enable high-efficiency operation at new gas-fired power station

New analytics software for automating clean-in-place applications

New technology replaces error-prone manual record keeping and monitors energy and utilities parameters, improving efficiency and productivity.

Plugging The Hole: Lessening Leakage

Tim Elsome explains why now is the time to tackle biogas leakage

Contractor Is Crushing It

Swedish firm benefits from cone crusher technology. We talk to Benth Winqvist to turn his decade long side project into a successful business.

Oil & gas cyber security considerations

Building cyber resilience in an interconnected world