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Designing for AR HUD

Considerations when designing augmented reality head-up displays for the automotive sector

Here’s a new range of environmentally-friendly compostable trays

Could these replace plastic in food packaging?

How will advanced analytics and AI drive development in industrial machine control?

These smart technologies are extending traditional machine control architectures with more enhanced data processing, learning and decision-making capacity.

Temperature control for the semiconductor industry

Thermoelectric process thermostats for the semiconductor industry from -20 to 90 °C

What does the last UK budget mean for electric vehicles?

These are the plans, pandemic permitting

Compact models of hydraulic generators launched

New super compact models of the Dynaset hydraulic generator were introduced in recently

New partnership to enable next generation safety training

RelyOn Nutec, a leading provider of multi-service safety training and Identec Solutions team up to create a state-of-the-art experience for onshore and offshore crisis management training.

Dual 316SS cabinet coolers with digital control resist heat and corrosion

Exair's new Dual 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler® Systems with ETC (Electronic Temperature Control)

Laser sintering used for drones fighting Covid-19

Emergency UAV help fighting Covid-19 powered by Farsoon laser sintering technology

Geared motors on the high seas

The Hedinn Protein Plant (HPP) fish meal production system is one of the most modern of its type and is used on a factory trawler in the German deep-sea fishing fleet. Drive solutions from Nord Drivesystems provide ultimate levels of operational reliability and keep the machines running 24/7

How to sample heat transfer fluids safely

Here’s a beginner’s guide to the correct PPE

Innovative hybrid solutions for marine applications

The electric drive is at the heart of this environmentally friendly system, running totally emission-free and generating no noise at all

Cost-effective MEMS sensors deliver increased performance and reliability

New liquid flow sensors offer high-accuracy, low-maintenance replacement for mechanical turbine devices

Measuring aspheric lenses

Doris Knauer reveals how a hexapod positions test object and calibration sphere in an interferometer

What is the UK subsea industry doing to help in the fight against COVID-19?

Those already supplying breathing apparatus are well placed to adapt technology

Collaboration to develop Coronavirus PPE

Oil and gas industry innovators join physician to provide protection for healthcare workers

Protective face shields for NHS to be made by Ricardo

Ricardo is set to manufacture bespoke face shields for use by key workers in the NHS and UK care homes

ROVS benefit from 3D printing technology

Underwater ROV propelled by Farsoon Flight technology

Taking control with sensorless closed loop control

Mark Checkley explains why machine builders should consider sensorless closed loop control to give their machine a competitive advantage.

COVID-19: An update from the auto industry

The transforming of production facilities is being ramped up