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New EV concept car

The AVINYA Concept introduces a new a typology of mobility that liberates enormous roominess and comfort, not restricted by traditional segmentation

Next-Gen Rupture Discs

Michael Hunt discusses advances in low burst pressure rupture disc technology

Why Choose NIR Technology?

For the fertiliser industry, measuring and controlling moisture content is critical to ensure product quality and efficient production

Chemical resistance benefits of graphene

Graphene nanoplatelets outperform traditional protective additives in latest testing

Manually-activated mooring release

Innovative new manually-activated quick mooring release greatly reduces rick of injury and damage

Finessing Finishing

Innovative new consumables offer simple steps to improve mass finishing results, sustainability and efficiency

Couplings Seal The Deal

Success story for couplings used in capping and filling machines

Forging ahead

Machine shop uses forging press to reduce costs

New drivers for digitizers

Huge variety of 64 different PCIe-cards available to tool up the NVIDIA Clara developer PC

Improved maintenance inspections

Major energy supplier revolutionises electrical maintenance inspections with partial discharge detection

A Breath of Fresh Compressed Air

Exploring the wide-ranging use of compressed air in the food sector

Putting PFPE-Based Formulas To The Test

Adam Reinitz assesses whether premium lubricants can permanently eliminate noise, vibration and harshness issues

Pumps expert enters the peristaltic market

The new pump delivers large flow rates at a wide range of pressures

Power inductors for automotive applications

A new series of metal power inductors high-temperature applications of up to 150 °C

Powering mining machinery

Can battery-powered equipment withstand the elements?

Virtual Engineering

Claire Lloyd discusses the challenges and opportunities of virtual engineering for determining the optimum installation torque

High-power interconnect solutions

High-power interconnect solutions up to 16W in Single-mode optical fiber

Semiconductor software upgrade

Upgrade to substrate coupling analysis tool to include BCD-on-SOI process

Polymer injection pumps success

Three years on: Hydra-Cell pumps save 21,000t of polymer and over $¼million in maintenance

Metrology In The Modern World

Dr Peter J. de Groot examines an important subject: the role of metrology in Industry 4.0