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Power to the people

How proper inventory management can improve operations for those working in the power gen industry

Actuator abilities in automation

Sarah Kellet explains how electric actuators deliver reliable automation at renewable energy power plants

Electric actuators ensure SIL 2

As biofuels become increasingly popular in Scandinavian power plants, their complex and variable nature imposes extra challenges for equipment – including valve actuators.

Around 50 valves in the straw-fired power plant in Lisbjerg, Denmark are fitted with latest-generation SA electric actuators from the German manufacturer AUMA. All the actuators are centrally controlled via Profibus DP V1 communications. Featuring intelligent autodiagnostics, the actuators facilitate predictive maintenance and asset management.

Bright forecast

Achieving grid stability thanks to accurate solar energy online feed in and forecasts

Creative solution for complex problem

Nuclear facility benefits from using a composite insert bonded into a pipe to fix its severe corrosion issue

Faster nuclear fusion work

Case study showing how advanced technology is speeding up MRO at the world’s largest nuclear fusion facility

Sustainable supply solutions

French biogas plant relies on Bredel hose pumps for hot abrasive slurry handling

Toasting success of brewery’s energy scheme

Skol Brewery Rwanda transforms wastewater into green energy to profitably benefit the African environment

Safer heavy lifting

Two companies have cooperated to create an industry-first innovation allowing workers safe and efficient access to install the jackets for 84 wind turbines on the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm project in the Outer Moray Firth.

Offshore contractor Seaway Heavy Lifting awarded the EPCI contract to Ampelmann to design and create an angular boom tip. This will allow secure connection at difficult angles for safe gangway transfer between the 5,000 tonne heavy lift vessel (HLV) Oleg Strashnov and the 2,500 tonne HLV Stanislav Yudin to install 84 individual wind turbines.

Giants of industry

In a UK offshore wind premiere, the first of a range of gigantic suction bucket jacket foundations have installed at an offshore wind centre

Asset protection

Stephen Pratt explains how safety-critical systems in the power engineering industry are getting ‘smart’ when it comes to fire detection and protection

Smart approach to turbine technology

Jason Horton discusses how to maximise the productivity and minimise the costs associated with wind turbines

CHP ensures a healthy energy mix

Case study on the modernisation of the energy supply concept at Germany’s University of Göttingen and the University Medical School

Revolutionary renovation

Energy from waste plant generator restored to ‘as-new’ performance levels in flawless overhaul

The quiet revolutions

Minimising yaw brake noise on wind turbine generators

Making smart grids even smarter

Richard Irwin explains why combining machine learning with the IIoT and engineering models could revolutionise asset management in the electric power industry

Collaborative enterprise

Louise Smyth reports from an event in Italy that saw a power industry expert launch a new collaborative operating model that could shake up power gen operations

Driving progress

UK consortium will trial electric-vehicle-to-grid projects

Building Information Modelling makes progress

Great Wall Motors Company’s car factory in Russia shows the future of large scale builds

A small gateway for serial data

The design targets the IoT




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