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Strengthening the supplier-engineer bond

How to minimise project disruption due to trade instability

Product launches from Chainway

News from the International Internet of Things Exhibition

How to deliver the world’s largest crane

Collett took the Sarens SGC-250 to the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant site in Somerset, England

BLO monitors meet Fire Class A2-s1,d0/ EN 13501-1 standard

October 2019 sees the launch of the new series of BLO monitors from Display Technology.

The only 1939 Corniche ever made rides again

How new technology revived a long-dead Bentley

What are the benefits of modular industrial systems?

Here, Ian Brett from Novotel considers integrating a display

What Are The Efficiency Gains In Decommissioning Turbines?

As with any rapidly developing market sector, oil & gas decommissioning inevitably comes with major potential and major risk.

The Demand For Fibre Optic Cabling

As automation continues to expand into diverse industrial sectors, the demand for multi-channel fibre optic cable is following suit.

The Benefits Of Robust Pump Technology

When it comes to toxic fluid handling at offshore pump facilities, Thomas Neumann explains how robust pump technology minimises the risk of leakage when pumping condensate mixtures

How To Recover Energy In Crude Oil Pipelines

In some oil pipelines, pressure reduction systems are installed to guarantee a safe operation of converting kinetic energy into heat, but could it also be turned into electricity?

How To Prevent Pipeline Theft

Pipeline theft is a serious global problem and one that has been on the rise for the past few years. In terms of pipeline integrity, thefts are one of the largest risks that can be hard to prevent without strategic focus.

How To Prevent Dropped Object Hazards

Dropped object (DO) incidents present a major safety risk within both on- and offshore oil & gas environments. Rob Schlipper details how to choose a cost-effective barrier to dropped object risk.

Using Big Data Technology In Oil

Louise Smyth meets technology innovator, Dr Nikhil Shah, who is looking to disrupt oil exploration big data technology

The UK Engineering Marketplace is here

At some point almost every manufacturing business faces the same question about its product range: ‘do we make it, buy it off-the-shelf or find a subcontract supplier?’

Hyundai’s latest features a solar roof charging system

The new Sonata Hybrid is the first of many from the Korean manufacturer

Is the defence industry the most demanding for motors?

Small motors in bomb disposal machines and breathing apparatus are life savers

How to install cooling towers in a commercial building

Cooling towers keep equipment going for longer saving on maintenance

Tackling The Issues Of Entrained Gas

Coriolis mass flowmeters are increasingly specified for entrained gas applications and although they have challenges, leading Coriolis manufacturers have developed technologies that enable their meters to work with two-phase flow. Frank Grunert explains more.

How To Improve Shale Gas Well Pressure Stability

Liam Jones details how electric actuators powered by solar panels improve shale gas well pressure stability in USA

How Smart Screw Jacks Assist In Maintaining The Tension In Subsea Cable Laying

For submarine cable laying, maintaining tension in the cable within required tolerances is critical during the laying process to minimise the risk of cable damage due to cable cores being crushed or the minimum bend radius being exceeded.





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