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What you need to know about conveyor hazards

Recognising the hazards is a key step toward preventing conveyor-related injuries, explains Daniel Marshall

Cost-efficient conveyor systems

Belt conveyors instead of trucks: an efficient alternative? It's a question of costs...

New type of nuclear reactor to be developed in UK

Jacobs has been selected by Moltex Energy to support its development of a new type of nuclear power plant

New diagnostic tools

Virtual launch for diagnostic tools for industrial network maintenance

How can we get fuel from waste?

Renewable gas fuel from dairy farms goes mainstream in California

The price of fire safety for the mining industry

Can mines really afford hundreds of millions of dollars in fire damage?

An integrated approach in the mining industry

Andrea Bartoli says mining safety systems need to talk to each other so they can deliver the best possible performance

Rising to the vertical roller mill challenge amidst coronavirus

David Marshall reveals how a welding specialist was able to succesfully undertake a complex repair project during the Covid-19 pandemic

Gas booster benefits

Innovative electric-powered units offer high-pressure, high flow rates along with advanced capabilities beyond traditional pneumatic and hydraulic units

Adaptive technology meets demand

Celeste Piercey details how innovative technologies conquer the challenges of the modern mine

Industry 4.0 project embracing wireless comms

Expert partnership to provide private LTE wireless services to Vale Industry 4.0 project

A spring coupling challenge

Exploring coupling design for one of the world’s largest haul trucks

Off-road machine revolution thanks to IoT systems

IoT systems herald new era of innovation for off-road machines, explains Joakim Wåhlstrand Hansson

Rugged touchscreen technology for rock-solid reliability

How rugged touchscreens are helping improve quarry efficiency

Ørsted launches immersive safety programme

Leading renewable energy company Ørsted has opened its immersive safety training programme

Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzle

3/8 NPT FullStream liquid nozzle for cooling, washing and rinsing

Photovoltaic harness cuts solar cabling costs

Each harness is sized and manufactured on a bespoke basis

Contact tracing for the oil and gas industry

A contact tracing feature helping operators to keep their staff safe and operations running during a global pandemic.

This is how AI is accelerating vaccine research

And what it means for future Intellectual property rights

Surface mining technology success

Indian company deploys surface miner technology at a coal mine in the state of Odisha