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New Wi-Fi 6E components

Providing robust and efficient wireless data transmission

Autonomous haul trucks

Autonomous haul trucks added to fleet in Western Australia

Convenient coating

Biobased outdoor coating: seeking renewability and rust prevention in remote locations

Efficient decommissioning

FPSO decommissioned in environmentally responsible, record-breaking project

Compact new cameras

The cameras are ideal for verifying the correct shape and positioning during robot dispensing of glue beads in consumer goods assembly

RF connector line expands

The new, specially designed 30-degree solderless connector jack family is perfect for small enclosures and tight space constraints

The EV acceleration

How metals and mining companies can sustainably meet growing demand from the electric vehicle sector

Analysing alloys

Energy security fears drives demand for high-performance alloys, explains Rodney Rice

On the right path

Meiko Martin reveals the power of path planning for mining operations

New benzene monitor on display

Benzene limits have been lowered continuously in recent years, therefore, it is essential for companies to implement safety measures

Exploring explosion protection

Discussion of explosion protection techniques for hazardous areas

Minimising risk

Mining-certified mobile devices protect workers by supporting operators with data collection and documentation, explains Kathrin Geisler

New vacuum pump

Featuring a compact and hygienic design and reduced heat emissions enabling faster and easier maintenance

The sound of success

Tony Dale reports on enclosure integrity testing using acoustic ultrasound

Simulation for sustainability

How simulation can be used to improve the sustainability of commercial and industrial vehicles

Advancing asynchronous motors

In order to reduce power consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions, it is necessary to continue optimising known and established concepts. Gerhard Thumm shares how asynchronous motors can become more efficient and advanced

Trouble-free tensioning

Dave Read explains how tensioning large bolted joints can be made simple

Offshore’s digital future

Why digital transformation in oil and gas production is key

Hazard protection guidance

Rhys Redrup discusses the potential hazards linked with unproven technology

Transmission talk

What trends can be identified in gearbox and differential technology? Jon Lawson gets the thoughts of one Tier 1 industry insider