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Grooves on swarf surface to help with hydrogen generation

Researchers turn metal waste into a catalyst for hydrogen

Rental nitrogen generator boosts underground mining efficiency

A novel generator eliminates the need for a network of holes to pipe nitrogen into a mine

Fire protection materials for EV batteries

EV batteries need to be made from fire resistant materials, here we explore some of the available options

How one pumping station set up can save you money

A new technology reduces operating costs with service-free pumping stations

Three world premieres at ACHEMA

This year L.B. Bohle will again be presenting three world premieres to the trade public: With the BFC 5 we present a new laboratory coater - technically optimized and with a groundbreaking design.

How rupture discs can ease pressure

Excessive overpressure can occur in almost all production areas and processes in the pharmaceutical industry

Sensor maintenance for bio-pharma

A system that automates and standardises cleaning and calibration for reliable pH measurements at any time

Performance of dewatering in mining operations

Dr Alexis Speck, Bernhard Salbaum and Uwe Gradl compare mechanical and thermal cake drying

Exploring bearing material Vesconite Hilube

Nautical bearings have some specific requirements, here we explore these in more detail

Power plant signage created to last

Durable signage in power plants will help prevent accident and downtime, this article explores techniques for creating lasting lettering

Clean marine retrofit

Recent funding of one offshore windfarm project will help unlock an industry led transition to net zero

Tiny industrial camera

Weighing just 12 grams and fits into almost any application

High intensity magnetic separation

High intensity magnetic separation and enhanced tramp metal magnetic separation is the focus for Bunting at the UK Mining Conference in Cornwall, UK (12-13 June 2024).

Continuous infrastructure monitoring (CIM) on high-speed in-service trains

Railway infrastructure monitoring is cumbersome, disruptive and expensive. Or is it?

Millimeter-wave horn antennas for test and measurement applications

New mmWave horn antennas achieve precision in test and measurement

New media-resistant epoxy adhesive for filter bonding

A new epoxy resin adhesive specifically for bonding filters for oil, gas, and particle filtration

How distribution transformers will contribute to carbon emission reduction

Collaboration with industry, government and regulators will help with the transition to a sustainable economy

Manufacturer boosts production of pressure compensation element

Demand for a new pressure compensation element for EVs has led to one manufacturer tripling production in recent months

Protecting the heads of miners

Appropriate head protection is crucial when it comes to the safety of miners

Selective mining as an alternative to drilling and blasting

A high-performance surface miner proves to be a dependable and safe means for extracting primary resources swiftly and effectively in a single operation