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Materials Research Goes Digital

Samir Jaber details how engineers’ material selection process is shifting the industry to digital

Bonding Together: Adhesive Advances In The Automotive Industry

Adam Ward explains how light-weighting techniques allow vehicle manufacturers to respond to industry demands

Capping machine choices

A guide to buying the right automatic capping machine

Evaluating bearings

Markus Raabe explores bearing calculation methods

Advanced Coating For Friction-Free Components

Advanced coating reduces friction of sliding ceramic, metallic and polymer components

No more clash of the titans

Neil Sandhu explores the latest collision avoidance technologies

Lightweight EV tooling solution

Vehicle tooling solution saving set-up and machining time

How Small Can Connectors Go?

Miniature, micro miniature, ultra miniature: Bob Stanton explores the trend for ever-smaller connectors

Are these the three biggest trends in robotics?

Some ideas about how the industry will evolve over the next decade

New technology caps pharma bottling process

A regular customer of Sensor Technology Ltd has switched to its latest range of torque sensors.

Advances in pump technology

In the oil and gas industry pumps that work reliably and provide high performance are needed.

Circular connectors

CUI Devices expands product range with new offerings

Ensuring process safety

Innovative gas pycometer developed

Vehicle fuel cell technology to be tested in a power station

California proof-of-concept project is designed to protect a data centre

Pressure gauges: what you need to know

The basics of pressure gauges and pressure gauge measurement techniques

Bacteria breakthrough in search for energy generation

One day waste electrons could be used to power small devices

Compression limiters launched

Meeting the growing global demand from multi-sector manufacturers developing products using plastics, particularly in the EV space.

A new twist on sensor technology

Magneto-inductive displacement sensors combine the best attributes of inductive and magnetic sensors but without their drawbacks, says Glenn Wedgbrow

New AC-DC power supplies

100W AC-DC power supplies for industrial, technology & medical devices, including BF

Height measurement of wafer bumps

On the chips there are countless small, spherical contact surfaces – so-called ‘bumps’