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Easy machine monitoring

Quick and easy machine health monitoring

3000W configurable AC/DC power supply

Components Bureau offer Advanced Energy’s Excelsys CoolX 3000 series

New Sensor Evaluation Board

Sensor Evaluation Board (SEB) allows real-time evaluation of GSS Sensor with a dedicated board and software

Compounding interest in nanotubes

Anastasia Zirka explains how nanotubes are helping to make non-marking tyres for dangerous environments

The wheels of industry

Effectively solving the issue of producing non-marking anti-static solid tyres

Latest version of engineering software

Simulation-driven design can drastically lower the time it takes to bring a product to market

Composites boxing clever for electric vehicles

Exploring the benefits of composite EV battery enclosures

Corrosion Resistant Alloys Cut Maintenance Costs

The demand for premium quality, corrosion resistant exotic alloy metals higher than ever across the globe

Resistive touch panels for the medical sector

Why resistive touch panels are the most adaptive for the medical sector

Mixed reality advances

XLwerks predicts a bright future for mixed reality

Oil discovered in Egypt's desert

A new oil discovery in Southeast Meleiha Concession (SEM)

Battery technology and electric vehicles: forward-looking statements

How will battery technology impact other aspects of vehicle design?

Can EV batteries be successfully recycled?

A cost-effective recycling method would certainly boost green credentials

New coalescer for oil and gas processing

Both liquid/liquid and liquid/gas polishing processes are heavily dependent on high-quality coalescing cartridges

Longevity of thermal fluid heaters

How careful system choice enables thermal fluid heaters to live long and prosper

All-electric future

Energy infrastructure company paves the road for Port of Tyne’s all-electric future

Modern engineering improving historic motorsport

Nick Fleurot explains to Engineer Live how modern engineering is helping historic motorcars perform better than ever

Swindon Powertrain explores electric powertrains

Nick Fleurot reports on how Swindon Powertrain is proactively adapting their offering by exploring electrification

New borescope for furnaces

Innovative, new mid-wavelength borescope for furnace applications

How did Bentley break sales records in 2020?

This is how to sell cars in a lockdown