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New valve aimed at hygienic applications

This double-seat mix-proof unit has internal sensors

Preparing Ethernet for Industry 4.0

How Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) can support manufacturers

Scanner gets a software upgrade

New feature creates 3D models for easier visualisation

What is the value of IT/OT convergence?

George Walker from Novotek UK and Ireland ponders technologies combined

New offshore training for the Oil and Gas sector

Bender UK upgrades insulation monitoring training

The Future Of Vehicle Autonomy

Vehicle manufacturers are investing heavily in autonomy and the communications infrastructure required to make autonomous vehicles work, without compromising on user safety or cyberdata safety.

Will Electric Vehicles Be As Efficient As Traditional Vehicles?

Electrifying the world’s transport networks is no small task, especially considering the needs of heavier vehicles. Here Simone Bruckner considers the technical details

Charging ahead

Charging technology is absolutely crucial to the success of any electric machine. Oliver Johnson talks us through the current state-of-the-art

ALE strengthens offshore services with Murphy partnership


ALE and J Murphy & Sons (Murphy) have announced a new collective partnership to offer comprehensive linear winch hire, pipe pulling and installation engineering services worldwide.

Land & Marine is a subsidiary of the engineering infrastructure contractor Murphy, based in the UK and specialising in landfall and outfall operations, pipe and cable pulling. It owns a comprehensive range of pipe handling equipment, such as rollers and rail bogies, and state-of-the-art 800t capacity linear winches, which are completely unique to the industry.

How Is Simulation Being Used In Automotive Design?

Instead of designing motor components one after the other, Porsche and Altair have teamed up to use simulation to do it all at once

What are the choices for powering next generation vehicles?

With piston engines still very much with us, alongside alternative fuels, hybrids and pure EVs, the powertrain industry has fragmented into a fascinating mass of technology choices

Science in the Golden State

California’s unique geography has meant that it’s often been a hostage to smog. Could fuel cell technology be the answer?

Wing work

NASA is heading a team trying to revolutionise how wings respond to aerodynamic forces

What Are Carbon Nanobuds (CNBs)?

Carbon nanobuds are a nanomaterial that enable 3D-shaped, smart touch surfaces. CNBs offer vehicle interior designers new opportunities to take advantage of 3D-shaped smart surfaces with physical haptic technology.

How will materials for additive manufacturing affect the transport industry?

How will materials for additive manufacturing affect the transport industry in years to come? Here, Ben Smye looks at the road ahead

Integrated insulation monitoring for improved rail reliability

Multi-tier fault detection and location systems debut at Railtex

Electric buses enter service in London

Alexander Dennis has unveiled the first of 37 new vehicles

The benefits of machine learning - part 2

Joe Zulick considers security and digital twinning

Flexible electronic and electric device labelling

Communicate instructions to increase ease of use, safety and compliance of any device

Layer 3 Ethernet switches family expands

New designs are for automotive and other embedded applications





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