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New study suggests glass flake coatings could end offshore wind substructure surface maintenance

Jotun’s Baltoflake coating could provide maintenance-free protection at the splash zone beyond 30 years, according to new research.

The virtual factory

Optimising the reality of manufacturing

Precision ground mapping for safer offshore wind farm development

How Fugro's SeisWind 3D UUHR system is informing the safe development of offshore wind farm projects.

Improving part cleaning efficiency in the aerospace industry

Ecoclean's new UCMSmartLine ultrasonic immersion system is improving the efficiency of aircraft part cleaning.

‘Line in the sand’ moment for vehicle-to-grid technology

The viability of vehicle-to-grid technology has been demonstrated for the first time in the UK.

UK pledges £100M for self-driving vehicle revolution

The government plans to have self-driving vehicles on UK roads by 2025.

The Future Of Marine Growth Prevention

Darren Dale discusses the issue of marine growth fouling in critical technology and the benefits of innovative electrochlorination systems

App-based compressor control

The first remote smart app compressor controller with over-the-air updates and monitoring

Multi-megawatt wave energy array to be demonstrated at EMEC

Marine Power Systems will demonstrate a multi-megawatt wave energy array at EMEC in Orkney.

New BLDC motor introduced

The new motor delivers cost-efficient premium performance

Insulation Monitoring System Gains Network Rail Approval

Network Rail has approved the new Tier 1 intelligent insulation monitoring system for use across the UK rail network

Accurate Measurement With The Raman Revolution

An advanced commercial Raman spectroscopy system offers a more efficient means of accurately measuring LNG composition and concentration

Fire Retardation With Cable Gland Developments

Eldon Kruger discusses the role of flameproof cable glands in the oil and gas industry

New high-resolution smart 3D laser line profilers

The sensors are ideal for measurement of both microscopic features and large parts/large conveyor applications

How the mining industry can become more sustainable

Eco-friendly tools and equipment could help to reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

VR training improves ball bearing production efficiency

The project will serve as a model for the future roll-out of VR training at other facilities.

New refrigerant dryers

New series combines climate protection with efficiency for all types of manufacturing plants

ICMM report reveals mobile vehicles leading cause of miner deaths

The report marks the lowest annual total of deaths since the ICMM started its report series.

Smart Monitoring Solutions

Marek Lukaszczyk explores remote monitoring technologies for oil and gas assets

Avoiding Flames Managing Methane

Mike Brooks explains how the oil and gas industry can act now to avoid methane plumes and flaring