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How to convince your directors to invest in safety

Safety managers may need to make the financial case for investment in health and safety measures, here MSA’s Antonio Pereira tells us how

Innovative electrode designs reshape battery landscape

Exploring fresh insights into lithium-ion battery innovation, researchers delve into inventive electrode design approaches to amplify battery efficiency and capabilities for EVs

5G-ready car design explored with electronic test equipment

A UK-based research team are undertaking a study to assess the 5G readiness of vehicles and equipment

A new approach in industrial connectivity

Delta introduces DX-2400L9 series industrial 4G/WAN routers

New degasser to streamline chemistry laboratories

A new eight channel degassing solution enhances performance of AutoSyn AB’s advanced flow chemistry system

Superstructure carbons and its potential impact on green energy

Despite prevailing focus on phasing out carbon as an energy source, what if we explored the untapped potential of existing carbon resources?

New technologies and digitisation promise to mature the AM market

The additive manufacturing market is growing and changing, but analyst Sona Dadhania has high hopes for the future. By Nicola Brittain

Electricity project to accelerate decarbonisation of the River Thames

A new generation of electric vessels could help to power London’s energy network

Making corrosion protection a priority

Innovations in corrosion mitigation promise long-term protection

Inverter re-design for next-generation electric drives

The evolution of traction inverter technology is poised to revolutionise the next generation of passenger cars

How twin technology delivers an instant return on investment

Here we look at how engineers and manufacturers can harness the transformative power of digital twin technology?

New RF terminations bring high power for demanding applications

Low-VSWR devices, with power ratings up to 50 watts, cover frequencies to 6 GHz

Securing a powerful connection

Tom Parker Ltd are delighted to announce its official appointment as Authorised UK Distributor for Oetiker

Reduce mess with precision grinding

Advances in equipment allow for precision grinding and eliminate mess on the factory floor

Street lamp solutions pave way for smarter cities

Upgrading to smart street lighting comes with many considerations, Nicola Brittain looks at a few of the most important

Tech fusion enhances prosthetic innovation

In the realm of prosthetics, form and function converge to create seamless design integration. By Siobhan Doyle

How to make your injection molding run more cost effective

Expert guide to reducing costs on smaller plastic print runs

3D printing spare parts for trucks

How has 3D printing become a game-changer in producing spare parts for trucks?

Adopting high-end hydraulics for subsea operations

Alistair Mykura explains why the industry should recognise existing hydraulic control fluids to meet growing energy demand

Controlling the fugitive emissions problem

How are new packing sets tackling heavy industry’s fugitive emissions?