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Solder or crimp contacts: which is best?

Standards may often determine what type of contact you need

Procentec provides critical companies with free diagnostic software for industrial networks

For the duration of this corona crisis, Procentec is offering its latest diagnostic solution free of charge to companies operating critical services and those trying to create a vaccine or antidote.

Procentec believe this will help companies that are currently operating with a reduced workforce on site. The software enables them to get the best remove overview of their networks inside their plants and so notify them in advance of potential breakdowns and unwanted breaks in the production process.

Laser profile scanner for high resolution

The ScanControl 3060-25/BL laser profile scanners aim to set a new performance level in precision profile measurements.

Store your own measurement data centrally

Keller offers customers a state of the art cloud solution without recurring costs.

About to buy connectors for railcars?

This handy guide tells you all you need to know

Partnership for cutting-edge supercar

The brief is to create an electrical architecture that is as light as possible with ‘no-compromise’ performance

Making testing less testing

The new solution offers precise position, orientation and dynamics measurement.

How robotics are revolutionising manufacturing

Here are 3 examples of Industry 4.0

Actuators used for Malaysian oil field redevelopment

Rotork hydraulic actuators have been specified for use in the redevelopment of the Bokor oil field off Sarawak, Malaysia.

Modular wastewater treatment solution

Wessex Water adopts a modular wastewater treatment solution for MBR upgrade

How much support is the UK providing for fossil fuel extraction overseas?

Engineer Live reports on the UK funding of fossil fuel energy export despite their own promises to reduce UK carbon emissions.

What is a smart material?

Also referred to as ‘responsive’ or ‘intelligent’ materials, smart materials have been around as long as the Pyramids of Giza

What are the most environmentally friendly travel options for your business?

The pressure towards environmental sustainability for businesses is increasing

Everything you need to know about salt mines

Salt is abundant and multi-purpose. While there are multiple methods of extracting salt, this article will focus purely on mining.

What is solar energy?

The third quarter of 2019 saw more renewable energy supplied to homes and businesses in the UK than fossil fuels

Advice on metal inserts

When specifying metal inserts for molded plastics, don’t go it alone

Can gamification transform Industry 4.0?

Some gaming techniques are transferable to the factory floor

CO2-cleaning with diaphragm pumps

Cleaning silicon wafers with supercritical carbon dioxide

How exactly is electronic waste recycled?

It’s a complex process but worth it, with gold, silver and titanium recoverable

Encoder designed for subsea operations

Exploration and production companies have focused on designing and installing subsea facilities.