Process automation worth its weight in gold

Agnico Eagle's gold mine in Kittilä, northern Finland, is the largest primary gold producer in Europe. Initially, Agnico Eagle was not satisfied with its existing pH measurements. They were inaccurate and the calibration of instruments was taking up a considerable amount of time and resources. With Endress+Hauser's Memosens technology, they now have confidence in their pH measurements and reduced the time spent on calibrations and field repairs by up to 90%.

Tmax-Battery Housing for lithium-ion systems

The Tmax-Battery Housing for lihtium-ion Systems

The videos show the difference between a lithium-ion battery with and without Tmax-Battery Housing.

The Tmax-Battery Housing for lihtium-ion Systems reliably protects the environment against the effects of thermal runaway.

Virtual Commissioning for machine builders – the end of prototypes

Virtual Commissioning for machine builders

The end of prototypes: During the development of a machine, there are many risks that can jeopardise the ability to introduce the machine into production on schedule. So why wait until the final assembly to begin verification of the machine?


Connecting up to ten process media with one single click - Eisele Multiline E

Connecting up to ten process media with one single click

The MULTILINE E modular multiple connector is a genuine multi-media connector that can integrate virtually every type of operating media; compressed air, gases, liquids, electric and electronic signals

Liebherr - Maritime Customer Service Offshore Crane Replacement - Molikpaq

Large-scale crane exchange project

Two ram luffing offshore cranes, type RL 1500 are going to be completely renewed on the Russian offshore platform Molikpaq.. An existing crane, type BOS 1900 will be upgraded with the same generation control system.

Spectrum M2p.59xx Introduction

The M2p.59xx series of mid-speed 16-bit digitizers for PCIe bus include 20 different models with one, two, four or eight channels and sampling rates between 20 MS/s and 125 MS/s. With large on-board memory, best dynamic performance (SNR, THD, ENOB) in class combined with a fast streaming mode, the card is matching a wide range of applications in radar, lidar, ultrasound, laser, communications, medical science, physics, automotive, aerospace, defense and others.

Solutions for the city of tomorrow [Schaeffler]

As more and more people live in megacities, the search for intelligent urban mobility solutions is becoming increasingly urgent. How will we get around in the city of tomorrow? Tomorrow’s mobility needs are confronting us with fundamental questions that require cutting-edge solutions.

OPSIS RD100 Real Driving Emissions Monitoring System

The emissions from fossil fuel cars are too high, and previous test methods have not given the full picture. Laboratory tests do not show the real driving conditions. Now, there is monitoring equipment that can easily monitor emissions from fossil fuel vehicles in an accurate way, by monitoring real driving emissions.

OPSIS offers measurement of car emissions with our latest invention - the RD100 Real Driving Emissions monitoring system. This system, installed directly on the vehicle, measures emissions in real time. Watch the video and find out how.

How Do You Use an EFD Syringe with a Manual Plunger for a One Part Epoxy?

Manual plunger with an EFD syringe for application of a one part epoxy system.

Although EFD syringes are mostly used for automatic dispensing, they are capable of being used for manual application by hand. Watch this video and follow the steps for successful application.




Air Quality and Environmental Monitoring

Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories are well suited for environmental applications such as open-path air quality monitoring, remote sensing measurement of atmospheric conditions and detection of gaseous particulate matter.