Lochay Power Station Hydro Generator Refurbishment

In 2012, one of the generators at Lochay Power Station, KIllin, Scotland, started to exhibit some noise and vibration issues and SSE, the owners of the installation, called in the specialists from Sulzer’s Falkirk Service Centre to dismantle the generator in question and investigate the cause. Sulzer engineers supported and completed this project from 2012 up until the end of 2015.


Eisele FAQ – How to mount push-in fittings

Louis Klöpfer explains in this video how to correctly install Eisele push-in fittings and what you have to watch out for when mounting the hose on the release sleeve. These tips will guarantee a tight seal.

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Oxifree TM198 - How it works

Oxifree TM198 is an organic, patent protected thermoplastic coating which lasts several years and is proven to extend the life cycle of components and reduce maintenance costs by at least 40%. It protects metal components from corrosion and contamination, acting as a barrier for sand abrasion, dust ingress, galvanic pitting and atmospheric corrosion.

Acid mine Dewatering Total solution

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions delivered and assembled the pipes for an Acid Mine Drainage Project in South Africa. 

ROBOT with Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor and SLAM Algorithm

Toposens developed the first 3D ultrasound sensor worldwide.

Similar to a bat, the sensor can perceive its environment via ultrasound and detect objects and persons. It can be applied for anonymous people counting and tracking, gesture control for consumer electronics products and for autonomously moving vehicles, as can be seen in the video.

Equipped with a sensor and a SLAM algorithm, robots can move around autonomously, avoiding objects and simultaneously creating a map of their surroundings. The sensor can even detect small objects like cables.

H145 Offshore Demo Wilhemshaven

The twin-engine multipurpose helicopter H145 has successfully proved its operational capabilities for challenging offshore missions. During a two-day flight trial  offshore operators Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH and HTM Offshore were able to test the H145 in all the relevant fields of offshore operations. Both aviation companies collaborate closely to offer their customers a wide range of offshore services involving light and heavy helicopters. 

Take a Tour through the Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Service Center

Sulzer’s in-house Houston Service Center, located in La Porte, Texas, is its largest facility and specialises in high-quality, cost-effective, customised solutions for maintenance and repairs of all makes and models of turbomachinery. Every solution is tailored to the equipment needs of each application. Find out more about the Sulzer Turbo Services Houston, Inc. 

Titania Mine - Controlled start transmission improves conveyor reliability

Europe’s first Dodge-controlled start transmission (CST) drive system is installed on a 700 metre conveyor at Titania Mine in Norway, providing the reliability required to overcome lost production from breakdowns.

HES880 mobile drive for full- and hybrid-electric working machines

With its high vibration tolerance, the HES880 offers the rugged, reliable performance you demand.HES880 is designed for heavy cyclic loads that are typical in, for example, loaders and excavators.

The drive’s sealed IP67 protection keeps moisture out as well as corrosive agents. With a high input cooling temperature of up to 70 ºC, the cooling system can be simplified and downsized, saving you costs and reducing maintenance needs. For more information, click HERE.

Sulzer Custom Solutions for Reliable Performance – Junior’s First Home Run

Sulzer’s customised and state-of-the-art compressor services are for rotor maintenance, inspections, overhauls, specialised coatings and parts replacement.

Sulzer specialises in pumping solutions, services for rotating equipment, and separation, mixing, and application technology.