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EU Automation's latest publication on 4.0 Sight charts the digital journey for manufacturing industries in various countries around the world, looking at the key trends and challenges.

It's not easy being a manufacturer in today's world. Consumer tastes are changing, product lifecycles are getting shorter and there are now more technologies than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and if you don't digitalise immediately, you'll be left dead in the water. No wonder, then, that so many businesses are scrabbling to use industrial digital technologies such as additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, remote monitoring and cloud analytics.

Connecting up to ten process media with one single click - Eisele Multiline E

Connecting up to ten process media with one single click.

With the MULTILINE E Eisele offers an innovative modular kit system for individually configurable multiple and multi-media connections. The MULTILINE E makes it possible to combine such different operating media as compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolants, liquids, electronics and electrical wiring in a single interface. A practical locking lever enables the connection and disconnection of the Eisele MULTILINE E within seconds.

In the name of efficiency – the new CPE ANSI pump range

Sulzer’s groundbreaking CPE ANSI process pumps feature advanced design technology to meet modern industry demands. Being the most efficient solution on the market, they offer improved reliability and minimized total cost of ownership.

Sulzer specializes in pumping solutions, services for rotating equipment, and separation, mixing, and application technology. The company creates reliable and sustainable solutions for the oil and gas, power, water, and general industry markets. Combining engineering and application expertise, the innovative products and services add value for customers and strengthen their competitive positions. Sulzer serves clients around the world through a network of over 180 locations in more than 40 countries.

MMD | The HALO Trust

MMD celebrates 40 years of mining innovation in 2018, and recently the company donated a revolutionary anti-personnel landmine clearance rig to The HALO Trust at the Hillhead Show in the UK. This donation clearly demonstrates how investment in research and development in the mining and quarrying sector can be adapted to provide humanitarian solutions for communities recovering from war and conflict.

Video footage and images used courtesy of The HALO Trust, EDEM and ANSYS, Inc. Footage used under license from

EECC Representation - Young & Franklin

Young & Franklin’s proven line of electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) are drop-in replacements of OEM supplied valves and actuators. Each assembly is designed and built to meet OEM requirements. Our Servo Emulator eliminates command logic changes to your control system; Same Commands – Same Response – Same Flow. No more servos! 96,000 hour maintenance intervals significantly reduce operating costs, and deliver a 10X Return-On-Investment typically over the life of the product.

Eisele INOXLINE - rostfreie, leicht reinigbare Edelstahl-Anschlüsse

Stainless steel connections are ideal for food, pharmaceuticals and paints. In this video, Louis Klöpfer and Wolfgang Ernst introduce you to the features of the Eisele Inoxline with connections for high hygiene standards, easy cleaning and aggressive media. Ideal for pharmaceuticals, food and coatings.

Hydro Lubricants - Interview with our specialist Dr. Marius Kuhn

Water offers significant functional advantages. It is sustainable, available globally, non-toxic and non-flammable. So far, Hydro Lubricants only offered restricted usability. However, Klüber Lubrication now succeeded in developing homogeneous lubricants with a functional amount of water. Learn more about our Hydro Lubricants

Apacer Industrial USB Storage Solutions

Full Protection of Data Security with Apacer's Industrial-Grade USB Drives

Unlike the role that normal consumer USB storage driver plays in our everyday lives, USB storage solutions have been created for industrial markets offer very different functionality and value. Applications for the industrial domain place great importance on characteristics such as data storage security, integrity, and high stability, and this is especially the case for devices created in response to different situations, special customized requirements, and in cases where reliability is especially important.

1222 betek certification process

Betek‘s Spray Control protection shields are available in different types for a variety of applications.

Made of DIN 1.4404 (ASTM 316) stainless steel, Spray Control is highly resistant to oils and chemicals, does not suffer any embrittlement (in open-air plants, under exposure to UV) and is temperature-resistant up to 400°C.
In a simulation in 2017 on a defective flange connection with up to 300bar, tested in the renowned environmental simulation laboratory Treo, in Hamburg, Germany, the flange guard has been tested. On various sizes and shapes, with 100, 200 and 300bar over 10 minutes at each pressure, the result was every time the same: The flange guard Spray Control® had no signs of wear or deformation, nor any defect.


RTS Reflowable Thermal Switch

SCHURTER introduces its new RTS. The RTS is a particularly compact overtemperature protection device using advanced SMD technology. It is suited for the highest demands of protection in power semiconductors.    
RTS stands for "Reflowable Thermal Switch". It was developed to protect highly integrated power semiconductors like MOSFETs, ICs, IGBTs, Triacs, SCRs, etc. from overheating. Before mechanical activation, the RTS can be mounted using conventional reflow soldering techniques with temperature profiles up to 260 °C.