H145 Offshore Demo Wilhemshaven

The twin-engine multipurpose helicopter H145 has successfully proved its operational capabilities for challenging offshore missions. During a two-day flight trial  offshore operators Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH and HTM Offshore were able to test the H145 in all the relevant fields of offshore operations. Both aviation companies collaborate closely to offer their customers a wide range of offshore services involving light and heavy helicopters. 

Take a Tour through the Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Service Center

Sulzer’s in-house Houston Service Center, located in La Porte, Texas, is its largest facility and specialises in high-quality, cost-effective, customised solutions for maintenance and repairs of all makes and models of turbomachinery. Every solution is tailored to the equipment needs of each application. Find out more about the Sulzer Turbo Services Houston, Inc. 

Titania Mine - Controlled start transmission improves conveyor reliability

Europe’s first Dodge-controlled start transmission (CST) drive system is installed on a 700 metre conveyor at Titania Mine in Norway, providing the reliability required to overcome lost production from breakdowns.

HES880 mobile drive for full- and hybrid-electric working machines

With its high vibration tolerance, the HES880 offers the rugged, reliable performance you demand.HES880 is designed for heavy cyclic loads that are typical in, for example, loaders and excavators.

The drive’s sealed IP67 protection keeps moisture out as well as corrosive agents. With a high input cooling temperature of up to 70 ºC, the cooling system can be simplified and downsized, saving you costs and reducing maintenance needs. For more information, click HERE.

Sulzer Custom Solutions for Reliable Performance – Junior’s First Home Run

Sulzer’s customised and state-of-the-art compressor services are for rotor maintenance, inspections, overhauls, specialised coatings and parts replacement.

Sulzer specialises in pumping solutions, services for rotating equipment, and separation, mixing, and application technology. 

LAMWEC tank test

Laminaria’s wave energy converter (WEC) has undergone tank testing at the Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport (COAST) laboratory at Plymouth University, as part of the LAMWEC project.

Funded under the OCEANERA-NET First Joint Call 2014, in association with Scottish Enterprise, Innovate UK, and IWT, the LAMWEC project seeks to develop and test a full-scale 200kW Laminaria WEC.

As a key challenge for the wave energy sector is the survivability of WECs in extreme storm conditions, the main focus of LAMWEC is to prove the survivability of a pre-commercial scale WEC which incorporates Laminaria’s innovative load management mechanism and storm protection system.

Leading the design simulations work package for LAMWEC, Innosea tested a 1/16 scale model at COAST to explore the load regimes that the device will experience when it is tested at full-scale at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in 2017.

Rémy Pascal, Specialist Engineer at Innosea oversaw the tests: “The tank tests provided insight into the optimum size of the device in regard to site specific wave conditions for overall performance.

“Most crucially, we found that the device performance at the EMEC wave test site could be significantly improved by using a larger device than the one initially planned for before the tank tests.

“Additionally, the tests show that clever use of submergence will allow control of the power being captured regardless of the significant wave height, which is a positive outcome concerning the dimensioning of the power take-off (PTO).”

Laminaria’s CEO Steven Nauwelaerts added that the results of the tank tests have provided confidence in the concept of the survival mechanism – a key element of the LAMWEC design: “The irregular wave tests proved that the concepts for the two survival mechanisms work: both the overdrive mechanism and the submergence efficiently managed to keep the loads in the mooring lines below a programmable threshold.

“The results from these tests will be invaluable to the other work packages in the LAMWEC project, informing the development of the anchor system, moorings, storm protection system, and PTO.”

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2016

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics is the UK's largest annual manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition. Southern Manufacturing 2017 opens at FIVE, Farnborough from MARCH 21st to MARCH 23rd 2017.

It's free to attend and there's plenty of free on-site car parking. For your free tickets and more information on the show Click HERE

GTT Europe: Putting your electronics into extreme environments

GTT Europe helps putt IoT and M2M customers’ electronics into harsh environments.

A leader in ‘Carrier Grade’ bespoke enclosure solutions within the IOT & M2M sectors, GTT’s m-smart-box comprises everything you need to protect your electronics in harsh environments - including the enclosure, data and power interfaces, antenna, vents and mounting options.

This GTT video takes viewers through the simple steps to designing a guaranteed IP67 solution, with order through to delivery of a production ready prototype in just five days.

Including cable routing for hardware integration, this quick time to market solution has helped deliver:

* Outdoor gateways for smart parking apps

* Transport infrastructure remote monitoring solutions

* SmartCity roadside infrastructures

* Outdoor gateways for tunnel construction monitoring.

The video includes a frame by frame guide to how you can design an IP67 carrier-grade quality product, online in only 10 minutes – then have a bespoke, field installation friendly product delivered in five days.

Bellus3D Face Scanning Demo

Inuitive and Bellus3D enable high-quality and cost-effective 3D face scanning for mobile devices. For more information, click HERE

Food Safety/HACCP Using Environmental Monitoring

Autoscribe Informatics is providing two opportunities to have a close-up look at the new Environmental Sampling module for the Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).

A 4-minute video provides a short demonstration of this versatile module which has been designed in conjunction with a leading food safety organisation, Deibel Laboratories. Aimed at anyone involved in environmental sampling of production and storage areas in food/beverage production and other industries, it uniquely links sampling point locations, test results and corrective action plans in one easy to use graphical environment.

For those who would like a longer and more detailed demonstration of the system, a recording of a webinar on the subject, recently presented by Autoscribe Informatics, is HERE.

The software demonstration is presented against the background of the need to move away from screening towards preventative measures against food-borne contamination both as required by the new Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) implemented by the FDA, and in terms of the financial benefits of this approach.

The webinar covers the factors to consider when implementing an environmental monitoring program.  The demonstration shows many facets of the software including how it provides:

* Set up of locations and sampling sites

* Visual maps of results status

* Trending of results

* Assignment of actions when the results indicate the need

* Association of results with a sampling site

* Reporting of results.

The software provides clear documentation of preventative measures against food-borne contamination. This includes the ability to report the results and corrective actions taken when microorganism levels exceed safe levels. It provides an easy framework for expert set up and adjustment of the system while reducing the expertise needed to operate it on a daily basis. It allows the implementation of data management strategies that increase security and the availability of data.