Railtex & Infrarail 2021 - Exhibitors highlights

The NEC Birmingham welcomed back Railtex, the 15th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems and Services, and Infrarail, the 13th International Railway Infrastructure Exhibition. The event took place from 7-9 September 2021 and the video shows the highlights of some exhibitors. The 2022 exhbition will take place at Olympia, London, UK, May 10-12


REINFORCEKiT® 4D (R4D) is a wet lay-up repair system, wrapped around the pipe to reinforce the damaged area, restore original pipe integrity and prevent further deterioration. This composite technology, made of Kevlar® tape and bi-component epoxy resin, is a great alternative to metal clamp, welded sleeve and pipe replacement. Using our own software to design the repair and define the material requirements according to ISO 24.817 and ASME PCC-2 standards.


Liebherr - LiMain: Enter the new age of maintenance

This video shows details about Liebherr Intelligent Maintenance: How it works, what it does and how it looks.

LiMain paves the way for an even higher crane availability at lower operational costs (OPEX) on offshore platforms. The fully digital, semi-automatic, and remote maintenance system offers more independency of time, place and resources for platform owners.


REINFORCEKiT® 4D (R4D) is a wet lay-up system, wrapped helicoidally around the pipe in order to bring the mechanical resistance to the damaged pipe section. The number of layers, determined by calculation, is linked not only to the pipe pressure, temperature, diameter and thickness but also to the pit depth and length, the steel grade and the pipe location.

FLUDEX fluid coupling from Flender: The principles of operation

FLUDEX couplings from Flender are hydrodynamic fluid couplings operating according to the Föttinger principle. The coupling parts on the input and output side are not mechanically connected and thus not subject to wear. Torque is transmitted by the fluid movement in the coupling

OPSIS DX100 Dioxins and CO2 Emissions Monitoring (English Subtitles)

OPSIS offers a system for continuous dioxin, furan, and CO2 emissions monitoring by long-term sampling. The system is based on a well-known adsorption method. The system can be used in a range of applications, such as waste incinerators, power plants, cement industries, and pulp and paper industries.

Final test facility Shock Pulse Generator

Easy commissioning of the Shock Pulse Generators thanks to standardized final test procedures. The final test procedure of the Shock Pulse Generators from Explosion Power GmbH ensures a safe and smooth commissioning. In the final test facility, each Shock Pulse Generator is tested for functionality by an expert employee before delivery and the quality is certified.

The maxon Keynote 2021 – Trends in Drive Technology

maxon’s precision drive systems are not only present on Mars but everywhere on Earth. To understand the different markets and our customer’s needs, the maxon Group has established four Business Units for Aerospace, Industrial Automation, Medical, and Mobility Solutions. Learn more about our Business Units and this year’s highlights in our first global maxon Keynote.

APROVIS - Effizent auf langer Strecke / Efficient over long distances

Innovations from a single source for exhaust gas and gas treatment. The bar-tailed godwit flies up to 12,000km without stopping - we at APROVIS focus on resource efficiency in everything we do. In the end, details determine success – discover what we at APROVIS mean by this and how you can benefit.

Liebherr - Combined forces – Tandem lift of the HLC 150000 components in Rostock, Germany

Liebherr - Combined forces – Tandem lift of the HLC 150000 components in Rostock, Germany

One of the largest tandem lifts that ever took place on our company premises: the loading of the #HLC150000 components for OHT's Alfa Lift earlier this year in Rostock, Germany.