The maxon Keynote 2021 – Trends in Drive Technology

maxon’s precision drive systems are not only present on Mars but everywhere on Earth. To understand the different markets and our customer’s needs, the maxon Group has established four Business Units for Aerospace, Industrial Automation, Medical, and Mobility Solutions. Learn more about our Business Units and this year’s highlights in our first global maxon Keynote.

Disinfection Solutions in Food & Beverage Production

Evoqua Water Technologies are responding to evolving water demands with an ever-expanding portfolio of sustainable solutions.

We can help food & beverage manufacturers to evolve their processes with efficient, reliable technology, compliant with the applicable regulations, while providing security of supply for on-site disinfection and sanitization.

RVmagnetics | Self-monitored, Safe and Smart Batteries

RVmagnetics has now presented a sensing system called MicroWire. The MicroWire Sensor measures physical variables such as pressure, temperature, the magnetic field directly, and variables such as electric current, torsion, bending, load, and vibration indirectly. This sensor is as thin as human hair (3 µm to 70 µm) and resistant to chemically aggressive environments

SCHURTER GS21 and GP21 DC Connectors acc IEC Standard

SCHURTER launches the world's first UL approved IEC TS 62735-1 standardized DC coupler system designed to enable efficient DC power distribution in data centre power distribution strips and UPS. GS21 is a 400VDC Socket-Outlet and GP21 is a Rewireable Plug as a pendant intendet to be used for DC Power Distribution Units acc. IEC TS 62735-1 for up to 2.6 kW Power

Ultra-clean TUBALL BATT facility tour

OCSiAl has launched one of the world’s cleanest facilities for the production of graphene nanotube dispersions for lithium-ion batteries. The new plant is located in Novosibirsk, Russia, adjacent to the core OCSiAl nanotube synthesis facility, which currently accounts for more than 90% of global graphene nanotube production capacity.

Timelapse of the Arabelle Steam Turbine for Hinkley Point C | GE Power

GE Steam Power successfully designed, manufactured and tested the Arabelle’s first low pressure rotor equipped with the largest last-stage blade ever made – at 75 inches. The 75-inch last-stage blade will enable Hinkley Point C to produce 3.2GW of CO2 free power. Once completed, this Arabelle steam turbine will be the most powerful nuclear steam turbine in operation.

Kawasaki: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle "SPICE"

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has been developing an AUV, SPICE® (Subsea Precise Inspector with Close Eyes), equipped with a unique robot arm based on collaboration with underwater vehicle technologies and industrial robot technologies.

MARTIN® SQC2S™ Belt Cleaner - Gold Rush 316 Mining

The Hoffman Crew of 316 Mining, stars of Discovery Channel's hit TV show GOLD RUSH, has partnered with Martin Engineering to ensure optimal performance of their conveyor belt systems so that no valuable material is lost in the process of separating gold from pay dirt. In gold mining, every ounce counts.

Precision Dispensing for Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Manufacturing

The battery is the key to the performance of an electric vehicle. Its lifetime and quality determine the driving range and overall safety. Nordson EFD helps improve battery production at every stage through a broad range of precision dispensing solutions, application expertise and best-in-class support across the globe.

Modular high-performance battery systems connected with #CombiTac

AKASOL’s innovative battery systems are used in electric and hybrid utility vehicles for passenger and freight transportation on roads, railways and waterways, as well as in industry. Stäubli worked jointly with AKASOL to configure a solution based on the modular Stäubli CombiTac system, flexible enough to support a 30% increase in the battery design’s performance even without any design modifications