Doppelmayr Transport Technology - RPC "Booysendal", South Africa - English (2018)

A cost-effective, reliable and safe means of transportwas required to link an existing processing plant with the new prospects at Booysendal south, the terrain between the two areas is challenging for the transport of materials so Doppelmayr's RopeCon® system was used to tackle the challenge of transporting 909 tons of platinum ore per hour.

Spectrum hybridNETBOX Introduction

This single LXI/Ethernet-instrument simultaneously generates and acquires electronic signals! The hybridNETBOX is an exciting new instrumentation platform for applications that require both signal generation and acquisition in manual, automated or remotely controlled test situations. Six models are available.

Custom Solutions for Thermal Management and Fluid Control-TLX Technologies

TLX’s series of on-off latching valves comes in a variety of orifice sizes.  These are designed to provide on-off fluid control while requiring zero steady-state power. Our 3-way cooling valve is designed to electronically control coolant from one pump to two cooling loops. Intended for high-flow applications, the valve is lightweight and durable.

Tula. Kiln tire crack repair.

WA Integra have repaired a cracked kiln tyre for HeidelbergCement in Russia. The initial crack was detected during ultrasonic inspection of the kiln tyre, after further investigation the crack was removed leading to an extensive repair requiring 600kg of welding consumables to be used. The repair was completed in 19 days.

NOVASTACK® 35-HDN / 5G Connector : Shielded Board to Board Connector / I-PEX Connectors

I-PEX is leading the way to a connected future with new small form factor connectors designed to enable 5G mmWave/sub-6 GHz. Highlighted here is one of our 5G connectors, the NOVASTACK® 35-HDN Board-to-Board Connector. It is fully-shielded, increasing system EMI and EMC performance and ideal for high frequency applications.

Discrete Proportional Valve for Flow Control

The discrete proportional valve is designed to provide control at up to 8 specific programmed discrete positions.  It requires zero-steady state power, has zero hysteresis by design, features a low pressure drop and customizable flow characteristics and only needs +/-12V for flow change.  The valve is scalable to applications requirements and is patent-pending.

[EN] Hägglunds - Driven to the Core

If movement is central to what you do, it’s the very core of what we do. Our Hägglunds solutions supply, sustain and protect the movement you depend on, so that you and your business can move forward. Nothing stands between a Hägglunds motor and the shaft it drives, power, performance, knowledge and first-rate service are yours

HARD-LINE: Proven Technology. Proven Results

HARD-LINE is a global leader in mine automation, remote-control technology, and mine production optimization. Creating innovative products, placing the highest priority on safety while increasing efficiency for mining operations. HARD-LINE can configure any equipment to operate remotely for surface and underground mining.

WNE 2020 - Join the community

The World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) will mobilize the entire global civil nuclear community, from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 December 2020 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte, on the initiative of GIFEN, a professional trade union, gathering approximately 190 actors from the French nuclear industry 

MARTIN® Belt Cleaners - Gold Rush 316 Mining

MARTIN® Belt Cleaners - Gold Rush 316 Mining

The Hoffman Crew of 316 Mining, stars of Discovery Channel's hit TV show GOLD RUSH, has partnered with Martin Engineering to ensure optimal performance of their conveyor belt systems so that no valuable material is lost in the process of separating gold from pay dirt.