Precision Dispensing for Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Manufacturing

The battery is the key to the performance of an electric vehicle. Its lifetime and quality determine the driving range and overall safety. Nordson EFD helps improve battery production at every stage through a broad range of precision dispensing solutions, application expertise and best-in-class support across the globe.

Modular high-performance battery systems connected with #CombiTac

AKASOL’s innovative battery systems are used in electric and hybrid utility vehicles for passenger and freight transportation on roads, railways and waterways, as well as in industry. Stäubli worked jointly with AKASOL to configure a solution based on the modular Stäubli CombiTac system, flexible enough to support a 30% increase in the battery design’s performance even without any design modifications

VC picoSmart - Das weltweit kleinste Embedded Vision System

Probably the world's smallest embedded vision system – fully integrated in one board and hardly bigger than an image sensor module: VC picoSmart from Vision Components. Only 22 mm x 23.5 mm in size, this board camera yet contains all components necessary for image processing: 1-megapixel CMOS sensor with global shutter, FPGA module, high-end FPU processor, and memory

Hilco Lab Services

HILCO Laboratory Services supports continuous improvement in testing of vessel designs, cartridge configuration, and cartridge media. Offering customized and optimized solutions to liquid fuel filtration, fluids filtration, fluids reclamation and conditioning testing that will ensure your equipment’s reliability. Our Laboratory Services are used in product development, evaluating potential customer problems or needs.

Automotive Dispensing Solutions - Nordson EFD

Automotive manufacturers face a number of production challenges. Tighter regulatory requirements make it necessary to document every process and prove accuracy is the standard. Nordson EFD reliable precision fluid dispensing solutions deliver higher accuracy and lower dispense tolerances. Our systems are designed to provide consistent and highly efficient dispensing during the entire service time of production.

TR VIC - Working Together with Carlo Salvi

TR VIC spa has made a substantial investment in the very latest fastening machinery. The high precision Carlo Salvi cold former is the newest addition to its growing portfolio of machinery.

The delivery and installation of the machine was captured in a time lapse video which can be viewed here.

Litemax - high bright and sunlight readable displays

High bright and sunlight readable displays from Litemax. Typical monitors with a brightness of less than 1000cd/m² are challenging to read in bright environments. Our range of high bright monitors are 1000+ cd/m² ensuring readability in direct sunlight. Our high bright range is available in a wide array of sizes and brightness available as high as 4500cd/m².

N2® Position Indicator

The intuitive N2 Position Indicator allows for remote monitoring of the belt cleaner blade via Martin's proprietary mobile app, indicating remaining blade life, notifying when re-tensioning or replacement is required and warning in the event that the blade is no longer in contact with the belt. It will collect data and provide information on any belt cleaner utilising a Martin blade.

maxon product news 2020/2021

Discover maxon’ new products for 2020/2021. In addition to high-torque BLDC motors and flat motors for robotics, we present our new positioning and master controllers. The new multi-axis controller, the MiniMACS6-AMP-4/50/10, offers precise and highly dynamic control of up to six brushed DC motors or four brushless DC motors


For L7 Drive IoT also means IoE. Internet of Energy enables turning your batteries from passive storage into an active asset that you can control in real-time. With L7 Drive IoT tools optimising the cost or balancing the grid is accurate and safe. You can also use the same tools for vehicle fleet management or different safety monitoring tasks.