SPE Offshore Europe 2023 | Join us

Registration for the 50th anniversary edition of SPE Offshore Europe 2023 is now open. Features include an Energy Transition Zone and Theatre, Offshore Wind Theatre, Hydrogen Hub, Future Opportunities Theatre and Future Talent Hub. Themed ‘Securing sustainable and equitable energy for the next 50 years and beyond’, the conference will cover energy security, energy transition, innovative technology, and future talent topics.

Stäubli and ABB join forces to reduce green house gases in mining | Stäubli

Stäubli and ABB join forces to reduce greenhouse gases in mining. “Today’s mining environments need industrial leaders to collaborate and support the transition to all-electric operations. We look forward to teaming up with ABB to explore and develop technology solutions that will lead the way for emission free mining operations." said Winnijar Kauz, Stäubli Electrical Connectors’ Global Business Head of E-mobility.

Martin® Manufactured Canoe Liner

Installed inside conveyor transfer point skirtboards, Martin Manufactured Canoe Liners absorb impact and abrasion and creates a dam to shield the sealing system from the weight of the material load, prolonging the life of the seal. Martin Manufactured Canoe Liners feature a steel plate molded inside the urethane to prevent bond issues. Liners are also stackable to line higher drop chutes.

Spectrum M5i.33xx Digitizers - Introduction

Spectrum M5i.33xx Digitizers - Introduction

These digitizers offer a stunning combination of ultrafast 10 GS/s sampling speed, 12-bit vertical resolution, and market-leading 12.8 GB/s data streaming over the PCIe bus. These cards are a powerful package for engineers and scientists dealing with today’s most challenging GHz-range electronic signals.

KYOCERA AVX Sensing and Control Solutions EV HEV Applications

KYOCERA AVX Sensing and Control Solutions EV HEV Applications
As our companies have been partners for leading automotive manufacturers and system suppliers for more than four decades.

Today, a significant portion of our products is focused on electric mobility and hybrid drives.

Injection Moulding at CamdenBoss

At CamdenBoss, we provide high-quality Injection Moulding services for all types of OEMs. Our modern production facility and cutting-edge technologies ensure precise, efficient and rapid manufacturing for your project. Here Katy Davies (Managing Director) and Mark Russell (Engineering Director) shed light about CamdenBoss’ recent Injection Moulding Investment and the importance of UK Manufacturing.

Two 215Te Super Grid Transformers, from Stafford to Kintore Substation

Utilising their 250 Tonne girder bridge, Collett & Sons Ltd deliver two 215 Tonne super grid transformers from GE Stafford to Leylodge, Kintore. Delivering each of the transformers on separate occasions, Collett mobilised their 250 Tonne capacity Goldhofer girder bridge in modular form. Once loaded, the transformer and girder bridge combination featured a 65.8 metre overall length, with a rigid length of 41.6 metres.


Frewitt PMV-320 Pin Mill enables users to achieve unprecedented performance while removing all risks encountered during milling. Frewitt proposes a new Gold-Standard in terms of safety for the user: low stable process temperature preserving API proper-ties, consistent PSD and the elimination of explosion in the smallest possible footprint.


The Dunlop solution to problems related to ripping and tearing is UsFlex, which has longitudinal rip resistance more than five times that of multi-ply belts of equivalent rating because of our unique straight-warp construction. UsFlex provides impact resistance up to three times greater than that of conventional plied belting. Learn more here.

English_RECOM RPX series: Ultra compact QFN-package power modules

The RECOM RPX modules are exceptional due to flip-chip technology which increases power density and improves thermal management, opening up new possibilities in industrial automation, portable devices, and high-density or weight-sensitive applications.

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