Fire & Explosion Protection

New simplified valve design for gas networks

This unit from Oxford Flow has only one moving part

Ensuring the safety of instrumentation

How the oil and gas industries can improve tube and fittings designs

New safety valve locking mechanism prevents unauthorised tampering

Industrial valves used in power plants, Oil and Gas or in the chemical industries can be better protected



Improved Sensing For Mud Gas

Checking the liquid levels for greater safety

Lighting in hazardous areas

Some thoughts on calculating lifecycle costs

IEC 60067-19: What is it and what does it mean to me?

Dr Martin Killeen of the AEMT (Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades) outlines the requirements of the international repair, overhaul and reclamation of hazardous area equipment standard

Safer cabling at gas production site

West Nile Delta megaproject in Egypt improves EMC protection

Enhanced PID sniffs out aromatic compounds

Latest update designed to offer simplicity and performance for users in oil refineries and petrochemical plants

Acoustic tech seeks unexploded ordinance

Deep BV takes delivery of Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2 positioning equipment to support UXO surveys

Honeywell launches a connected gas detector

The device uses Bluetooth connectivity to speed up compliance reporting

Engineering fire safety

Engineering fire safety: pre-incident planning

Remote detection and localisation of gas leaks

RoboGasInspector provides a safer, more efficient and more reliable detection solution for gas leaks in industrial facilities

Partnership in safety and risk

Offers customers data management and visualisation solutions for industrial and commercial asset/risk reporting

New experimental data released to enhance CO2 pipeline design

Data relating to the depressurisation of CO2 pipelines is being made freely available through industry cooperation

New modular inert gas systems

Alfa Laval releases the next generation of the Smit inert gas system for LNG and LPG carriers

New compressor technology

ATR brings next generation compressors to Norwegian market

New respiratory protection solution

Scott Safety launches the new Proflow 3EX with AX gas filtration

Issues associated with tropicalising pumps

Exploring the issues to consider when tropicalising oil and gas pumps for extreme heat and humidity



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