Honeywell launches a connected gas detector

Jon Lawson

The new Sensepoint XRL fixed gas detector monitors industrial operations for specific hazardous gases, such as carbon monoxide or methane. Unlike other fixed gas detectors, Sensepoint XRL is Bluetooth-enabled, meaning it can be set up and maintained remotely using a smartphone app.

“Setting up, maintaining and generating reports from a fixed gas detector has usually been a time-consuming effort involving ladders or lifts, multiple personnel and even temporary equipment or production shutdowns,” said Duncan Gooch, product manager, gas detection, for Honeywell Industrial Safety. “With new Bluetooth connectivity, a single worker can quickly carry out a range of tasks – from set-up and maintenance to reporting – in hazardous areas from the safety of ground level.”

When paired with an intrinsically safe smartphone available from Honeywell, a single worker can perform many standard maintenance tasks, including set-up, commissioning, and calibration wirelessly from up to 10 metres away. Sensepoint XRL and the app can quickly produce system reports necessary for safety and environmental regulatory compliance.

It is certified for explosive area applications, and is suitable for wastewater, utilities, power generation, laboratories, and downstream oil and gas operations and applications ranging from laboratories to boiler rooms and fuel stations to warehouses.

The detector monitors for hazardous levels of one targeted gas from among a selectable range of 23 toxic and combustible gases. It is IP 66-rated and uses a metal enclosure to stand up to rugged use including hosedowns.

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