New isolation gasket range from GPT

Jon Lawson

Garlock Pipeline Technologies (GPT) has announced the unveiling of Evolution, the next generation of isolation gaskets, tight sealing, high-temperature operation, no permeation, hydrotesting isolation, fire-safety and chemical-resistance.

Featuring a thinner, 1/8” design, Evolution minimises the difficulties often encountered when attempting to install thicker isolating gaskets. The full-coating encapsulation allows it to be hydrotested and left in the pipeline with the same isolation properties as before it was tested.
Evolution's coating (a GPT proprietary material) is abrasion and impact resistant while providing chemical resistance to H2S, steam, CO, CO2 and other chemicals often found in oil and gas pipelines. This fully encapsulated coating also prevents the need for expensive exotic cores, as it eliminates contact to exposed metal.
The gasket features the highest tightness parameters for any product available in the market today. With demands placed on the oil and gas industry to improve leakage rates, the increased levels of tightness achieved will exceed requirements and result in greater joint integrity.
An acceleration in H2S levels as operators drill deeper and more aggressively causes traditional GRE products to become vulnerable over time. Through extensive testing Evolution has demonstrated virtually no permeation or degradation, eliminating this costly problem. Evolution has no laminations and as a result can better withstand high-pressure environments.
Rated to 500°F (260°C), the material can operate under high temperatures. Tested for safety, the product has API 6FB, 3rd Edition Fire Test recognition.
As with existing GPT high pressure isolation gaskets, Evolution features pressure energised seals, a fire-safe Inconel 718 c-ring, built to match pipe bore, a short moment arm, moisture and humidity resistance, zero creep relaxation and a 316LSS core.


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