New simplified valve design for gas networks

Jon Lawson

Oxford Flow has launched the IM gas regulator valve. The launch follows a successful ongoing trial with SGN where the valve has been installed and commissioned, regulating gas pressure within an Accuracy Class of 1.5 per cent. This accuracy the valve offers in comparison to conventional technologies enables utilities and operators to achieve faster network stability on commissioning, even where flow rates vary significantly. 

In conventional valves, the diaphragm tends to be the most common failure point. Oxford Flow’s new design has eliminated the diaphragm, stem and external mechanical actuator. With only one moving part, the design minimises potential leaks and the risk of fugitive emissions – maximising efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.
Neil Poxon, CEO at Oxford Flow, commented: “This is a significant step forward for the valve industry. As many companies across the industries we serve look for ways to minimise costs, this gas regulator enables just that. Our recent valve testing and developments in the UK, Germany and USA have enabled us to improve and perfect the regulator so that we can now roll the technology out to the wider industry with confidence.”



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