Partnership in safety and risk

Paul Boughton

Safety and risk management consultancy GexCon has formed a collaboration with specialist geomatic surveyors and BIM experts Severn Partnership to offer customers data management and visualisation solutions for industrial and commercial asset/risk reporting.

Under a memorandum of understanding, customers will benefit from the enhanced and potentially highly visual information that can be created using the detailed scans and models produced by Severn’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) experts.

This will be used in GexCon’s ignition hazard analysis and combustion science models. Also enhancing health and safety training across all types of organisations facing the constant challenge of maintaining high levels of site safety and risk mitigation.

Under the UK Government’s BIM initiative, new technologies and ways of working have been identified to make each stage of an infrastructure’s lifecycle more efficient, from initial build, through maintenance to decommissioning, at many levels. 

GexCon, international experts in the field of explosions and consequence prediction uses bespoke laboratories and test facilities to understand complex phenomenon such as explosions to allow better understanding of how to achieve robust safety systems and processes. 

Severn Partnership have been early adopters of the latest surveying technologies and BIM, using this with many of the UKs leading construction and engineering companies.  As one of the leading exponents in this area they are now bringing a whole new dimension to these models in terms of risk tagging, training and simulation through games engine based technology.



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