Equipment chosen for sewage handling system in Caspian sea

Paul Boughton

Three TR Munchers and three Compact C range pumps from NOV Mono have been chosen for a demanding sewage handling operation in the Caspian Sea. They will be used to macerate and pump black water on a deep-water semi-submersible drilling rig which is located there.

The Mono equipment has been selected by Wärtsilä Water Systems of Poole, which provides products and solutions for offshore facilities used in oil and gas exploration, development, and production, as well as marine vessels. “The equipment we provide for a project such as this will have to withstand some extremely harsh offshore conditions and comply with environmental legislation. So we need pumps and macerators that we can rely on,” comments Wärtsilä’s projects manager, Jeremy Freeman. “We know Mono’s equipment very well, and we would always consider it for a project of this kind."

The Mono TR Munchers will be used to macerate the black and grey water produced on the platform, at a capacity of 8.8m3/h. They are designed specifically for the efficient maceration of abrasive sludges, and are very effective in capturing irregular shaped objects, thanks to their layback cutter shafts which are set at an angle to the incoming flow. The shafts operate at different speeds to tear apart any solids, while a cantilever shaft design reduces the number of wearing components by eliminating the need for bottom bearings and seals.

The Muncher also features Mono’s EZstrip technology which allows the unit to be maintained in place, thus drastically reducing the maintenance time required and maximising availability. Any rejected objects are allowed to fall into an easy-access waste trap which is set below the cutter stacks to prevent damage.   Munchers can be supplied to comply with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for this type of hazardous area application.

The three Mono Compact C Range progressing cavity pumps, which operate with a Wärtsilä Water Systems membrane bioreactor, provide a fluid transfer solution that will fit into the compact space of the platform, yet still perform reliably and efficiently at 2 bar pressure. Available in cast iron or stainless steel, and with a choice of rotor and stator materials for different applications, these high pressure pumps eliminate the need for a series of pumps when pumping over long distances or with high head requirements.

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