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Future focus

Lisa Rass interviews Götz Ruprecht to discover his vision for the future of nuclear power

No time to waste

Latest innovations demonstrate that the time is now for waste-to-energy schemes

Bespoke modular water treatment plant

Ensuring that wastewater the highest possible environmental standards

Unleashing the digital potential of valve actuators

Supporting plant operators across all phases of the plant’s lifecycle

Custody transfer partnership

The partnership will ensure the timely and safe delivery of oil and gas, helping to avoid shutdowns of primary infrastructure

Hybrid electric flight

Hybrid-electric propulsion technology offers significant potential to optimise efficiency across a range of different aircraft applications

Diamonds are an EV’s best friend

A new technique for slicing diamonds into thin wafers is paving the way for their adoption as a next-generation semiconductor material

Securing solar

How an innovative diazirine crosslinker is enabling ultra-stable prevoskite solar cells while limiting degradation

Rupture disc that ‘breathes’

To increase equipment safety and reliability, a novel rupture disc technology activates at a set burst pressure, but can ‘breathe’ to relieve minor pressure fluctuations

Smartphone for harsh working environments

5.5-inch smartphone with advanced features has been developed for mission critical and industrial communication

Magnetic mould clamping system

Two industry leaders join forces

Subsea valve developments

Double gate valves on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Cool it

How can the reliability of high-end servers in tough environments be increased?

Charged up

The series finale of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in London showcased the innovative e-mobility technologies of today. We take a closer look at the charging technology powering the championship, and how innovation is making its way from the race track into the commercial and industrial vehicles of the future

The future of EVs

How feasible is green magnetic EV engine power?

High-tech adhesives

Enabling precise metering for the dispensing of low volumes of UV adhesives with integrated LED UV curing

Flameless venting done right

Mistakes in flameless explosion protection can lead to danger and damage, explains Tomáš Wyka

Enabling low-carbon hauling

Drew Larsen explains why OEM-agnostic autonomous haulage is a critical part of decarbonisation initiatives

Just add lightness

Looking at a new lightweight, high-power electric drive system for high-performance EVs

New adhesives for consumer electronics

Organic photovoltaics (OPV) and Perovskite-based systems are creating radically new applications in consumer electronics