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Forging Superior Steel With Special Properties

Gregory Navarre details how steel bar with special properties boosts productivity

Elevating Drone Design

Hayley Everett speaks to a UAV design expert to discover how 3D printing is enabling greater design freedom and flexibility for industrial drones

Reactor that transforms waste plastics into renewable fuels ready for customer trials

The R2 Plastic can handle plastic feedstocks such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene.

New test and validation solution

A fully automated test and validation solution that renders faster test times, higher-quality measurements, and an intuitive user interface

Advanced dust control system

The new system provides superior monitoring, optimizing dust collector system performance and increasing uptime

Protection, sensing and control features in a single chip

A new series of circuit protection devices for consumer electronics has been launched.

Mastering Micro Moulding

Aaron Johnson discusses tolerance attainment in micro moulding applications

Composites race ahead

Racecar features honeycomb material in front wing designed to withstand forces 1,000 times its own weight

Substation jacket installed

SLPE-Designed Hollandse Kust (west Alpha) Substation Jacket Installed in the North Sea

Testing Technology To Ensure Supply Chain Integrity

Failure analysis and reliability testing: why SAM is now considered essential equipment

Paving A New Road For EVCs

Mike Logan on driving the electric vehicle charging (EVC) station market down a new path towards touch display technology

New technology packages announced

Offering building-block architecture for future technologies

Antimicrobial technology for water-based coatings

LapisShield helps to protect treated surfaces from various sources of microbial degradation.

New series of airflow monitors

Intuitively adjustable airflow monitors with G1/2 thread for zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas

Bridging the Prototyping To Production Gap

Léonie Hilsdon & Mark Elvy on going beyond design validation with 3D printing

Reaching New Heights

NASA gives boost to “hybrid” circulators, launching mmWave systems higher than ever before

Patent opens door for solid-state deep cooling thermal management

A new class of solid-state thermal management systems has been made possible by a new patent.

Smart textiles: transforming the everyday

Chris Hunter and Mark Sugden explore innovation in smart textiles

Cooling for power electronics

Cool your power semiconductor reliably with the compact HZ210 active heat sink

New modular lightweight connector

For versatile, adaptable electrical connections between the main functions of the rail vehicle electrical traction chain