New degasser to streamline chemistry laboratories

Nicola Brittain

A new eight channel degassing solution enhances performance of AutoSyn AB’s advanced flow chemistry system.

Existing off-the-shelf degassing solutions do not always cover user needs and this was the case with the AutoSyn advanced flow chemistry lab.

The lab, developed at Chalmers and commercialised by AutoSyn AB aims to transform the way chemistry is done, by ensuring faster reaction sequences for chemical compounds, it also promises less resource waste than other solutions on the market.

The system is configured like a miniaturised, bench scale ‘chemical plant’ with integrated analytics. Modular components allow for variations in temperature and pressure and enable integration of custom and off-the-shelf reactor technologies.

However, the degassing performance offered was not sufficient for customer needs.

Owing to space limitations the eight solvent reservoirs in the system had to be placed below the point of use which required a positive nitrogen pressure to avoid cavitation. In addition, these space limitations called for a special degasser solution accommodating eight degassing channels in one single unit.

An eight-channel degasser solution

In response to their customer Autosyn’s needs degassing equipment manufacturer Biotech Fluidics developed a custom eight-channel degasser to simultaneously degas delivery of eight different solvents.

This application, an custom-designed degasser, only took a few weeks to develop from first idea to integration and operation with the AutoSyn flow chemistry system.

AutoSyn´s business expertise is the automation of chemical development and the company’s Autonomous Chemistry Lab flow chemistry system allows users to optimise chemical reactions in weeks rather than months with inline and online analytics - this helps deliver a greener and more sustainable work flow.

Hannes Schomaker, co-founder, and CTO of AutoSyn AB said “During the development of the Autonomous Chemistry Lab we sought a knowledgeable partner to engineer a high-performance degassing system optimised to remove reactive gases from solvents and solutions used in the system.

“We selected Biotech Fluidics because of their many years’ expertise in degassing technology and the company’s ability to very quickly produce a degassing system that exactly met our needs. The build quality, degassing performance, and reliability of the resultant eight-channel Degasi Plus module has exceeded our expectations”.

Solution avoids product disruption

Degassers with up to six channels are the standard portfolio of Biotech Fluidics and the Degasi Plus, although the Autosyn product was bespoke in that it had eight channels.

The Degasi Plus system saves industry time and money by avoiding production disruptions caused by bubbles in the fluidic lines. It also has a small footprint, a new vacuum pump and parallel connected vacuum chambers, There is also easier troubleshooting and replacement of parts than with comparable products, according to the company.

The system has easy accessibility and visibility and can be equipped for a wide range of applications, depending on the type of performance needed.


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