Biogen Wireshield

Biogen Wireshield is a VGP-compliant Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) with no loss of performance. The usage of EALs is enforced by law.

Biogen Wireshield carries the European Ecolabel and is designed for use on wire ropes and umbilicals.


Clean Gas from Waste: Biogas and Biofuel by BASF Verbio

The film looks at biogas and its role as a major energy mix resource. The film describes the increasing importance of biogas and BASF's contribution to making its use more efficient. BASF customer Verbio, Germany's leading biofuel manufacturer headquartered in Leipzig, Saxony, serves as an example.

Biogas is obtained by fermenting the most diverse substrates such as domestic waste, plants or sewage sludge. Depending on the starting material, the gas mix this generates contains only 50 to 70% of useful methane. The rest is made up by associated gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which may cause severe corrosion. So the gas must be purified before it can be fed to the natural gas grid. BASF offers a new gas treatment process for this, which Verbio is using sucessfully. 


Egger Process Pumps EO / EOS (english) -

Ordinary radial impellers are known for their limited transport of gas content which results in a drastic reduction of output to the point where delivery stops altogether.

The special blade geometry of Egger EO/EOS family of high-performance pumps for homogeneous liquids guarantees the delivery of gas contents up to 25 vol. %, as has been proven in numerous reactor loop installations in the chemical industry. This hydraulic family exhibits low NPSHR values and a high suction capability.

The pumps in the EO and EOS families are equipped with a wear plate that can be adjusted from the outside and with which one can reset the impeller gap back to its original size. Thus, the specified original delivery characteristic values can be restored and a replacement can be usually omitted in the longer term.

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Peak Scientific Product Overview

Discover Peak Scientific's product range, including its innovative R&D, modern manufacturing facilities and its  testing and inspection procedures.

Barriquand Heat Exchanger Cleaning Video - SODECOM

The application is to heat 'digestat' from a fermentation tank to 73°C so that this digestat is sterilised and can be further used as fertiliser.
The unit is cleaned on a routine basis every Saturday and the cleaning time is around 25 minutes. The heat transfer area is 40 M².
The feedback to the fermentation tank is food residue collected from restaurants, food shops, etc.
The gap between the plates on the digestat is 12mm only and is wide enough to ensure a perfect cleaning accessibility and efficiency.

Inpro/Seal Sentinel FBS

Inpro/Seal, a leader in the design and manufacture of custom engineered sealing and shaft grounding solutions, has released a new product video. The Sentinel Floating Brush Seal (FBS) product video illustrates how the Sentinel FBS enhances process steam turbine performance.

Carbon rings are commonly used to seal against steam leakage in process steam turbines. Yet, they are weak, brittle and deteriorate quickly, rendering them ineffective in a short period of time. The Sentinel FBS provides an effective sealing solution, increasing uptime and decreasing maintenance costs. Designed as a drop-in replacement for standard carbon rings, the Sentinel FBS uses a metallic brush that serves as the primary seal while a carbon element provides face sealing. This innovative technology increases maintenance intervals to three times longer than those of carbon rings while providing a stable leakage reduction. 


Softstart ATEX Panel and System Building

Softstart UK addresses hazardous area system design with new video

Softstart UK has produced a new video exploring the complexities of system design for hazardous area applications where there is a risk of explosion. The video explains how certified equipment and techniques can be used to minimise risk.

Giving viewers a greater appreciation of the hazards involved, the video focuses on the key international standards. These include not only the ATEX Directive safety guidelines in Europe, but also the National Electrical Code in North America, and the IEC-Ex certification scheme, which is increasingly recognised worldwide.

In particular, the video focuses on the importance of certified housings, cabinets and control panels that might house inverters, PLCs, softstarters, sensors, switches, transformers and relays. It explains the requirements, and outlines how Softstart UK can develop certified solutions that assure the highest levels of safety which increasing the functional performance of the machinery or system.

Softstart UK delivers certified explosion-proof control panels to the most demanding industries, right across the world. Managing Director Stuart Harvey comments: “Panel building isn’t just about putting components in a box. It’s about understanding the nuances and subtleties of particular sectors in particular regions of the world, and then developing solutions that increase the functional performance of the machinery or system.”


Temperature Measurements with IR Thermal Imagers

See how to use a thermal imager as a real tool instead of just a cool toy. Get more information and data from your thermal imaging camera. This video steps through the task of measuring the temperature of two different vacuum pump motors with the same image. With the Agilent U5855A Thermal Imager, you can get min/max readings, get temperatures from multiple spots on your thermal display, or take the average temperatures in multiple areas on your IR image.

Atlas Copco presents: Scaletec




Gradall XL 4310 III Sidwell Limestone Mine Zanesville OH

Falls of ground underground continue to feature in most sets of underground mining safety statistics. The term suggests, often wrongly, a major collapse of roof or sides but falls of individual but heavy, loose boulder or cobbles from a hanging position can equally cause death or major injury to anyone in the vicinity. For more click HERE.

Videos 1: Atlas Copco presents: Scaletec: - Introduction to Atlas Copco’s Scaletec mechanised scaling rig and its operation

Video 2: DVD585 of 1996 by PublicResourcesOrg – Scaling produced by US Mine Safety and Health Administration describing safe scaling procedures, both manual and mechanised

Video 3: Gradall Excavators’ XL 4310 Series III model in use for scaling at Sidwell Materials’ new limestone mine in Zanesville, Ohio

DustBoss DB R Video

First developed for a coal application, the DustBoss DB-R fully encircles the discharging material to apply suppression directly as the flow exits the conveyor. 

With no moving parts, the simple yet effective engineering delivers focused dust suppression on a continuous-duty basis, able to capture fugitive particles on radial stackers and other offloading points with a durable, intrinsically safe design. For more click HERE.