Quenching device with OpenFOAM

Multiphase flow based on OpenFOAM's volume of fluid method, simulation performed by DHCAE Tools GmbH. 

OMEGA - Delivering an exceptional customer experience

OMEGA, the manufacturer of process and control instrumentation, offers a full line of measuring instruments for temperature, pressure, flow, automation, data acquisition, electric heaters and laboratories.

Giant UK battery launched to tackle challenges in energy storage

One of the UK’s largest battery-based energy storage facilities has been connected to the grid as part of new research led by the University of Sheffield on the growing area of energy storage.

Introducing the new STAMFORD S0 and S1 alternators


The new STAMFORD S0 & S1 alternators, which have been designed for enhanced usability, draws on Cummins Generator Technologies’ 100 years’ of experience of developing and manufacturing high performance and efficient power generation technology. The products, ranging from 7.5 to 62.5 kVA, bring to market the most compact and lightweight industrial alternators of its kind, primarily aimed at the global standby market.

Vaisala Cleanroom, At the origins of reliable sensors

For one Martian year (686 Earth days) Vaisala sensors will gather pressure and humidity data in the extreme environmental conditions of the Martian atmosphere.

The sensors are part of very rugged instrumentation designed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), which has collaborated with Vaisala on space exploration projects for over 24 years.

In this video, join Hannu, Luoto, head of the Vaisala sensor factory, for a tour of the facilities and learn more about how the company created sensors reliable enough to withstand a Martian year in space. 


Fit & Forget - RECOM REDIN Dinrail Module

In this video Recom presents its new REDIN Din rail module that is designed to be a 'fit and forget' solution.

Energy Data Management with zenon

Sustainability and the preservation of natural resources is becoming increasingly important - but that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult, according to COPA-DATA UK Ltd.

By using zenon Energy Data Management system, you can easily predict energy usage by viewing historical data as well as consumption in real-time. This data can then be analysed to see if it can be optimised and then evaluated to see where savings can be made.


The Vent Mist Eliminator removes visible oil vapour from the air stream of vents in lubricating oil systems. It prevents oil mist from contaminating air or soil and eliminates oil residue build-up on engine room floors, enclosures, and stairwells.

The Vent Mist Eliminator - from The Hilliard Corporation - is suited for use in large, high-speed rotating equipment such as gas and steam turbines, turbo compressors, reciprocating engines, compressors, high-speed couplings, and gear boxes.

Easy-Laser - The Total Alignment Solution

Easy-Laser: the total alignment solution

One of the key features of Easy-Laser is its ability to adapt to user needs, and to solve almost any alignment application problem. This is what its maker calls 'The Total Alignment Solution' (T.A.S.). This video provides a quick overview on alignment applications that Easy-Laser provides a solution for.

Experiences from operating an automated longwall system

In this video the Kopex Group shares the wisdom it has gathered over the years in the field of long wall systems for underground coal mining.

The video uses a installation at the Pniówek Coal Mine in Poland to illustrate the advantages of automated long wall systems.