Think green for the sake of the environment

Testing of power supplies, energy storage or electronic components for function, performance and parameters is generally done using electronic loads

Measure temperature and humidity with mobile

Sensirion has announced the integration of humidity and temperature sensor into smartphones, setting a new standard for ambient sensing

Four axis motion controller: flexible device concept for specific adjustments

The new C-884 motion controller from PI permits a vector movement of positioning systems with DC motors in four axes.

Waveform monitor with HDMI/HDCP connection

WFM/WVR5250 waveform monitors and rasterizers enable monitoring of video and audio loudness output of set-top boxes and Blu-ray Players

Isolated serial repeater extends and isolates RS-422/485 serial networks

Provides 1.5Mbps throughput, 2kV triple isolation, slim DIN rail mount form factor & top/bottom terminal blocks for easy access

Advances in high precision trace moisture measurement

Trials of new high sensitivity moisture transmitters measuring trace water content have demonstrated high precision and stability at the sub ppm levels

Start-up gains key partners to power the Internet of Things

A Swedish start-up has developed open source software to control devices in the Internet of Things and signed up two key partners. Nick Flaherty reports

Caution – Leakage currents!

Herbert Blum investigates leakage currents in fault-current protected environments

Follow these ten steps to getting the connector right

When it comes to reliable system operation, choosing the right connector is key. Follow these ten steps to research the ideal connector early in the design phase and you can positively impact the design, usability and cost. David Cianciolo reports

Analytical electronic valves available in 2/2 or 3/2

Ppneumatic valves utilise a patented valve system that has been used and proven throughout many industries

The silent peril of electromagnetic interference

Most automotive engineers are familiar with mechanical and electrical vehicle design and testing requirements, but fewer will also know about all the EMC design and testing requirements for conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles. Boris Sedacca reports

From thermocouples to thermal imaging

Instrumentation for temperature measurement covers everything from simple thermocouples to sophisticated thermal imaging systems suitable for installation in potentially hazardous areas

Find out the true cost of potentiometers

Potentiometers are still, by far, the most commonly used position sensor. They are widely seen as the low cost solution for many position sensing applications. But is their reputation for low cost justified? Mark Howard takes a holistic view on the cost of potentiometers

0rganic light emitting diodes capture the market

Voltage is applied to organic semiconductor materials, the electric energy (current) is converted and light of an engineerable wavelength is generated

Stepper-controlled proportional valve

Clippard's high-flow 2/2 stepper-controlled proportional valve is suitable in critical applications such as gas delivery, medical, analytical

Factory automation: closing the 'last metre'

Daniel Heining explains how a smart interface can close the 'last metre' gap in factory automation

Co-ordinate measurement: quick product to market response

Design engineers are increasingly turning to co-ordinate measurement and additive layer manufacturing techniques to bring products quickly to market. Boris Sedacca reports on the latest techniques to speed up data capture and 3D desktop CAD design

Ruggedised 300W 3U compactPCI power supplies

Conformal coating make them suitable for extreme industrial, MIL/COTS and marine applications



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