Dynali H3 ultralight helicopter uses angle sensors with dual-redundant output

Jon Lawson

Dual-redundant angle position sensing for safety critical tasks: ultralight helicopter includes Hall Effect angle sensors

The Dynali Helicopter Company, based in Belgium, designs and manufactures the H3 EasyFlyer Sport ultralight helicopter. The leading two-seater microlight helicopter offers affordable pricing for both for purchase and operation and is aimed at utility, flight training and leisure use. As part of the sensing and measurement equipment on board the H3, Variohm EuroSensor supplies its Euro XPD series Hall Effect angle sensors with dual-redundant output to provide position feedback for the throttle valve as well the aircraft´s collective climb and descend position.

The H3 is an ultralight two-seat helicopter with a side-by-side cabin configuration. Designed to meet the latest global standards in the aviation industry whilst keeping all elements of the design very simple, a four-cylinder, 1,350cc engine for 110HP powers the aircraft. An over-dimensioned monobloc tubular stainless steel chassis carries all the principal components, including engine block, cabin, tail structure, and all the main and rear rotor transmission mechanics. The high-strength steel main rotor is controlled by rigid rods via a swashplate mechanism with the main rotor blades manufactured in extruded aluminium or optionally in carbon.

On-site manufacturing and careful selection of appropriate materials ensures that the H3 EasyFlyer Sport offers the highest possible level of safety and simplicity.

For the throttle valve, the Variohm Euro XPD position sensor is factory-configured for a range of 120° with a 135° offset (relative to the cable outlet), with its ratiometric output signal at 5% to 95% of the 5 VDC input signal. For the collective climb and descend position, a different factory set-up is provided. Both variants for Dynali include special cable and connector assemblies. As standard, the Euro XPD angle sensor series offers dual-track redundancy for safety-critical use with a full 360° range, or with factory-configured angle output from 20⁰ up to 360⁰.

The fully encapsulated sensor is available in 32 and 38mm diameter housing options and includes IP68 environmental protection and extreme resilience for shock and vibration. A reinforced mounting-flange with stainless steel kidney washers adds further durability. 8mm D-Shaft mechanical interfacing and non-contacting Hall Effect technology offers simple yet effective installation and extremely long operational life – in excess of 50 million movements.

The coupling-free sensor has a strong pedigree for throttle position sensing in professional motorsports and other arduous high-duty cycle position feedback applications.

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