Step-by-step configuration of connectors

Louise Smyth

The new configurator from Stäubli Electrical Connectors simplifies planning during the construction process and supports design process optimisation by simple integration of step data files.

The tool guarantees compatibility and transparency – from planning, inquiries to commissioning and after-sales. The engineering of tomorrow is digital; making data consistency vital. Merging all types of digital product and production data in the real world is a central prerequisite for Industry 4.0. This is where the CombiTac configurator comes into play, providing 3D data in addition to offering optimised processes and time savings.

The customer can configure a modular connector system precisely based on specifications. Incorrect combinations are automatically reduced to a minimum thanks to the intelligent system.

Stäubli has comprehensively restructured the CombiTac configurator that was developed 14 years ago. Even back then, it was an advanced tool with helpful features; the 2.0 version is even better and not just visually impressive. Stäubli completely redesigned the new CombiTac configurator in-house together with customers and in consideration of market needs and now offers an advanced tool that can be used on all current browsers. This enables new perspectives for the user, who can now autonomously and without much prior knowledge create the required CombiTac easily and precisely as well as tailored to individual needs.

As an additional service, pre-assembled cables are available to the customer, which allows quick and secure installation.

It is clear for Stäubli that processes must be further simplified and automated, tracking should be facilitated and order processing optimised. In the future, user comfort, precision, easy assembly and safety will still be in the focus.

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