Test & Measurement Connectors From Staubli

Louise Smyth

Stäubli pluggable connectors are used in test and measurement technology, as well as in numerous industries such as power supply, automation, transportation, medical technology and renewable energies.

The range of products, including modular connector systems, multi-pole and round connectors, and contact elements with plug-in technology, are suitable for demanding applications involving a high current-carrying capacity and high numbers of mating cycles, as well as outdoor applications. Customer-specific solutions are the ideal addition to the comprehensive standard assortment. Tailored products allow solutions that are ideally suited to the requirements of an application.

Stäubli test accessories are used for a wide variety of measurement tasks: from low to medium voltage, from DC to high-frequency measurement technology, for testing and measuring or for system diagnosis and components. Stäubli Electrical Connectors test accessories stand for high quality, reliability and repeatability. The insulated testing equipment for safe work from CAT O to CAT IV meets and exceeds the current safety guidelines. A wide selection of measurement leads, plugs, sockets, test probes, various test clips, and crocodile clips is available. The product range also includes accessories for high-frequency measurement technology, as well as highly flexible cables and wires.

The core of the connection solutions is the innovative Multilam technology. Pluggable connectors with specially shaped robust contact elements are characterised by excellent technical properties such as low contact resistance, low power loss, and high contact quality. They ensure energy efficiency in operation and a long lifespan even under harsh conditions.

Isoprobe test probes have been proven for over 30 years and are prized for their good electrical properties. Isoprobe high-frequency test probes are the standard for use with portable oscilloscopes from Fluke and Tektronix.

One exceptional feature of the probes has always been their touch-protected design, which makes them ideal for safe use with insulated measuring devices. The probes have undergone continuous development, in close cooperation with the device manufacturers in some cases.

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