Novel compact lensed ferrule for connectors

The harsh environment fibre optic components (HEFO) market is dominated by volumes of commercial and industrial products, such as optical connectors for Industry 4.0.

Step-by-step configuration of connectors

New configurator from Stäubli Electrical Connectors simplifies planning during the construction process and supports design process optimisation

New standard for industrial automation

The optoNCDT 1220 from Micro-Epsilon is a laser sensor with an attractive price/performance ratio, high measurement accuracy and ease of use



How Smart Technology Is Creating The Internet of Beings (IoB)

Wim Vanheertum explains that when it comes to disruptive wearable technology and the IoT, connectivity drives the transition to the Internet of Beings

4 Ways To Make Hospitals Smarter

Dennis van Doorn describes how a resilient IoT mesh network could deliver higher quality hospital care for less money and lower the pressure on human resources

The Benefits Of Hexapods

Birgit Schulze reveals how hexapods enable higher precision for industrial applications

How Legacy Equipment & Emerging Technology Can Work Together

Jonathan Wilkins explains the – surprisingly positive – relationship between legacy equipment and emerging technology

Reed Switches vs Hall Effect Switches: Which Is Best

Reed switches versus Hall effect switches: two solutions for technical applications

The Rise In Circular Displays

There’s an ongoing trend in the market towards circular displays and many engineers are curious to explore this as a product design option. Mike Logan explains why the circular display is 360° of style and substance

Building Smarter Crash-Test Dummies

Erica Mutch reveals how a redesigned component helps build smarter crash-test dummies

How an innovative resin solution solved an LED lens issue

Julia Vorley introduces an innovative resin solution that solved an LED lens issue

Torque sensors gain from rental option

Equipment rentals are increasingly helping companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects.

How 3D Sensors Are Helping Pick-And-Place Robots

As more repetitive tasks are being handled by robots there are ways of making the robots smarter and more versatile

How do you improve reliability of high-end sensors in tough environments?

In tough environments the air is dirty and dust is sucked into electronic housing. This can cause systems to stop operating.



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