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Improving Well Integrity

Downhole wireless integrity monitoring system deployed

High Intensity Compact LED-UV Curing Spot Lamp

Small but Powerful – New High Intensity, Compact LED-UV Curing Spot Lamp. Techsil introduce the newly launched Hönle LED Spot 40 IC.

New engine plant opens in Thailand

The facility is the result of a 22.1 billion yen investment

Extrusion lamination advances

Cleaner end products are just one of the advantages

Work starts on Norwegian continental shelf

Mooring equipment and services will include chain, fibre ropes, anchors, connectors…

IEC 60067-19: What is it and what does it mean to me?

Dr Martin Killeen of the AEMT (Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades) outlines the requirements of the international repair, overhaul and reclamation of hazardous area equipment standard

High resolution back illuminated sCMOS camera

To see or not to see: if every single photon counts, the new pco.panda 4.2 bi can lead you to the answer.

IIoT connectivity enhanced

Complex in-field automation and control tasks to benefit

Solar power station comes online

This is West Canada's first utility-scale solar venture

Swedish engine factory goes "climate-neutral"

Waste incineration, biomass and recycled bio-fuels fuel the site

Seal failure analysis app

It's designed to visually identify and prevent future mechanical seal failures

New widescreen HMI

The unit features twin ethernet ports and a sound output interface, with built-in speaker and amplifier

Inert welding gas monitored

This is designed for use in ultra clean conditions like semi-conductor, aerospace and pharmaceutical manufacturing

New digital thermometers

These can be used to record minimum, maximum and average values to identify extremes

Remote hose disconnector for greener wind power

The hydraulic oil is pumped out instead of being discharged into the sea

Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers

SMC Diode Solutions now provides the dual, high power SDUR60P60WT series of ultrafast rectifiers in a three-leaded TO-247AD (Pb-Free) package.

Quick Connect Attenuators

Pasternack Debuts Quick Connect Attenuators with QMA, QN and 4.3-10 Connectorized Designs. New Fixed Attenuators Available with Frequency Ranges from DC to 6 GHz

World's first plastics strategy

European Bioplastics (EUBP) welcomes world's first plastics strategy

Leak Detection Technology Prevents Power Outages

FLIR Systems has published a technical note that describes how its GF343 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera is helping utility companies using hydrogen-cooled generators avoid costly power outages.

Advanced portable combustion and emissions analysis

This device enables real-time remote operation for applications such as boilers, engines, generators




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