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Pot and Protect

Pot and Protect – Techsil Introduce Two New Black Epoxy Potting Compounds

FMAB NEO with overvoltage protection

Schurter expands the successful range of built-in filters for single-stage systems FMAB NEO with optionally available overvoltage protection (varistors).

New electric cab

This six-seat vehicle is designed for Scandinavian winters

New semiconductor measurement device

It features significant improvements over legacy surface scan methods

What sensor spec?

Factors to consider when selecting draw wire position sensors

World first for autonomous cars

The fuel cell electric vehicles drove from Seoul to Pyeongchang

New flow meter

This unit is destined for the oil and gas sector

It starts with a sensor

Some thoughts on how sensors can optimise the IoT

Additive manufacturing launch

This system uses 500W lasers to fuse the metal

New microcontroller range

These are aimed at the EV and inverter sectors

Protecting poplars

The trees are thought to be an excellent source of bioethanol for transportation fuels

Electromechanical switches with D-SUB connectors

A new line of electromechanical switches with D-SUB connectors for secure and reliable DC voltage and command control functions

Floatover success for Aasta Hansteen

The world’s largest Spar platform receives its 24,000 ton topside

New power modules

These fully encapsulated devices offer up to 95.5% peak efficiency

Optical connectivity for cars

Autonomous electric and hybrids to benefit

Sensor enhancements

Conductivity and ph devices get a health check

Predicting the future

What does 2018 hold in store for AR and VR in the factory?

Turkish power station reopens

The newly renovated 1,220MW power plant will help meet the energy demand for the European side of the country

Cleaner welds

This is a new system for dished ends and short pipes

New ultra-thin tactile switch

It's aimed at instrumentation, factory automation and consumer electronics


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