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Medical DC/DC converters

Converters reliably operate in an ambient temperature range of –40°C up to +85°C

To cast, or not to cast?

Richard Phillips reveals the prime candidates for conversion of fabrications and assemblies to castings

Sophisticated new laser sensor

Measures displacement, distance and position in numerous industries such as automation technology, electronics production, automotive and machine building

Small and ready to conquer the world

Stefan Roschi details the flat motors that are powering an innovative new robot arm

Joining forces

Case study exploring the development of engineered latching for enhanced usability

Smarter cleaning for electronics equipment

Julia Vorley presents a case study on a complete cleaning solution for silicon wafer assemblers

Light fantastic

Scientists manipulate light to make flat surfaces appear as 3D objects

Reliable connections

Wim Vanheertum details the latest developments in high-performance connectivity

Brewing success

Hygienic stainless steel connections prove reliable in brewing a traditional German beer, explains Thomas Maier

Testing the limits of hoses

Markus Linzmaier introduces some extremely tough lines for active chassis control

Chain of command

Simona Lendelova explains why sourcing the right quality components is essential for the optimum performance of mechanical power transmissions

A clear vision: the benefits of interconnectivity in the workplace

Adrian Kimberley explains just what makes a workplace smart, and more importantly, the reasons for implementing this interconnectivity in the first place

Wireless telemetry system

Gives farmers and municipalities greater control over irrigation systems

Prioritising tyre safety

Peter Tillotson discusses the importance of tyre safety, including the importance of checking tyres for pressure and wear

Stepping motor driver IC has an anti-stall feedback architecture

Avoiding stalls in stepping motor operation is the highest priority for delivering stable and precise motor control

High performance motors for silent operations

MAC QTW motors are liquid-cooled, meaning they have higher efficiency compared with air-cooled motors

Top tips for tooling success

There are several types of tool for surface preparation. Jim Sullivan gives three top tips for tooling success

Thermal analysis

Live webinar on how thermal analysis enables quick, accurate materials characterisation

Process-ready ultrasonic flowmeter

Process Atrato is available in four models operating over flow ranges from 2ml/min to 15litres/min

Harder, better, faster, stronger?

There will always be a case for human intervention in customer service, but there is no denying the potential of artificial intelligence in this sector. Roxanne Abercrombie explains how AI is changing customer service


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