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New laser spot and seam welding kit

This can handle stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminium and copper

New microcontrollers

These offer devices integration for concurrent multi-standard and multi-band connectivity

New easy locking connector

This 2A, 150V system is set for use primarily in the medical device industry where lots of portable equipment is used

Tackling the battery design challenge

Batteries used in extreme environments must be fine-tuned to their environment to offer the durability required. Users like the military cannot afford failure

Self-clinching captive panel screws

Self-clinching captive panel screws enable easy access to stainless steel enclosures without loose-hardware risks

Connected drives for production of the future

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be exhibiting its innovative drive solutions for digital factories of the future at the Hannover Fair 2018

Conformal coating and resin solutions

Two brand new products to Electrolube’s innovative two-part 2K conformal coatings series, include the 2K350 and 2K550 polyurethane coatings.

Constant power modules

Constant power modules for wireless IoT and LED street lighting

Greener power generating

One rural Canadian community is looking forward to saving around 80,000 litres of fuel per year

Proximity sensing capability for microcontrollers

This expanded range features sensing and touch through glass, plastic and metal overlays

Know the drill

There's more technology in a drill bit than you'd think

New rugged antennas

These are for automotive, drone markets

Lighting in hazardous areas

Some thoughts on calculating lifecycle costs

Transporting tunnel boring machine Mary

The awkward delivery was successfully completed in 3 days

New vision sensor for improved night driving safety

This is designed to reduce accidents by detecting pedestrians and other road users in low-light situations

IoT positioning improves

Location Based Services could benefit

Standalone LED driver for in-car lighting

This cuts costs and enables dynamically changing light

New switches

These are designed for use on industrial equipment and computer peripherals

New 16BL single-pole high-current connector

New 16BL single-pole high-current connector – optimized safety functions and increased flexibility.


This is aimed at agricultural machinery




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