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750W AC-DC power supplies

Key applications include surgical, life support, imaging and blood processing products, as well as test and measurement equipment

Augmented humans: the future of robotic exoskeletons

Robotic exoskeletons suits will one day see widespread use in the workplace, to increase capabilities and reduce injury. Chris Johnson outlines some of the key benefits of this technology, with a particular focus on development

How a vehicle’s function can affect its steering needs

Eric Sonahee explains the need to understand a vehicle’s function in order to ensure the right parts and systems are included in the design from the start

Scientists pioneer a way to make everyday goods from carbon dioxide

Creation of a new tunable catalyst capable of utilising captured carbon dioxide as a key raw material for polyols

Empowering customer service agents

There is a clear link between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. Howard Williams looks at how happier call centre agents make for happier and more loyal customers

The silver linings of accountancy

Richard Stonier explores how cloud based accountancy can help business owners keep on top of their finances

Factors to consider when selecting an inline thickness measurement system

When selecting an in-process system for measuring the thickness of film, plate or sheet materials, a number of important factors need to be considered, including the effect of combined real world errors, says Chris Jones

Ultra small RFID tag for wearable and healthcare applications

Can be fitted to metal and non-metal objects, as well as embedded into a wide range of applications

Solder paste inspection system

Essential to monitor and control the most critical, error prone process step in manufacturing defect-free electronic assemblies; solder paste printing

Avoiding cross contamination on conveyors

Rob Rogers looks at the considerations that factory managers should have in terms of hygiene and ease of washdown, as well as how maintenance engineers can ensure equipment is cleaned effectively

Helping companies improve supply chain management

Understanding demand-driven material requirements planning compliant software

MicroSD UHS-I Card with up to 256GB memory

Users can download more apps and carry large amount of contents on their devices without concern about storage limitations

Spherical 360˚ camera

Shutter sensors achieve high-quality, high-accuracy spherical imaging

Expandable modular fanless box PC

Designed for industrial control and measurement processes in smart factory automation applications

Miniature planar rosette strain gauge pattern for PCB testing

350Ω resistance specification offers reduced self-heating, heat dissipation effects

Process ready ultrasonic flowmeter

Process Atrato built for use in demanding process and control environments

Low profile GNSS antenna

Designed for metal surfaces, tracking applications and smart cities

Water vapour: why things fail, jam and rust

Meter can measure the amount of water, oxygen, or almost any other gas, that flows through a material barrier, coating or seal

Protecting electrical enclosures in hotter climates

It is important for plant managers to consider the temperature of their electrical enclosures when the temperature begins to increase outside. Jonathan Wilkins explains how plant managers can inspect their equipment and enclosures

Safety when transporting strong spirits

Cengiz Citlak reports on a beverage hose whichmeets the stringent requirements of food and hygiene legislation and can also safely discharge static electricity


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