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How can power generation companies protect themselves from loss?

Adriano Lanzilotto looks at fire risk and risk mitigation for the power generation sector

Industrial Micro SD/Micro SDHC

Satisfy industrial devices’ demand of small capacity and high stability as a system disk

Customised hose solutions for the food industry

High-performance hose solutions that have no negative effects on foodstuffs

RF connector has built-in locking feature

Shock and vibration resistant design for the automotive industry

Condition analyses and predictions for machine tool components

CMS for machine tools must fulfil complex requirements with regard to the available space and the number of drives components to be monitored

Build circuit boards faster with instant parts

InstaBuild enables PCB designers to make schematic symbols in mere minutes

Bearing reconditioning can save time and money

Ensuring that the bearings are restored to an acceptable, functionally reliable condition, says Dave Wall

Dust tight junction boxes

DN Range also provides protection against water jets, waves and rain

Lockable, solid door steel enclosures

Suitable applications for this rugged series include a myriad of electrical and electronic applications

Control switches and enclosures keep installations safe

Preventing dust and dirt ingress and providing protection from water up to a depth of 1m

Heat transfer systems: myth versus reality

Proactive maintenance and staff training are vital for heat transfer systems, says Clive Jones

10GbE embedded modules boost edge computing

Can offer up to 4x 10GbE real-time capable network performance as modular industrial micro servers as well as rugged telecom and network equipment

J-Link debug support for SiFive's RISC-V Coreplex IP

Addresses the skyrocketing cost of designing and manufacturing increasingly complex new chip architectures

Connectors for next generation optical links

Achieving optical interfaces with optical interoperability for transceivers and interfaces

New specification for high speed, high density networking connectors

Addresses the technical challenges of achieving a double-density interface and ensuring mechanical interoperability

Sealed connectors for harsh environments

Aimed at designs under the hood electronics, inside the cab and in chassis, controllers and lighting systems

Driving progress in electric vehicles

Vesa Kajander and Teemu Ronkainen discuss how regenerative drives built for rugged mining conditions are enabling the increasing use of electric vehicles and their associated cost savings

Five steps to zero downtime

Often, there is no way to avoid unexpected production downtime, however, there are ways to reduce the risk. Lee Sullivan gives his five tips for reducing downtime in manufacturing

Why heat pumps should replace gas boilers in commercial buildings

Can cut ventilation costs by 25% and provide a golden opportunity to improve city air quality

Multihead weighing machine

Suitable for harsh environments, such as fresh produce factories or frozen food processors


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