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Automotive receiver family

Chips enable car radio suppliers to use designs across multiple product lines

Module uses interference blocking to boost range

Provide reliable long-range, low-data rate connectivity for industrial IoT applications

New capabilities in PLM software

PLM expert Design Rule has launched 3dxtools, a set of tools that dramatically increase the capabilities of existing PLM software

Watch out for the fatberg costs

Mario Kelly explains how a business failing to treat its waste water contributes to the formation of fatbergs in sewers

Sunlight readable monitors for use in cranes

Deployed in cranes for construction, railways, shipping ports and industrial plants

In-circuit debugger

Achieves up to twice the speed of the previous generation ICD; offers a wider voltage range of 1.20 to 5.5V and increased flexibility

Microscopes locate hard-to-see defects

Sample inspection for difficult-to-inspect samples such as semiconductors, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays

USB Type-C plug & go power supply

For charging and transferring data, used in laptops, tablets, phones and equipment manufacturer applications

80A discrete bidirectional TVS diode array

Safely absorb repetitive electrostatic discharge strikes without performance degradation

Battery pack manufacturing

For hybrid and electric vehicles, power tools and energy storage applications

Threaded line vac conveyors

Make it easy to convert standard pipe into a powerful, high volume conveyor

Why structural engineers should move to the cloud

For structural engineers, cloud software allows them to work on projects remotely and flexibly. Sam Carigliano looks at the benefits of cloud computing for engineers in this sector

Exploring alloy-based protection

Will alloy-inducing anti-corrosion agents make metal blasting a thing of the past?

Tackling change

Andy Roberts outlines how refiners can work towards compliance with the IMO’s new bunker fuel sulphur limits

Bearings for those who aren't bulking up

SMB Bearings now offers small batch relubrication service

Biofilms: they will leave you hot under the collar

Biofilm build-up in water cooling systems can cost manufacturing businesses a double digit percentage increase in their annual electricity bills. Dr Simona Vasilescu reports

Can smart technology combat the food crisis?

Robert Glass explains how automated systems can help farmers maximise productivity and produce higher yields

Gearing up

Graham Mackrell looks at the gearing requirements for broadcast cameras

Managing the rise in powdered food

Stephen Harding explains how powder manufacturers can maximise throughput and efficiency. He focusses on the use of ultrasonic screening equipment and how it can overcome screen blinding issues

Energy efficient robots

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how three technologies can improve the energy efficiency of industrial robots


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