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How to choose an adhesive

Peter Crossen looks at the considerations that should be made when choosing an industrial adhesive

New range of clear encapsulants

The demand for encapsulants and potting materials is registering an annual growth rate of 3.7% between 2016 and 2021

Durable locknut designed

It takes a tough nut to survive the hard conditions of life on the road

Automation tech showcase

The SPS IPC Drives event takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from November 28-30

Redesigning resistors

Damiano Natali explains how computational fluid dynamics is enabling design engineers to rethink the resistor

Making sensors smarter

Bianca Aichinger reveals how to efficiently power sensors in the Internet of Things

The true power of the prototype

Austen Miller explores the often misunderstood role of the prototype and takes a look at its future

Switching to cast polyurethane parts

High-performance polyurethanes combine the advantages of plastics, metals and ceramics with the resiliency of rubber parts

Problem-solving plasma

Overcoming complex adhesion challenges via the use of plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition coatings

Mechanics, drive technology and control in one

Doris Knauer presents a multi-axis motion solution with high precision and dynamics

Crib sheet

Albert Tsang offers the design engineer’s guide to photo chemical etching

Maintaining uptime

James Davey explains why preventative maintenance is so vital for these industries

Panel PCs for harsh environments

Third-generation PPC65B series based on Intel E3800 processors offers greater performance, durability and reliability for industrial automation in a sealed, low-profile design

Medical DC/DC converters

Converters reliably operate in an ambient temperature range of –40°C up to +85°C

To cast, or not to cast?

Richard Phillips reveals the prime candidates for conversion of fabrications and assemblies to castings

Sophisticated new laser sensor

Measures displacement, distance and position in numerous industries such as automation technology, electronics production, automotive and machine building

Small and ready to conquer the world

Stefan Roschi details the flat motors that are powering an innovative new robot arm

Joining forces

Case study exploring the development of engineered latching for enhanced usability

Smarter cleaning for electronics equipment

Julia Vorley presents a case study on a complete cleaning solution for silicon wafer assemblers

Light fantastic

Scientists manipulate light to make flat surfaces appear as 3D objects


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