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Atomically flat gallium breakthrough

Scientists at Rice University and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, have discovered a method to make the material that shows promise for nanoscale electronics

Overmoulded cable solutions for medical technology

Connection cables for medical devices and treatments are often subject to demanding requirements in daily use, be it through cleaning, disinfection or handling.

Meet your new robot chef

Flippy has started work in Pasadena, California. It uses thermal and regular vision, and relies on AI to work out when to turn the burgers. It's not all plain sailing though...

Converters range launch

These are designed with green power in mind

New actuators and indicators

These can be mechanically connected or soldered

Cutting downtime

What will the IIoT bring to maintenance strategies?

Acid waste cut

Chemical etching process benefits from an acid rejuvenation program

The art of sieve selection

Some thoughts on industrial separation techniques

New wireless capability for cars

Advances include voice recognition using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things technology and even driver stress detection. Cue the soothing music...

New thermal barrier for composites

The plasma-applied system can be used on Class A surfaces

New plastics manufacturing process

Digital system uses continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite tapes

How to move a bridge deck

Antwerp Harbour bridge deck successfully squeezed through the Belgian canal network

Self-healing masonry could become a reality

Scientists kick-start new study using bacteria

New charger from South Korea

Shaped like a cup holder, this device generates and maintains a constant and uniform magnetic field to charge wirelessly

Huge new wind turbine project

The blades will be 107 metres long

New alloy suited to additive manufacturing

Nickel nanoparticles placed into the liquid metal, galinstan could herald a new wave of flexible computer screens and other stretchable electronic devices

​New flexible torque sensor

Using strain gauge technology, this relies on contactless energy and measurement signal transmission to make its static and dynamic measurements

Novel tyre

This bizarre concept shows a number of innovations

Composite products rapidly gaining ground

McClean Anderson - advanced filament winding machines

Wind turbine blade prototype passes initial tests

The design allows it to deform to accommodate sudden gusts




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