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Large diameter mirror mounts

Accommodate high precision mirrors from 305mm (12 inches) to 550mm (21.6 inches) in diameter

7MW solar power plant for mine in Namibia

Installation will be used to reduce reliance on a heavy fuel oil (HFO) power plant currently used to power the mining facility

Connected home network technologies

Modern connected home devices use wireless network protocols to communicate with each other

Top tips for young structural engineers

Sam Carigliano outlines three ways that structural engineering students can improve their effectiveness and increase their career prospects

Cyber attacks and the IIoT: issues and solutions

Heiko Luckhaupt and Paul Forney discuss the elevated threat of malware in industrial environments and what companies can do to secure their assets

Developing an alternative to Coriolis

Ian Webster looks at the latest developments in flow measurement and how they are challenging the more traditional systems

Expanding the horizons of motion control chips

Off-the-shelf motion control chips or integrated circuits (ICs) are highly flexible and can in fact be used to control many other types of system. Gerard Bush reports.

Mechanical backlash: how much is too much?

It is probably a natural reaction to assume that backlash is a bad thing which needs to be designed out of every engineered system. The reality isn’t so simple, as Ian Carr explains.

Thread repair kits and threaded inserts

Kits and inserts are used to repair worn or broken threads on any type of equipment from a machine tool to a vehicle’s engine

Kiosk printer family

Applications include parking, vending, ATMs, information and check-in terminals, retail kiosks and photo booths

Barometric sensors for battery-operated devices

Designed to support height and pressure measurement in drones, smartphones, pedometers

Smart gate driver photocoupler

New Toshiba device includes improved desaturation sensing function

Plastic waste: the choices

Adrian Griffiths looks at the issue of exporting plastic waste to be dumped in other countries and just what this means for the recycling industry

LED potting problem resolved in less than 24 hours

Resin encapsulation was causing an unacceptable colour shift in the light from an LED strip luminaire

The future of maintenance engineering

Jonathan Wilkins discusses how Industry 4.0 is changing the way businesses approach maintenance

Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017

Takes place at EventCity, Manchester, UK, on September 27th and 28th

Electrical considerations for event organisers

Matt Collins explains what organisers must consider when managing event electrical installations

Deep learning computer vision algorithms ported to processor IP

Image classification technology uses deep learning algorithms to analyse visual input

Sign-off and verification tools for latest ARM cores on 7nm process

Providing path-based, sign-off-accurate and physically aware design optimisation

Three chips for 802.11ax wireless ecosystem

Support delivery of simultaneous video, voice, data and IOT services


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