Non-metallic, multi-gang boxes for indoor/outdoor use

Paul Boughton

Molex Incorporated has expansed of its line of Woodhead Watertite Wet-Location Wiring Solutions, with the addition of three FD Multiple Outlet Boxes with Closure Plugs and Reducers.

The non-metallic Multiple FD Outlet Boxes are constructed of rigid PVC, making them extremely durable and resistant to impact, chemicals and solvents.

Offering greater depth, they provide 30% more volume than traditional FD boxes, and are available in single-, two- and three-gang configurations to provide greater flexibility. 

NEMA 4X and IP66 ratings help ensure that the boxes retain a secure, reliable watertight seal to reduce the risk of electrical shock, nuisance tripping, and other electrical hazards, even in environments where frequent high-pressure equipment washdowns are required.

The FD boxes are designed to be used in conjunction with Woodhead Watertite plugs, receptacles and GFCI coverplate modules in a wide range of wet locations and harsh industrial environments. Typical applications include food, beverage and chemical processing facilities, oil and gas refineries, water treatment plants, and outdoor construction locations and event sites.

Tony Quebbemann, Molex product manager, Industrial Products notes: “Indoor and outdoor electrical connections exposed to moisture and harsh environments pose a significant risk of injury or even death to workers operating in those settings. The Woodhead Watertite product line is the first in the industry to provide a totally integrated, watertight wiring solution to mitigate risk in environments requiring a higher level of GFCI protection. Molex continues to develop new and innovative products that can help improve electrical safety and worker protection, giving users greater peace of mind.” 

The Woodhead family of Watertite components is designed and built to perform reliably in a wide range of industrial and harsh environments. In addition to a selection of FD Non-Metallic Boxes, the Watertite portfolio also includes: GFCI coverplate modules and standard coverplates, cordsets, plugs, connectors and receptacles. 

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