Mezzanine system delivers faster data rates

Louise Smyth

Molex has updated its NeoScale High-Speed Mezzanine System to deliver faster data rates and improved performance.

Offering clean signal integrity at data rates of 56 Gbps NRZ, the modular mezzanine interconnect is suitable for high-density printed circuit board (PCB) applications with limited real estate. 

Applications include enterprise networking towers, telecommunication hubs and servers, industrial controllers, and medical and aerospace/defence high-data-rate scanning equipment.

Comprised of a vertical plug and vertical receptacle, the NeoScale High-Speed Mezzanine System features a patented modular triad wafer design that enables customisable PCB routing in high-density applications. The system’s patented Solder Charge Technology PCB attachment method delivers robust solder joints. Designers can select from 85 Ohm, 100 Ohm, power triad and low-speed signal options to build a mezzanine solution that meets their requirements. The connector design can also be blind mateable with rugged triads for multiple connectors.

The modular NeoScale triad wafer is comprised of three pins per differential pair – two signal pins and one shield pin. Each triad is a standalone, shielded, 56-Gbps capable differential pair or an 8A power feed. Triads can be optimised for signals supporting high-speed 85 Ohm or 100 Ohm differential pairs, high-speed single-ended transmissions, low-speed single-ended/control signals, and power pins.

Other mezzanine options offer high-speed differential pairs either at 90 to 92 Ohms to accommodate the 85 to 100 Ohm range, or they offer mezzanine options with only 85 or 100 Ohm options. The NeoScale High-Speed Mezzanine System allows designers to run 85 and 100 Ohm high-speed signals through one connector. In addition, low-speed, single-ended signals (three signals per triad) and power (8A per triad) can be utilised.

The system’s honeycomb housing routes each triad to minimise crosstalk and effectively route out of the PCB in one or two layers, reducing the need for PCB real estate. In addition, unique “pillar of strength” structures in the housing protect the mating interface and flexible contacts to help prevent terminal damage.

The NeoScale High-Speed Mezzanine System is available in 12.00 to 42.00mm stack heights, circuit sizes of 8 to 300 triad wafers in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-row configurations and 85 or 100 Ohm impedance to provide optimal design flexibility. Customised versions are also available, such as 10.00 and 45.00mm stack heights.